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Depression Anime
Depression Anime

10 anime characters Affected By Depression!

There are many ways in which the Anime world is truly awful. The mental health of several anime characters has been the focus of the plots in several episodes. That’s why it doesn’t shock me that so many anime characters are perpetually down in the dumps.

In most cases, the deterioration of a character’s mental health is not overtly obvious, but if one pays close attention, the obvious signs of the mental disease emerge.

1) Myself Yourself

The protagonist of the anime series Myself, Yourself is a young man who is uprooted from his idyllic small village. He had to abandon his old life and begin again alone. He returns to his hometown to attend high school and finds that his old pals have all grown up.

When the protagonist’s friends abandon him or he repeatedly attempts suicide, it adds to the sense of hopelessness that permeates the series.

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2) Kiznaiver

The anime Kiznaiver follows a group of teens as they execute a wide range of experiments.

Katsuhira’s genetic modification rendered him completely emotionless and numb to pain. As an added precaution, the scientists abduct more youngsters and modify them in the same way, so that when one is hurt, they are all hurt. As an added bonus, if they are feeling extremely emotional, those thoughts will be shared by all of them.

3) Your Lie In April

Kousei was hailed as a genius on the piano. He used to go by that name, but once his mother died, he stopped. He was down to the point of giving up hope, but then a certain musician came into his life, and everything changed.

The violinist, unfortunately, shares this fate. Even when one knows that death is imminent, this heartbreaking truth does not deter.

4) Vampire Knight – Kaname

In Vampire Knight, Kaname is a key character who is perpetually depressed. Forgetting his birth name, this ancestor of the Kuran race traversed the land like a nomadic nomad until he was found and given a new one.

His offspring sacrificed a newborn child to his shrivelled corpse, reawakening him. He carried the shame of having eaten a baby for a very long time.

5) Naruto

Sasuke Uchiha became depressed after witnessing the murder of his entire family. This caused him to withdraw from society and stifle his feelings. He isn’t wired like other people, and he gets frustrated quite quickly while interacting with other people.

He can’t stop thinking about how he’s going to kill his brother, the one responsible for the atrocity. Problems arise when he betrays both friends and opponents on his downward spiral.

6) Orange

In Orange, the protagonist, Kakeru, tries to stop himself from taking his own life. In letters from the future, Naho was given explicit instructions on how she was to rescue him.

Depression Anime
Depression Anime

7) Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

As a teacher, Nozumo suffers from severe spells of depression, which are triggered by even minor events. Because of his odd behaviour, a number of comical situations arise, as well as a few inconsistencies.

No one is safe from him or his students on this show because they adhere to their own moral code as if their very lives depended on it.

8) Vampire Knight – Zero

To put it simply, Zero is a major player in Vampire Knight. The death of his parents at the hands of a true vampire has left him feeling hopeless and numb.

This stoked his already-present animosity toward vampires. Still, after this assault, he’s a monster in his own right, craving human blood. Every day, he has to face this reality again.

9) Nagi No Asukara

The students of Nagi no Asukara are aquatic beings who are being held against their will in terrestrial classrooms. While one of them fell in love with a human, the first half of the story focused on their struggles to adapt to human life.

Most of the protagonists spent the second half of the story hiding out in the water to ride out a natural disaster. The characters’ feelings of despair were quite real.

10) Shinsekai Yori

The anime Shinsekai Yori centers on five close friends who reside in a sleepy town harbouring sinister secrets. The characters’ despair doesn’t become clear until a few episodes later, but the show’s tension is palpable from the start.

The second act of the show takes on a more ominous tone, but the characters and the creatures who want to bring about change in that world are not about to give up.

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