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Naruto Uzumaki Death
Naruto Uzumaki Death

Naruto Uzumaki Death: Does Naruto Die Against Ishiki?

During their battle in the first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Kawaki said, “He will send him (Boruto) where he sent the Seventh Hokage.”

In a later episode of the series, during his battle with Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto loses his most distinctive feature, the Nine-tails fox (Kurama).

Do these incidents portend Naruto’s fate in the Boruto series?

Boruto has not yet seen Naruto die. However, following Kurama’s passing, he has become noticeably weaker. We don’t know what happens to him later despite the intriguing time-skipping prologue. Thoughts have it that he might pass away in the future.

Some fans think Kawaki would kill him because of the time skip prologue, while others think he will be imprisoned in another dimension.

Here are some explanations that explain his death, regardless of how it occurred.

4 Interesting Theories About Naruto’s Death

1. Naruto Isn’t the Protagonist

It’s a given that the main character survives to the end of the story in every piece of media ever created. (At least not till the end.)

Even though there is a lot of tension in Naruto Shippuden, the protagonist Naruto does not end up dying. But now Boruto has taken his place as the show’s focal point.

So the plot shield protecting Naruto is now useless. His death, however tragic, may prove to be a boon to the story in certain ways.

2. Naruto is Mortal and Nerfed

Even though Naruto is a god-level figure with incredible strength, he is not invincible.

Plus, the power of the nine tails has been taken away from him. Therefore, his level of authority is rather obvious. Because of Naruto’s current status, he will be much more defenceless in the future.

3. Kishimoto Loves to Play with Emotions

weaker condition, he will be even more defenceless in the fu Since we all know Kishimoto’s true nature, it shouldn’t come as a shock when he decides to kill Naruto later in the series.

Kishimoto is aware that killing Naruto will have a profound effect on the story’s trajectory and elicit a strong emotional response from readers. He’ll inevitably mess with our emotions.

4. Hidden Leaf (Konoha) has Been Demolished

We find the town annihilated, with even the huge Hokage stone faces gone, in the series time-jump prologue. If Naruto had been there, obviously this wouldn’t have occurred.

Does Naruto Die Against Ishhiki?

If Naruto hadn’t learned a new mode dubbed “Baryon mode,” which tragically led to Kurama’s death, he would not have survived his battle with Ishhiki (The Nine-Tailed Fox).

The baryon mode, which rivals the power of the six-path sage and Otsutsuki’s, is Naruto’s most powerful move. It can boost the user’s strength, reflexes, and speed and deplete the life force of the enemy with each strike.

The Baryon Mode ultimately has two sides. The price for the enormous power is very costly. If utilised excessively, Kurama (The Nine-Tailed Fox) is completely erased from existence as a result of the life force being consumed.

Does Naruto Die Against Code?

Given his current condition (No Kurama), Amado claims that Naruto cannot engage in combat with someone like Code and expect to prevail. This is understandable. We don’t yet know how this fight will proceed because Code hasn’t yet attacked Konoha. We’re all hoping Naruto succeeds, even though the chances aren’t in his favour.

It has been established that Code, the final member of Kara to survive, is more powerful than Jigen and possesses Otsutsuki-like abilities thanks to his white karma seal. Code has mobilised in the shadows in anticipation of the specific moment when it will destroy Sasuke and Naruto to exact revenge for the death of Isshiki Otsutuski.

How, and more crucially, can Naruto, fight against Code now that Kurama isn’t standing by his side?

Will a future event give Naruto the advantage he requires to combat Code and his white Karma seal? Or will Boruto’s prophecy of losing everything be one of the first things to happen after his death? All we can do is wish Kishimoto well and hope for the best.

What Happens After Naruto Loses Kurama?

Even though he no longer possesses the nine-tailed fox’s strength, Naruto is still regarded as a god-tier personality who is incredibly strong.

Given that he still has access to the sage mode, the chakra for the six routes, and the chakra for other tailed creatures, he is still quite active. Not to be forgotten are the Kekkei Genkai releases for magnets and lava, among other things.

While Naruto may need some time to adjust to battling without Kurama, he will eventually get the swing of it because he has a history of never giving up in the face of adversity.

It’s also unlikely that he’ll receive another significant power-up, so we can anticipate him to make creative use of the skills he already has to stand out.

Naruto still has enough chakra, knowledge, and experience to survive conflicts even without Kurama around, which is what we anticipate will happen in the future.

What Episode Does Kurama Die?

The Nine-tailed Fox Kurama passed away in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode #218, “Partner,” which was adapted from chapter 55 of the manga. Due to the drawback of the recently unlocked mode, Baryon Mode, Kurama perished. In this episode, Naruto experiences one of his most sorrowful moments as he loses Kurama, his best buddy.

Naruto Uzumaki Death
Naruto Uzumaki Death

Kurama reassures Naruto that although he feels like he has passed away, his time hasn’t yet come. With the Kyuubi, though, this is not the case. When Naruto realises what Kurama is suggesting, he is horrified and devastated. When Kurama informs him of the falsehood, his worries are reinforced.

For lying, Kurama had a point. Naruto might not have used the Baryon mode if he had realised that his companion might pass away; otherwise, everyone—including Boruto, Sasuke, Kawaki, and Kurama—could have perished.

The episode ends with a tear-jerking montage of Kurama’s most memorable scenes throughout the entire series. Naruto and the fandom are sad and lonely as a result of the terrible split of the legendary couple who spent their entire life together. We will always have fond memories of Kurama!

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Does Kurama Come Back to Life?

Sadly, the series makes no mention of Kurama’s resurrected state. Of course, it’s too early to rule anything out, but the chances are little to none.

The Jinchuuriki (Host) often perishes when a Biju (Tailed beast) is retrieved, but in Naruto’s case, Kurama’s Chakra merely disappeared, allowing Naruto to survive the ordeal.

The Baryon Mode eats the life-force chakra, claims Kurama (the nine-tailed fox). Therefore, a portion of Kurama’s chakra must still exist for him to return. If that were the case, Naruto would have already sensed his chakra, but he hasn’t.

Naruto and the audience both found Kurama’s passing to be upsetting, and we all hoped for his eventual comeback. But because the show is still running, anything is still conceivable. Who knows, maybe Uky Kodachi and Masashi Kishimoto will discover a way to bring Kurama back.

The Aftermath of Naruto Death

We can anticipate a significant change in the main plot if Naruto passes away later. Additionally, the demise and nerfing of important older characters would allow the next generation to advance in strength.

Since we live in the era of ninja scientific technologies, we may also anticipate that the younger generation will be significantly stronger than the older. Now picture combining a character’s genuine strength with technological advancements.

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