Horimiya Anime Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Details!

In early 2021, “Horimiya” made its debut, and it immediately became a worldwide phenomenon. The sweet romance between the two rival high school kids was a huge hit with the audience.

The manga from which the anime is adapted was created by Hiroki Adachi using the pen name Hero.

A popular girl and a geeky guy with extremely different lives outside of school are the focus of this novel. They made a pact to protect each other’s privacy and ended up falling in love.

Despite the series’ conclusive and happy finish, viewers want more of their love story.

‘Horimiya’ Season 2 Potential Release Date: When Can The Anime Return?

The second season of ‘Horimiya’ may not happen after all. There is still a remote possibility that Season 2 will be produced, despite the show not having been formally cancelled.

Beginning on January 10, 2021, the first season aired its first of 13 episodes on April 4, 2021. A season 2 premiere would have to be pushed back to at least 2022 or 2023 if the show is renewed at all.

What Is The Plot Of ‘Horimiya’ And What Can Happen In Season 2?

The protagonists of “Horimiya” are the attractive and well-liked Kyoko Hori and the introverted and bashful guy, Izumi Miyamura. While they shared a high school, the two are very different people, both socially and philosophically. Yet, they carefully craft their on-campus personas to conceal who they are beyond the confines of the classroom. When he’s outside, the bookworm Izumi dresses like a punk, replete with pierced ears and tattoos. Kyoko, meantime, dresses casually and tends to her little brother, Souta.

Horimiya Anime Season 2
Horimiya Anime Season 2

After learning one other’s secrets in a chance encounter outside of school, the two make a pact to keep the truth from their peers throughout the school day. Following the progression of events, the two started to feel something for one another. They’re able to admit their feelings for one another near the conclusion, and their friends are happy for them. In the final episode, we see the two celebrating their high school graduation.

Horimiya Season 2 Voice Cast

The following is a list of Hormiya season 2 voice actors:

  • Shoji was voiced by Llewyn Ramirez, and Shoji was voiced by Koyuki Yanase.
  • Yuriko Hori (Kyoko’s workaholic mother) was voiced by Marissa Lenti.
  • Kyosuke Hori, Kyo’s (Kyoko’s) father, was performed by Bill Butts.
  • Alejandro Saab (Kyoko’s Boyfriend) plays Izumi Miyamura.
  • Yuki Yoshikawa, Kyoko’s best friend, is played by Anairis Quinones.
  • Toru Ishikawa was played by Zeno Robinson (Toru is a fan of Kyoko)
  • Honoka Sawada, a schoolgirl with a crush on Kyoko and Izumi’s neighbor, was voiced by Apphia Yu.
  • Shoji was voiced by Llewyn Ramirez, and Shoji was voiced by Koyuki Yanase.
  • Yuriko Hori (Kyoko’s workaholic mother) was voiced by Marissa Lenti.
  • Belsheber Rusape, who plays the head of the student council and Kyoko’s childhood friend (Kyoko’s childhood friend), voices Kakeru Sengoku.
  • Remi Ayasaki is a member of the student council, and as such, she is the one that speaks up for him. (A member of the school council, Jalitza Delgado)
  • Sakura Kono (a member of the student council who has a crush on Toru) was performed by Celeste Perez, while Toru Sugihara was played by Natsume Hado, who was voiced by Shioli Kutsuna (a member of the student council who has a crush on Toru).
  • Shu Iura (Kyoko and Izumi’s airhead classmate) is a character on “Izumi Deyn,” performed by Y. Chang.

‘Horimiya’ Official Trailer

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