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Killua Girlfriend
Killua Girlfriend

Killua Girlfriend: Does Alluka Love Killua?

Even though it hasn’t been formally announced, Gon is Killua’s platonic or romantic soulmate, depending on how you choose to read it, and he just needs his sister and best friend.

He claimed that having Gon by his side made him always joyful. Killua has demonstrated multiple instances of having just romantic affections for his best friend (there are many hints and subtexts which state that). Gon is essentially everything to him, his first buddy, and his light, and he has never indicated in the anime that he likes girls.

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(Except for the non-canon Gold Dusk Girl in the Hunterpedia clip.) Canary is one of the few girls that doesn’t seem to have a problem with him. She is fiercely devoted to him and obedient to his orders, but I don’t perceive any love chemistry between them (Killunary is still a cute ship). I believe Killua merely views her as a wonderful friend and companion. Retz, on the other hand, played a girl in the Phantom Rouge movie who was a puppet (which is not canon).

She appeared to be roughly the same age as Gon and Killua, but Retz liked Gon and Killua was envious of her since she was growing close to him. By the way, you might find Ai Suki, Kiyomi, or other results when you search for Killua’s girlfriend on the internet.

Ignore those idiotic fans and the idiotic teenage fangirls that are shipping Killua and lusting after him (He’s just 12–15 years old, for goodness’ sake). However, I believe that he began to have what could have been love sentiments for Gon during the Greed Island arc and got perplexed by them throughout the CA arc.

Killua Girlfriend
Killua Girlfriend

Since Killua and Gon are similar to Komugi and Meruem in many ways, even if I don’t support the Killugon ship, I believe that Killua likes him and that it will be difficult for him to let go of those feelings. However, his love for God may be unrequited.

Does Alluka love Killua?

Because he was the only one to show her kindness, Alluka is the happiest and most trusting of people when she is with Killua. Killua claims that Alluka refers to him as “big brother,” but Nanika only ever uses his name.

What Makes Killua & Alluka’s Relationship So Special (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

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