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My Dress Up Darling Characters
My Dress Up Darling Characters

Top 4 My Dress-up Darling Characters And Manga Characters!

My Dress Up Darling is a manga developed and drawn by Shinichi Fukuda. This is the story of a high school student named Wakana Gojo, who wants to produce Hina dolls, and a man named Marine Kitagawa (a cosplay-loving fan). The manga has been out since 2018. The anime series debuted in 2022. We will introduce you to the cast of the manga and anime adaptations of the surprise hit My Dress Up Darling.

We will provide you with the names, ages, and brief biographies of each major character. Characters that have appeared in both the anime and manga will be listed first, while those who have only appeared in the manga will be listed second (second section). Below, please find a list of adorable characters for whom you can list outfit ideas.

1. Wakana Gojo

Wakana has short hair and is 5’10” (185 cm) tall. Samuel, or generic work clothes, are what she always wears. Historically, Buddhist monks have utilized the same for manual labour. In Chapter 42, Wakana is referred to as a Mr. Monk Cosplayer.

In the beginning of the story, he is an introvert and feels very alone. But his time with Kitagawa opens his eyes to the fact that the world is full of wonder and adventure. He has a very flexible mindset and is willing to give everything a shot. Because he loves making things so much, he often gets preoccupied with them. Making Hina dolls is a hobby he takes very seriously. When Kitagawa pokes fun at him, he gets scared and shakes.

Her classmate Marin Kitagawa was unable to get in touch with her. When Gojou’s home sewing machine went down, he ran into Marin when she was stitching at school. Since he seems like the kind of person who could help her with her cosplaying, she approaches him about doing so. And he agrees with you. Gojou is first anxious about his capacity and talent to manufacture high-quality cosplay outfits because he has never stitched a Hina doll.

After his first costume turns out well, he has more faith in his own abilities to create more. This contributes to his developing feelings for them. Gojou becomes more forthcoming with Marin as the show goes on. Her encouragement may be what pushes him to keep getting better and helps make cosplays popular.

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2. Marin Kitagawa

Marin is a young woman of average build who has blonde hair that falls to her waist. Her flowing, shoulder-grazing bangs frame her face and reach her eyes. In the front, two pieces of her hair are visible past her shoulders. At first, her hair is straight, but as time progresses, it begins to curl. Her hair is a vibrant hue between golden blonde and citrus orange.

She wears a plethora of ear adornments. The gyaru aesthetic is one that she adores and practices. You can frequently spot her in her high school outfit. The top is belted at the waist and the skirt ends just above the knee. In addition to the necklace, a tie is also provided. That doll. One of her uniform’s features is a chest pocket on the right side. Her fingernails are extremely long, and she always sports a dainty ring on her tiniest digit. Her potential costumes are as follows:

Shizuku Tan: Her purple-hued black wig is just below her shoulders. Her forehead is hidden by the somewhat outgrown bangs. They reach up to the top of her phony lashes. The outer corners of her eyes look downcast since her lashes are only fairly length there. Red is the colour of the eyeshadow. His eyebrows were reshaped by shaving and then redrawn to complement the new expression.

The three red roses on her mob are fake. The item is totally dark in colour. The seam where her black maiden dress and her upper arm connect is ruffled. Her sleeves extend to the tips of her fingers and taper like a cone at the ends. If she is wearing ruffles, they will likely be flared at the hem. The chain hangs from a metal ring that is linked to a brown leather choker.

Black Lobelia: She’s decked out in a full uniform, including a fleur-de-lis adorned officer’s helmet and a fringed, epauletted jacket. Additionally, she has a fake gem on her chest. She wears a layered, fringed outfit. She also wears a black choker and gloves.

Rizukyun: Her ear lobes are long and slender. Her fringe is cut in a neat, square shape. She has two hairs that fall forward over her shoulder. The upper portion is made up of… I have some modifying to do. Her wide, elbow-length sleeves cover her entire arm. Her putties are adorned with pearlized buttons. A pair of pants and a tail make up the base. A shovel is attached to the tail.

3. Kaoru Gojo

Wakana’s grandfather, Kaoru Gojo, instructs her in the art of creating Hina dolls. The anime hasn’t shown us much of him, which is a shame because he seems like a fun and caring character. He plays a minor role at best.

My Dress Up Darling Characters
My Dress Up Darling Characters

4. Nowa Sugaya

Minor anime character Nowa Sugaya befriends Marin. When Marin shows up, Suguya is always there to greet him. They are really close and enjoy teasing one another. In the Karaoke chapter, if Marin and Wakana are going out together, Suguya will refer to them as gojou. It was July, Marin says casually.

My Dress-Up Darling: Manga Characters

Sajuna Inui:

Sajuna Inui is a recurring side character who made her debut in volume 2. A fan of Gojou’s work, she was inspired by his previous costume to commission him for her upcoming cosplay look. She is a cosplayer and goes by the name “Juju-san” online.

Sajuna (or Juju) looks like a cute loli because of her sugary white hair and skin. When it comes to Marin and Gojou, Sajuna might be a little stubborn at times. She loves cosplay because it allows her to pretend to be a “magical” girl, a role she has always wanted to play. She takes great pleasure in looking out for her younger sibling and gets all red in the face whenever Shinju pays her any kind of compliment. Sunja has a tendency to be a diva.

Part-time protagonist Sajuna Inui first appeared in volume 2. She is a huge Gojou fan and was motivated to request him for her next cosplay costume after seeing one of his past creations. Online, she is known as “Juju-san” and is a cosplayer.

Sajuna, often known as Juju, has sugary white hair and complexion, giving her the appearance of an adorable loli. Sajuna could be a tad obstinate at times, especially when it comes to Marin and Gojou. Cosplay is her favourite hobby since it allows her to act out the part of a “magical” girl that she has always wished she could play. She takes tremendous joy in protecting her younger sibling, and her face flushes with pride anytime her brother or sister, Shinju, expresses any form of admiration for her. When Sunja wants to be, she wants to be the centre of attention.

Shinju Inui:

Shinju Inui is the younger sister of Inui Sajuna. She is Inui Sjuna’s younger sister, while looking much older herself. She stands at a commanding height and has an impressive bust.

In addition to being the photographer for Inui Sajuna, widely known as the outstanding cosplayer “juju,” she is also shy and has a big personality. She wishes to participate in cosplay as well, but she is not going to bother pretending to be the appropriate character like everyone else.

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