Top 10 Best Kakegurui Characters In 2022!

Kakegurui is a chaotic series, so naturally there are a lot of memorable and entertaining characters. While the show’s plot isn’t particularly compelling, the majority of its characters is entertaining. The characters are all unique individuals, and as the series unfolds, we see many of them develop new goals and attitudes.

There are a number of manga adaptations of the popular Netflix anime Kakegurui. The Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler is the main topic of this list, rather than its offshoots Kakegurui Twin or any others like it.

1) Mary Saotome

Mary is a normal girl who won a scholarship to the academy when everyone else there comes from privileged backgrounds. She’s not a member of the Student Council or the Hundred Devouring Families, but she’s still a top-tier gambler at Kakegurui’s table. Even though she does exhibit some stereotypical Tsundere characteristics, she’s still a delightful protagonist.

In Kakegurui, Mary first appears as the antagonist, but after being defeated by Yumeko, she eventually takes on the role of the deuteragonist. To top it all off, she’s the main protagonist of Kakegurui Twin, so we get to follow her on an incredible journey from bully to house pet to ally.

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2) Yumeko Jabami

The protagonist of Kakegurui is one of the most intriguing protagonists in recent media. She puts up a good front, but her degeneracy as a gambler ends up corrupting anybody she comes into contact with. She is only interested in the thrill of the gamble and puts no value on winning or losing.

To be honest, it makes little difference how high the danger is. The way she treated Midari after the latter’s actions in their first game together is evidence that she would become upset if the game was set up so that there was no risk involved. She has an uncanny ability to detect infidelity in others. Moreover, she frequently depends on dumb luck to get through, even though this combination of attributes would place her in a horrible situation.

Yumeko is a wild card, so even while it’s apparent that she’ll win versus most other characters, she still manages to keep Kakegurui fans intrigued. And when the gang isn’t busy gambling, she has some amusing exchanges with the other characters.

3) Ibara Obami

A straight shooter raised by con artists is a paradox. To put it bluntly, Ibara doesn’t have the ability to lie. He acts the part of a typical punk, yet within he’s a good guy who puts on the act for the sake of his loved ones. Thankfully, Rin can confidently lie on his behalf.

It’s no secret that Rin has been using him. Ibara is still willing to be a bro and defend Rin when he is forced to the floor and out of the election. As compared to the rest of Kakegurui’s primary cast, he is the most likeable member of The Hundred Devouring Families.

4) Kirari Momobami

To no one’s surprise, the President of the Student Council is also one of the top gamblers in Kakegurui. At first, she comes across as a villain, but as the show goes on, her redeeming qualities begin to shine. The affection she feels for her twin sister, Ririka, and her feelings for her best friend, Sayaka, are just two examples of this.

Besides that, she’s the one who came up with the notion of having housepets and is fixated on the analogy of the classroom to a fish tank, in which the larger fish consume the younger ones. She didn’t flinch when Midari accidentally injured herself in the eye with a pen, much less worry about any student who depends on one of her programmes for a living.

Kirari, like Yumeko, is totally hooked on gambling.

5) Ryota Suzui

Yumeko’s first friend at Hyakkaou Private Academy was a boy named Ryota. His straightforward demeanour as a straight man is a welcome change of pace in Kakegurui’s cast of scheming and zany characters. Since she had cleared his debt, he had been shadowing her and trying to dissuade her from taking any further risks.

Not surprisingly, Yumeko consistently disregards his suggestions. Despite this, he cares deeply for Yumeko and is willing to risk his friendship with Mary by betting against Miyo and Miri Inbami. He puts all his faith in Mary, and the Inbami sisters wind up losing the game.

Even if he’s only a supporting player, you’ll find it hard not to like him. The live-action adaptation of him is also hilariously exaggerated.

6) Ririka Momobami

Ririka and her twin sister look nearly identical, but Ririka’s mask helps her stand out as her own person in Kakegurui. Some of the show’s most devoted viewers consider her a favourite character just because of Mary, who she is close with despite her shy demeanour. Because of her companion, a lady who was formerly too dependant on others is now a strong, capable individual.

Kakegurui Characters
Kakegurui Characters

It was too bad that a meaningless dice game would doom her to a life of obscurity in comparison to her sister. They appear so much alike that they may easily fool people into thinking they are each other’s twin. As a character, Ririka has grown, making her seem softer and more relatable than her sibling.

7) Midari Ikishima

Midari’s imprint on Kakegurui, for better or worse, is permanent. She is a complete degenerate with suicidal thoughts. However, she shares at least one trait with Yumeko: neither cares about financial stability when it comes to the thrill of the gamble.

Midari develops feelings for Yumeko after being defeated by her. Yumeko doesn’t want to be friends with Midari because Midari often cheats at games (thus eliminating the risk Yumeko loves). Yumeko’s character is given some welcome levity and depth when she completely ignores Midari in a number of occasions.

Kakegurui Midari, the manga she stars in, explores her darker side and features her as the primary protagonist. Still, fans love her, and there are some lovely sequences in the manga that bring additional dimension to her character.

8) Yumemi Yumemite

Yumemi is a popular singer who has a devoted following of cultish followers. For them, the fact that she hated them and wanted to be an idol solely to further her career as a Hollywood A-lister was irrelevant.

She is able to recognise each and every one of her devoted followers. Kakegurui xx also has a brief reunion between her and Yumeko, where the two take on Yumemi’s role model, Sumika Warakubami. Even though it’s obvious that Yumemi wasn’t on Sumika’s level, she still aspires to be a Hollywood star.

In the end, Yumeko and Yumemi prevailed over Sumika. While Yumemi’s gamble with Sumika may have made her seem like a two-faced idol at first, it ultimately brought her to her knees.

9) Kaede Manyuda

In his initial appearance, Kaede is portrayed to be a calculating and chilly person. He’s one of the few major male characters in Kakegurui, but he’s not on the same level as Mary or Kirari. He is, however, extremely ambitious in his pursuit of the presidency of the Student Council.

He loses a huge bet to Yumeko, putting his future in the hands of Itsuki. Even though he’s lost some of his hair to the white plague, he’s still as rational as ever. He would subsequently have another key part gambling with Yumeko, Itsuki, Miroslava, and Ibara in the Greater Good Game.

When he figured out that Miroslava and Itsuki were plotting against the rest of the crew, he proved his intelligence during that game. His last moment of prominence occurred after Itsuki lost a bet with him and he felt torn because she was rooting for him to succeed regardless of the outcome.

10) Itsuki Sumeragi

Yumeko comes to like many of the adversaries, Itsuki among them. When she initially appears on screen, she is presented as the privileged daughter of a toy company’s president. Yumeko would use a deck of cards to promote the business, and the audience would learn that the cards had a secret feature that allows her to cheat.

Because of her defeat, she was expelled from the Student Council and denied her wish to wear Yumeko’s fingernails. In an interesting twist, she would subsequently remove her own fingernails severely in a bet on Yumeko’s behalf with Kaede. Yumeko may have lost everything in that venture, but she ultimately succeeded in making it her life’s work.

When Yumeko won, Kaede’s future was essentially in her hands, despite the fact that viewers would eventually learn that she had a crush on him the whole time.

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