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Does Max Die in the Dark Season 4
Does Max Die in the Dark Season 4

Does Max Die in the Dark Season 4: How Many Seasons is Max on in the Dark?

In the Dark, the CW’s controversial crime drama ended its controversial run on September 5. After several unexpected turns, Murphy’s narrative was resolved in the devastating season 4 finale of In the Dark.

In the Dark spanned four seasons, during which time viewers saw Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfeld), a blind lady who wanted to look into the death of her friend. Her life (and the lives of her closest friends and coworkers) is turned upside down as she digs more into the truth.

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Does Murphy kill Josh  In the Dark season 4?

At the funeral, Murphy makes it obvious that she intends to track down those responsible for Max’s death in order to ensure that justice is served. She’s set on fulfilling her pledge to right her squareness. She’s devastated by the loss of her soul mate, and she’s resolved to get revenge by eliminating those responsible for Max’s death.

Her renewed feeling of purpose comes after she learns that Josh made the call that dragged him into the heart of their scheme and ultimately led to Max’s death. Assassinate Josh? Murphy doesn’t think that’s a big problem. Actually, he deserved it. Late at night, she comes to his apartment planning to murder him, but he manages to escape. She uses Morgan Krantz’s Felix to help her locate him in a Missouri cabin.

Does Max Die in the Dark Season 4
Does Max Die in the Dark Season 4

Josh nearly escapes once more, but Murphy and Felix manage to restrain him within the cabin. As Felix tries to mediate and prevent Murphy from turning murderous, Murphy sees right through Josh’s phoney apologies. Throwing in the towel, Felix leaves Murphy in the cabin with the knife and her choices. Murph kills Josh with three stabs despite his early resistance.

She then tosses the knife inside the cabin, gets Pretzel, and goes to a local convenience store to get a new outfit. After she washes up and throws away her bloodstained clothes, she runs into Felix, who wonders why she’s suddenly dressed in a tie-dye outfit. After he left, what happened in that cabin would have been easy for him to guess.

Does Murphy Go To jail In the Dark?

Murphy did technically go to jail at the end of Season 4 of In the Dark. However, she is not punished for Josh’s death. (It’s up to individual perception if she’ll be apprehended for murdering her adversary.) And as we’ve already established, Murphy doesn’t fare well in jail during Season 4 for a variety of confusing reasons, including his own health and safety.

Who does Murphy end up with In the Dark?

At the end of Season 4 of In the Dark, Murphy did, in fact, go to jail. Although she is not held accountable for Josh’s death. (How likely it is that she will be caught for the murder of her opponent depends on who you ask.) As we’ve already established, Murphy has a rough time in jail during Season 4, and not just because of the risks to his own well-being.

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