Best Anime Releasing in October
Best Anime Releasing in October

10 Best Anime Releasing in October: You Need to Watch!

The year 2022 has been fantastic for anime fans, beginning with the premieres of Season 2 of Demon Slayer and Season 4 of Attack on Titan. Things improved even further after Spy x Family debuted. Most people don’t think anything can beat the second season of Classroom of the Elite, which brought the show back from the brink of cancellation. However, the autumn schedule is just around the way, and if you’re an anime enthusiast, you’re in for a real treat with October 2022’s anime lineup.

There is now a mind-boggling 44 anime series scheduled to premiere in October 2022. In honour of the comeback of several of your favourite anime series, such as Mob Psycho 100 and My Hero Academia, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest new anime airing in October 2022.

New Anime of October 2022

1. My Hero Academia: Season 6

Release date: October 1st, 2022

My Hero Academia, created by Kihei Horikoshi, will premiere its sixth season in the fall. The Paranormal Liberation War Arc, a pivotal part of the story, will be discussed. Numerous Pro Heroes assemble for an all-out attack against the Paranormal Liberation Front, hoping to put an end to Tomura’s master plan.

As of this coming October on Crunchyroll, you can catch up with Deku and the rest of the Class 1-A cast in what promises to be an action-packed sequel.

2. Spy x Family: Part 2

Since its premiere in the spring of this year, Spy x Family has been the hippest available anime. Due to overwhelming demand from viewers, the second season of 13 episodes will also premiere on October 1.

In the Doggy Crisis Arc, the Forgers will endeavour to stop a terrorist organisation from provoking a conflict between two countries. Part two of Spy x Family will be available to watch online on Crunchyroll and, in select territories, on Netflix.

3. Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!: Season 2

The follow-up to the anime about a classmate named Hana Uzaki who constantly follows and harasses Shinichi Sakurai will premiere in October 2022. There are a lot of new action-adventure anime this October, but Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!, Season 2 will satisfy rom-com enthusiasts as well.

Watching Uzaki-reappearance chan via the anime streaming service Crunchyroll is the only legal option.

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4. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Memorial Edition

Anime fans, do you recall the three Berserk films that first premiered a decade ago? Well, this October will see the rebroadcast of the whole Berserk film trilogy in its original episode format as a way of paying tribute to the life and work of the series’ late creator, Kentaro Miura. The films are being distributed in edited instalments that reportedly include some bonus material.

The Berserk Memorial Edition will air on Tokyo MX, Gunma TV, and other regional Japanese networks; whether or not it will also debut on Crunchyroll on the same day is still up in the air.

5. Golden Kamuy: Season 4

The fourth season of Golden Kamuy is expected to premiere in October 2022. As Sugimoto and Asirpa, who had been searching for each other for a long time, finally reunite, the latter begins to recall memories that may provide a hint as to the location of the legendary treasure her father concealed.

In October of 2022, be on the lookout for the release of Golden Kamuy: Season 4. In addition, the animation studio has changed hands, with Studio Brain’s Base taking over for Geno Studio. Judging by the trailers, the show still looks promising, but you can make up your own mind by seeing the anime when it premieres on Crunchyroll and Funimation in October.

6. Mob Psycho 100: Season 3

For the third time, Studio Bones brings us Mob and Reigen’s hallucinogenic escapades in Mob Psycho 100. Fans have loved the anime from the start, and not just because it was made by One-Punch Man’s creator, ONE.

If you haven’t watched Mob Psycho 100 yet and are looking to catch up, you have until October 5th, when the third season joins the other new anime on Crunchyroll.

7. Blue Lock

During the month of October 2022, Crunchyroll will be screening a brand new football anime called Blue Lock. Yoichi Isagi, the protagonist of Blue Lock, Muneyuki Kaneshiro’s novel, has decided to participate in a competition to identify the best striker in the world for the Japanese national team.

Football anime has struggled to compete with the likes of Slam Dunk and Haikyu!! since their releases in the 2000s, but come October, we may finally have a contender.

Best Anime Releasing in October
Best Anime Releasing in October

8. Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Arc

Bleach is finally back after more than a decade away with the manga’s final arc. The new anime will have higher production values, more terrifying antagonists, and dramatic battles that will be shown in their full grandeur.

Fascinatingly, word on the street has it that the animation will debut on Disney Plus outside of Japan in October 2022. Although that is merely hearsay, we predict that the highly anticipated anime will also be available on Crunchyroll.

9. Chainsaw Man

It’s an understatement to say that Chainsaw Man is the most popular anime right now. On October 11th, Netflix and Crunchyroll will begin streaming “Tatsuki Fujimoto,” a bloody adventure animated by the renowned Studio MAPPA.

Once Denji is resurrected by his pet Devil as the all-powerful Chainsaw Man, he must learn to survive in a world overrun by abnormal creatures.

10. To Your Eternity: Season 2

After a successful debut season, the fantasy anime To Your Eternity will return as one of the new releases in October 2022. This next season will likely kick off with the Guardians Arc, which will show Fushi, who has spent the past four decades isolated on an island, reuniting with long-lost pals.

Do not forget that this fall, on Crunchyroll, you can watch all 20 episodes of Season 2 of To Your Eternity.

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