Bunny Girl Anime
Bunny Girl Anime

What is the Anime Called With the Bunny Girl?

This Rascal Never Even Thinks About a Bunny Girl Hajime Kamoshida and Kji Mizoguchi created the Senpai light novel series, which is better known in Japan as Seishun Buta Yar. To date, ASCII Media Works has released eleven volumes under the Dengeki Bunko banner, beginning in April 2014.

As of December 2015, ASCII Media Works’ seinen manga magazine Dengeki G’s Comic has begun serializing a manga version of the story, with art by Tsugumi Nanamiya. The first five volumes were adapted into an anime television series by CloverWorks that aired from October to December of 2018.

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl, an anime film adapted from volumes six and seven, had its world premiere in June of this year. In September of 2022, a sequel will be released.

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Sakuta Azusagawa

Since he has a bad reputation after being accused of hospitalizing three individuals, Sakuta tries to keep a low profile until he meets Mai, who convinces him to look into Adolescence Syndrome. Three slashes to his chest were the result of him being afflicted by his sister Kaede’s case of Adolescence Syndrome. A turning point in Sakuta’s life occurs when he meets Mai and aids her in overcoming Adolescence Syndrome, which ultimately leads him to become engaged with other females who suffer from the same illness.

Sakuta is a good guy who is always willing to lend a hand, but he also has a nasty side. As well as being prone to making racy jokes, he is extremely forthright, honest, and blunt in his interactions with others. Sakuta is generous and kind, frequently putting the needs of others ahead of his own, even at the risk of his own safety. His willingness to put others before himself may be traced back to two sources: his sister’s Adolescence Syndrome and his decision to change his character after meeting Shoko Makinohara.

Mai Sakurajima

After feeling overwhelmed by the demands of her acting career, Mai takes a break, only to find that no one seems to notice her—except Sakuta, who promises to assist her figure out what’s going on as she draws closer to him. They initially meet in a library, where she is testing out her bunny girl costume. Time causes more and more people to forget about Mai, until eventually only Sakuta himself remembers.

When Sakuta publicly confesses his love for Mai in front of the entire school, he revives not just Mai’s presence but also everyone’s memories of her. The two then try to develop a relationship, which is complicated by Mai’s acting career. Mai contracts Adolescence Syndrome from her half-sister Nodoka later on, creating a physical appearance swap between the two girls. Sakuta’s assistance in bringing the sisters together again brings back normalcy. The first light book focuses on Mai.

Mai has a calm demeanor, is polite, and is incredibly sweet to Kaede and others. She is also quick to lend a hand and debunks rumors about Sakuta’s negative reputation. Although she has a reputation for snarking, she has a good heart and is actually rather timid when confronted with Sakuta’s sexual jokes. Comparable to Sakuta, she gives of herself freely.

Tomoe Koga

A first-year student at Sakuta’s high school, Tomoe is the protagonist of the second light novel. Tomoe first suspects Sakuta of being a lolicon after meeting him in a park as he was attempting to aid a young girl in her search for her mother. In order to prevent her friends from gossiping about her behind her back, she begs Sakuta to play the role of her boyfriend.

But then the wild allegations begin, and she falls in love with him while he defends her. Tomoe and Sakuta’s final day together keeps replaying because of her feelings for him. Tomoe eventually opens out to Sakuta about her feelings, but he rejects her. They decide to remain friends despite this.

Rio Futaba

One of Sakuta’s few friends and the protagonist of the third light novel, Rio is also the lone student in the scientific club at the high school where Sakuta and Mai study. When she experienced the symptoms of Adolescent Syndrome for herself, she realized it wasn’t just a myth.

Bunny Girl Anime
Bunny Girl Anime

A clone of her with a different personality and who uploads sexually provocative images of herself online appears when she lacks confidence in her beauty and uses these as a kind of self-punishment. When Sakuta helps the split Rios appreciate who they are and the friends they’ve met, the two Rios become one again.

Nodoka Toyohama

Nodoka, Mai’s half-sister and a member of an idol group, is the protagonist of the fourth light book in the series. For reasons of self-esteem issues, she temporarily switched places with Mai, only to return the favour after she realised she could be herself instead of Mai. Only after they make amends are the half-sisters able to function normally again.

Kaede Azusagawa

Kaede, the younger sister of Sakuta, is another sufferer of Adolescence Syndrome; after being bullied online and receiving death threats on her cellphone, she developed an extreme fear of strangers and strangely began to sustain injuries. She finally began to feel better once she gave up education and social media. After that, she spends some time alone with her cat at Sakuta’s place.

She loves her brother very much and often snuggles up next to him in bed. Kaede is diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder later on. In her identity crisis, Kaede had become someone else entirely. Her memory returns, but she has no recollection of the prior two years. Despite his disappointment in the disappearance of the sister he had come to know, Sakuta welcomes back his biological sibling and agrees to assist her in getting her previous life back. The fifth light book focuses on Kaede.

Shoko Makinohara

One of the main characters in the sixth and seventh light novels is named Shoko, which is also the name of Sakuta’s first love interest. She is a timid eighth grader who meets Sakuta by chance during a downpour. She turns out to be the same Shoko Sakuta encountered during his incident, who left for recovery after receiving a new heart. In the wake of Kaede’s memory recovery, Sakuta receives another visit from Shoko, who assists him in getting over the loss of the Kaede he had known for the previous two years.

Shoko leaves as Sakuta cools off, only to return and announce, to Mai’s dismay, that she plans to stay in Sakuta’s house for a while. The two versions of Shoko in their chronology are explained when it is revealed that an earlier version of Shoko only lives because Sakuta will die in a car accident on Christmas Day and his heart will be donated to her, allowing her to live. This is also the reason why Sakuta has scars.

When Mai gives her life to protect Sakuta, Shoko assists him in going back in time to undo the error and rescue Mai. She also fixes the problem that was causing her Adolescence Syndrome by going back to her elementary school timeline, but in doing so she alters history so that Sakuta and Mai never meet Shoko. Later, when Sakuta runs into Shoko at the beach, he is reminded of the happy times the two of them had in the past and apologises.

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