Hisoka’s Death: Who Killed Hisoka? How Does Hisoka Revive Himself?

Both in Japan and around the world, fans of Hunter x Hunter can’t get enough of the show. That it has endured for so long is impressive enough, but the fact that it still manages to attract an audience is also significant. Many people continue to be enamored with Hunter x Hunter despite the series’ length. The showdown between Hisoka and Chrolla is shaping up to be a highlight of the series.

Who Killed Hisoka?

Hisoka unseals his Nen and accepts a final match against Chrollo in Heaven’s Arena. Chrollo is much harder to beat now that he can use both of his abilities at once. Chrollo used a number of explosive puppets to dispose of Hisoka. Because the victim’s damaged leg prevents him or her from climbing down from the ceiling, thereby ensuring his or her death in the explosion. Shalnark later elaborated that Hisoka had attempted to shield himself from the explosion by using a number of puppets, but ultimately gave down to his wounds and surrendered.

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Why Does Hisoka kill Phantom Troupe?

The theory suggests that Hisoka knows they cheated and is killing the Troupe in part out of anger and in part to force Chrollo into the conditions he wants.

Hisoka in HxH began killing the troupe after learning that Chrollo had received assistance from others. To defeat Hisoka, Chrollo claims he spent a lot of time plotting. Hisoka’s one punch to Chrollo’s 100 was a clear demonstration of the disparity in their respective physical prowess, as evidenced by the outcome of the fight. Hisoka’s skill is well known to Chrollo. Hisoka, meantime, is uncertain as to what Chrollo will accomplish, given that Chrollo has a literal dictionary not.

The only difference between Chrollo and the Zeno and Silva fight is that Chrollo pushed himself more. That means Hisoka has more muscle, especially if he decides to stop fooling about. Just pretend he’s Gon’s competitor. If he is truly more powerful than Chrollo, he will be significantly more so now. We get that he’s ik stronger than the others now. However, have a look at Swagkage’s video and see if you still don’t agree. After being revived, he gained a substantial advantage. With bungee gum and some texture shock, he patched up his body. It’s the same as his regular form, just with more strength, so we know he can absolutely destroy Chrollo.

Hisoka Death Episode

In Hisoka’s final episode, the “bomb puppets” are able to avoid killing him because of the crowd of puppets they had to go through to get to him. The cause of Hisoka’s death was asphyxiation (due to a lack of oxygen). His oxygen levels are dropping as a result of the explosion and the flesh that is covering him.

The battle has been confirmed by Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi. They’re watching the matchup between Hisoka and Chrollo in the heavenly arena. After Hisoka’s death, his aura reemerges from his corpse to give Nen a boost. Hisoka, having died, directs his Bungee Gum to pump his lungs and heart. Hisoka’s resurrection prompts him to remake his prosthetic limbs out of Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. To steal from the Kakin royal family, Chrollo plans to assemble the Phantom Troupe on the Black Whale. The Shalnark and Kortopi are then both killed by Hisoka. Hisoka sends Machi a message. In his letter, Hisoka reveals his intent to hunt down and kill any remaining Spiders.

How Does Hisoka Revive Himself?

Hisoka is mortally wounded during the battle with Chrollo but is brought back to life as Machi patches up his wounds. Once Machi tends to Hisoka’s wounds, his aura will once again emanate from his physical form. Hisoka had previously told his Nen that he could use Bungee Gum to restart his lungs and heart after he died, and this information emerged before Hisoka and Chrollo.

Hisoka Vs. Chrollo

This battle ranks among the most perplexing seen in any Hunter x Hunter show. In a nutshell, Chrollo did a Batman and tricked Hisoka.

Probably the two brightest fighters in the series are Chrollo and Hisoka. Hisoka’s Nen abilities, however, are rather straightforward. Hisoka simply employs them expertly. On the other hand, Chrollo’s Nen skills are not. He invested a lot of time into researching the top Nen so that he could make informed choices. He employed his five skills to carry out his strategy. Here are the five skills:

  1. Kortopi’s Gallery Fake ability
  2. Order Stamp
  3. Shalnark’s ability: Black Voice
  4. Convert hands
  5. Sun and Moon

If the target reaches the opposite mark, it will explode thanks to the Sun and Moon’s ability. It may seem easy, but it isn’t. The original user is able to utilize this Nen skill at his whim. The afterlife won’t stop him from utilizing this power. This is clearly an attempt to game the system. With these identifiers, he can track the puppets until they detonate.

Hisoka Death
Hisoka Death

Hisoka’s Abilities:

The army of exploding puppets became too much for Hisoka to handle. He is currently attempting to assess the issue. He deduces Chrollo’s power setup and devises a way to counter it. Hisoka had no idea that Chrollo had set him on the wrong track from the start. Hisoka thought Chrollo might be able to use two of his abilities at once.

No, that’s not right. In this case, Chrollo combines three of his abilities. Chrollo misled Hisoka into thinking they were playing a hybrid of two- and three-dimensional chess. According to Chrollo, Hisoka lost his life because he was unable to succeed in a fight where this strategy was in play.

Chrollo’s Abilities:

However, Chrollo is able to triumph over Hisoka in the end thanks to his extensive pre-battle training. Before the fight, he had mapped out a thorough strategy and rounded up Nen’s talents to guarantee victory. Fight time and location were as Chrollo had planned. He can easily manipulate the audience and utilize them to his advantage in battle. Later, he announced that the next time Chrollo awoke, they were going to fight wherever Chrollo wanted. Despite their many disadvantages, Hisoka proved to be a formidable opponent.

Final Words:

The duel between Hisoka and Chrolla was the one that everyone was waiting for. It turned out differently than anticipated. One of the show’s best characters, Hisoka, was killed off. A little while later, though, Hisoka woke up with the help of his Bungee Gum and textural surprise, which got his organs working again.

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