Monkey Pokemon
Monkey Pokemon

The 8 Best Monkey Pokemon And What We know So Far About!

Over the course of the series development, the designers have drawn inspiration from a wide variety of places, including the natural world and the plants and animals that inhabit it. The monkey is one example; it is a diversified species distinguished by its tail in contrast to other primates like apes, who lack this trait.

1. Close Combatant: Infernape

Infernape, which evolves from Monferno at Level 36, has a massive flame emanating from its head and gold plates that look almost like armour, making it one of the best Fire-type starter Pokemon in the series.

Infernape improves upon the designs of Monferno and Chimchar, while also being influenced by mythology as diverse as the Chinese classic Journey to the West and the Hindu epic Ramayana. Infernape’s arsenal isn’t only flash; it also has some powerful moves.

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2. Mythical Pokemon By Day, Loving Dad By Night: Zarude

Zarude, a Dark and Grass-type mythological Pokemon first seen in the Secrets of the Jungle film, was made available in Pokemon Sword and Shield for a limited-time event.

As a result of its involvement in the film, in which it adopts and develops a close relationship with a human child, Zarude also has an alternate form, known as Dada. Besides a pink cloak around its neck (a nod to the film), Zarude’s Dada form is indistinguishable from its ordinary appearance. If you weren’t one among the lucky ones to get a Zarude at the event, you won’t have another chance to get one legally.

3. Up To No Good: Aipom

The continuous grin on Aipom, the mischievous Pokemon, is evidence of its love of playing pranks. The purple monkey’s long tail ends in a hand-like appendage, making it ideal for grabbing fruit from trees and other monkey business.

Because of its unique, yet simplistic appearance, Aipom stands out among the other monkey Pokemon. However, according to its Pokedex entry for Pokemon Ultra Moon, Aipom enjoys snacking on Bounsweet and will leap on them if given the chance.

4. Natural Talent: Grookey

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Grookey is one of the available starter Pokemon. It is a Grass-type Pokemon with facial markings and arm coloration that make it look like an adorable squirrel monkey.

The Sword Pokedex article for Grookey reveals that it “uses its special stick to strike up a beat.” This suggests that Grookey has musical abilities. Its Grass nature means that its melody has the power to revitalise the surrounding flora. If you’re looking for a cute travel buddy in Galar, Grookey is an excellent pick.

5. Flaming Chimp: Chimchar

Chimchar, the Fire starter Pokemon of the fourth generation, looks like a small monkey with a fiery tail and a tuft of fur on its head that glows red hot. Chimchar’s flame is always lit unless it is sleeping or has passed out from exhaustion in battle. In spite of its cheerful demeanour, “Lantern-Tail” was originally assumed to be a ghost, as revealed in its Pokedex entry in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Monkey Pokemon
Monkey Pokemon

Similar to actual monkeys, it is an expert climber and can easily ascend the most treacherous of rock faces, which is useful in the hilly Sinnoh region.

6. Drop The Beat: Thwackey

Thwackey, the second evolution of Grookey, develops from Grookey at Level 16 and, in contrast to its previous form, stands upright on two legs. Thwackey, though, retains Grookey’s musical enthusiasm, and it often drums out tunes with the two sticks it keeps in its fur.

Thwackey is known as the Beat Pokemon because of the rhythmic “thwacking” sound it makes with its sticks. Thwackey’s Pokedex entry in Sword states that the more rapidly it can make a beat with its sticks, the more respect it will receive from its peers. This talent can be put to good use in the realms of both music creation and Pokemon combat success.

7. The Original: Mankey

Mankey, a Pokemon of the Fighting type, debuted in Generation 1 as a Red-and-Blue-only item. Despite looking more like a monkey, the Pig Monkey Pokemon, or Mankey, draws inspiration from both of these animals because to its pink pig nose.

Mankey is one of the smallest Fighting-type Pokemon in the entire Pokedex, making it an adorable creature that can pack a punch despite its reputation for being quick to anger. If you’re willing to take the chance to befriend Mankey, keep in mind that its Pokedex article in Pokemon Sun states, “the consequent loneliness makes it angrier yet.” This means that Mankey’s rage can scare away even the toughest trainers.

8. Three In One: Pansear/Pansage/Panpour

There are a number of connections between Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour, despite the fact that each is technically its own Pokemon. Each of these Pokemon, together referred as the elemental monkeys, symbolises one of the three basic elements: fire (Pansear), grass (Pansage), and water (Panpour).

These monkey Pokemon are remarkably intelligent, as they also draw inspiration from the three no-evil monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil). Even while these monkeys’ combined stats will provide adequate type coverage, each individual monkey’s stats leave much to be desired.

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