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Revenger Anime
Revenger Anime

10 Great Animes Like Tokyo Revengers

In April of 2021, Tokyo Revengers premiered as one of the most anticipated new anime series of the spring season. In the manga it’s based on, production started in 2017 and will wrap up soon. It implies there won’t be too lengthy of a gap between seasons, which is great news for viewers of anime.

1. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Although it may look like an episode of an anime series, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is actually a feature-length film. In any case, time travel nerds will find it fascinating. The premise is self-explanatory: the protagonist, a young woman named Makoto, gradually learns that she has the capacity to travel through time.

Initially, she uses it to correct little issues, such as her poor cooking, that she encounters at school. Because of this, a wacky storyline involving another powerful person develops. Disclosing any more would ruin the movie for you, but trust me, there are plenty of twists in it.

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2. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone is similar to time travel anime, except that instead of going back in time, humanity advances thousands of years into the future. A worldwide pandemic turned everyone into stone overnight.

In fact, this just tended to conserve their bodies rather than eliminate them entirely. Every one of them is slowly coming. A new generation of young scientists must now restore order to the world. Even though most people are on board with this strategy, disagreements are inevitable.

3. Erased

The plot of Erased is extremely similar to that of Tokyo Revengers. The main character Satoru returns home one day to find his mother slain. For some reason, this sends him back to when he was a young child.

To avoid the murder of his mother, Satoru must investigate some events from his past. There’s obviously more going on, like budding love on the playground. Is there anything else Satoru can do to make things better, or is this how it will all end?

4. Eden of The East

On her way back from Japan, Saki stops by the White House, marking the novel’s opening scene and the first time we see her outside of Japan. Soon after, she stumbled into Akira, a nude man, and the two became entangled in an espionage scheme.

As far as we can tell, Akira can still travel through time despite having lost his memory. For what motivation does he engage in this behavior, and how does he do it? This brief yet exciting mystery anime revolves around the central question. There are further books set in the same world as Eden of the East for readers who enjoy it.

5. Steins; Gate

The mobile phone plays a significant role in the plot of both Steins; Gate and Future Diary. A group of scientists, via a series of experiments, learn that they may alter the course of history by sending writings into the past.

This series debuted in 2009 as a light novel, then in 2012, it was adapted into an anime. There have been several follow-ups, prequels, spinoffs, video games, and other media since then. This debut anime is just the beginning of a much larger series.

6. Future Diary

Fundamentally, Future Diary is very much like the film Battle Royale. The anime’s deity is about to die, and he’s picked a few contenders to fight over his throne. The victor will become the next deity in the pantheon.

Everyone has a phone that can foretell the future in a variety of ways. Certainly, that’s a part of the anime, but it’s not the only one. Avoiding spoilers, I can say that this anime is well worth your time.

Revenger Anime
Revenger Anime

7. Cromartie High School

The slapstick comedy that is Cromartie High School is told in the form of a Sunday comic strip. Each episode has a number of sketches, some of which may have some thematic connection to one another.

The humor stems from the irony of the macho guys seeming cool but acting like geeks or absolute goofs. The tone is very different from Tokyo Revengers, yet both series focus on juvenile offenders, so fans may find some crossover appeal.

8. Mob Psycho 100

The plot of Mob Psycho 100 revolves around a high school student who, despite appearances, is a psychic. Even though he is perhaps the greatest psychic in the world, he is treated as a nobody because of how he looks.

Prior to the larger-scale conflict, the anime opens with a series of psychic combat between competing schools. The anime only has two very short seasons, but the manga is much longer and complete.

9. Great Teacher Onizuka

Superb Educator The protagonist of Onizuka is a former Yakuza member who finds himself teaching elementary school by accident. He’s stopped being a criminal, but he still resorts to underhanded methods. Onizuka may appear crude at first glance, but he really does love and care for his children.

A big part of the show is watching how slowly people warm up to him. The vice principal’s beloved car keeps getting totaled, and while that’s heartbreaking, the tender moments are sweet.

10. Gantz

Gantz must be mentioned whenever the subject of violent and disturbing television is discussed. The plot of this mind-bending series is surprisingly entertaining, and the fantastic characters help to keep things interesting right up to the very end.

One of the best and most exciting shows of all time thanks to the classic bouts of Gantz and the casual fashion in which characters are killed off. This makes Gantz one of the most interesting shows to watch.

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