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Intj Anime Characters
Intj Anime Characters

10 Anime Intj Anime Characters In 2022!

There are hundreds upon thousands of fantastically unique and much-loved characters in the world of anime, and it can be a daunting endeavour to attempt to categorize them all into neat boxes. However, real-world personality tests, such as the Myers-Briggs type indicator test (MBTI), might help anime fans categorize these characters.

The MBTI scale ranks people on a scale from 0 to 16, with INTJ (also known as “the Architect”) coming in at number one. Such individuals are dispassionate and emotionally secure; they approach the environment analytically, looking for patterns. Architects are inherently curious people who want to examine the inner workings of everything around them, and they enjoy methodically planning ahead and using actual data to make practical judgments.

1. Sosuke Aizen Planned Out Everything (Bleach)

Although no MBTI personality type is intrinsically good or evil, the Architect type is often used to characterize villains since the most interesting and innovative villains tend to be the ones who plot their moves in advance and cultivate few strong relationships with others. The main antagonist, Sosuke Aizen, is an INTJ, a personality type characterized by introversion and an emphasis on thinking and strategy in isolation.

To achieve his long-held ambition of ascending to heaven’s throne, Aizen meticulously prepared everything in advance, manipulating and deceiving everyone around him for decades. Aizen is an evil INTJ, therefore he has colleagues and coworkers but no friends, and he will abandon his followers if they fail him.

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2. Demon Lord Clayman Sees Everyone As Puppets (That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime)

The Architect personality type, or a variant such as the more social ENTJs, is frequently seen among the most interesting and menacing antagonists in anime. Demon Lord Clayman, another iconic INTJ anime villain, is out for Rimuru Tempest’s blood.

As a boss, Clayman is not very nice. He treats his employees like slaves and employs any means necessary to destroy Rimuru and the monster country. During Walpurgis, Clayman even sought to discredit Rimuru by playing demon lord politics.

3. Kirari Momobami Treats Everything Like A Cruel Game (Kakegurui)

Kirari Momobami, head of the student council of the prestigious Hyakkou Academy, is another example of a malicious INTJ in the anime world. Kirari is a member of the Momobami family and appears to be a quiet, respectful student.

Kirari regards her entire school as an aquarium set up solely for her own enjoyment; she is only interested in using it to further her own interests. She is manipulative and manipulative, placing no emphasis on friendship or affection. The game itself is the focus.

4. Zeref Dragneel Conspired To Bring His Brother Back (Fairy Tail)

The ultimate adversary of Fairy Tail is the shadowy magician Zeref Dragneel, who maintains the trend of “villain architects” throughout the series. Zeref can be cordial and helpful at times, but he will attack the whole of Fiore if it means reuniting with his shattered family.

Several centuries ago, Zeref went to great lengths to find a way to prolong his life at a university, even if it meant breaking a number of rules in the process. Presently, he is in charge of the Spriggan 12, but he rarely works with anybody else to achieve his aims. Only his girlfriend Mavis Vermillion gets him.

5. Orochimaru Wants To Learn All Jutsu (Naruto)

Orochimaru qualifies as a member of the evil INTJ club since he is intent on achieving an extremely difficult and noble goal: mastering every Jutsu technique. Orochimaru is a real Architect in that he will not put up with anyone questioning his methods or outcomes, and he does so by employing logic, study, and patterns to achieve his ends.

A shinobi like Orochimaru can only unleash tremendous jutsu by analyzing every facet of Jutsu and the human body, much like the way architects prefer to ask “why?” and “how?” to learn more about the world around them. He is not only a scientist gone insane but also one of the cruellest in all of anime.

Intj Anime Characters
Intj Anime Characters

6. Amon Planned His Revolution Carefully (The Legend Of Korra)

A genuine INTJ, the masked rebel Amon serves as the series’ first major opponent in the anime-style action series The Legend of Korra. Amon is a master strategist who won’t risk anything without first carefully considering every possible outcome. As a chess player, he would easily beat anyone.

Amon takes risks and makes snap judgments, but he is never impulsive or overly sentimental. He has little tolerance for followers who betray him or compromise him since all he can focus on is furthering his extremist cause. He never loses focus on his goal.

7. Metropolitan Keeps Outmaneuvering Mirai Kakehashi’s Squad (Platinum End)

The antagonist of Platinum End, an anime series by the same authors as Death Note, exemplifies how well the INTJ personality type lends itself to threatening and fascinating antagonists in anime. Despite her reluctance, Mirai Kakehashi plays the lead role in this anime series. She faces up against the powerful Metropolitan, who is determined to win this ultimate showdown in heaven.

To accomplish what he wants and dominate his rivals, Metropolitan is a cold-blooded manipulator and strategist. Like any good villain Architect, he plans ahead and sets traps for his adversaries, and he analyses every situation logically and without emotion.

8. Near Will Catch Kira, No Matter What (Death Note)

The original detective L’s young pupil, Near, is shockingly even more emotionally distant than L was. The first L was coldly strategic, yet shockingly competitive and petulant at times; he was on par with Light Yagami in many respects. The concept of close is slightly different from that of close.

Near is just as bright as L, but he maintains a cold distance that allows him to plot the most effective approach to collect evidence against Kira and finally conclude the case. Near places a premium on reason, proof, and logical argument, and he has little tolerance for games. He enjoys playing with toys, and he finds that doing so stimulates his mind.

9. Meruem Rules With An Iron Fist (Hunter X Hunter)

One of the two icy antagonists in Hunter x Hunter is Chrollo Lucifer, a member of the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo Lucifer is more of an ENTJ, or Commander, whereas Meruem, the ant king, is more of an INTJ, or Architect. He lacks the charisma of his fellow villain Chrollo and is much more distant and reclusive than Chrollo.

Stone-cold opponent Meruem seeks his own meaning and the throne, but he is a thoughtful and deliberate leader who won’t act hastily. A true INTJ would also like the fact that he challenged himself to win at a number of strategy board games.

10. Seto Kaiba Wants It All (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Seto Kaiba the duelist could be an ENTJ as well, given he displays traits of leadership at various points in the plot. Even still, this famous anime bad guy fits the profile of an INTJ: he’s a calculating Architect who gets what he wants by a combination of wealth, scams, huge business, and sheer drive. That’s a considerable sum of money.

Seto Kaiba, who is stunningly egomaniacal and cruel and who is eager to tear others down and display his unlimited wealth and power to everyone, is virtually a caricature of the INTJ and ENTJ personality types. Seto Kaiba’s gentler side has surfaced on rare occasions. So that his best competitor stays on his toes, at most he will offer Yugi a scathing pep talk. Until he beats the best, Kaiba won’t be taken seriously.

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