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Berserker Armor
Berserker Armor

How Powerful Is The Bersarkar Kavach And what Language Would Guts Speak?

Guts is now outfitted in the Berserker Armor, a suit of extremely sturdy body armor. Since those who don the armor become possessed of superhuman strength and terrible savagery, the moniker “berserkers” is fitting.

Berserker Armor Story

The Berserker Armor was created by the dwarf blacksmith Hanarr at some unspecified period in history, and it is cursed with the ability to bring out the worst in its bearer, specifically, wrath and violence. Ultimately, the man who would become known as the Skull Knight would don the armor and wield it in his fight against the demonic forces. Sometime later, he confided in his witch friend Flora to handle the potentially lethal relic. It was safely stored away under her watch.

After the apostles of Griffith’s revived Band of the Falcon storm Flora’s spirit tree mansion, she entrusts the task to Guts. Even in his fire dragon form, the apostle Grunbeld is no match for Guts, who, decked up in Berserker Armor, easily shrugs off his assaults and ultimately triumphs in their battle.

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Berserker Armor Abilities

The Od of the Berserker Armor serves primarily to override the body’s natural safety mechanisms that prevent its wearer from inflicting harm on themself by brute force. Because of this, the wearer’s strength and speed are greatly enhanced, potentially reaching previously unattainable heights.

The armor accomplishes this by making the wearer feel no pain; the sensation of pain is still there, but the wearer’s mind does not register it as a threat, so the user can choose to ignore it if he or she so chooses. It also gives the user a huge desire to kill, as the amplification of negative emotions like hate, fear, and fury makes them more aggressive.

In addition to protecting its wearer from further harm, battle damage is mitigated by the armour for a limited time. In the case of a broken arm, for instance, the armour can inject tiny spines into the bones to piece them back together, restoring the arm to full functionality. If the armour is damaged, it can fix itself.

When a berserker fury is induced, the helmet of the armour takes on a unique aspect. Guts’s bevor and helmet are styled after the Beast of Darkness, transforming into a gaping maw that can chomp down on his foes. Red light emanates from the helm’s eye sockets when the armour is active, fully blocking Guts’ vision; when the swordsman is in command, however, the light stops, revealing one of his true eyes.

At least one wearer has reported that the Berserker Armor had imbued them with the “blood memory” of the last moments of the person who wore it.

Berserker Armor Drawbacks

There are serious downsides to the armor’s potency, the most major of which are connected to the od that gives the armour its strength. The od can eat the wearer’s psyche, transforming them into a wild, violent monster who can no longer tell friend from foe if the wearer does not actively monitor their bad feelings. If the user enters this state regularly, their senses will deteriorate to the point of loss.

Berserker Armor
Berserker Armor

It is said that the wearer’s vision and taste may be impaired, and that they may also experience a trembling in their hands. It can also lead to long-term mental decline by creating an ideal environment for the wearer’s inner darkness to thrive. The only surefire method to keep Guts stable while employing the armour to its full potential is to bolster his mind and spirit with a potent magical presence, such that emitted by Schierke’s astral body or the Moonlight Boy’s.

Because of the armor’s pain-reduction properties, the wearer can easily injure themselves by pushing beyond their limits. In a similar vein, the armour can make life-threatening injuries, such as shattered bones or paralysis, even more difficult to treat, which can ultimately result in death from blood loss.

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