Anime Characters Born In January
Anime Characters Born In January

10 Most Popular Anime Characters Born In January

Characters from various walks of life may be found in Japanese animation, from everyday folks in slice-of-life shows to legendary warriors like Naruto, Ichigo, and Luffy, and even sweet young women in shojo stories. Details like blood type, height, interests, and birthdays can also help establish characters like these.

Many characters have a clearly defined birthdate on the modern Gregorian calendar, and this can be used as a fun element to help flesh them out. Some notable anime characters, including some of the best of all time, were born in January, but there are births for every day of the year.

1. Yoruichi Shihoin Is A Soul Reaper Ninja, Born January 1st (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin, a former Soul Reaper who prefers stealth and martial arts to battling with a zanpakuto, is a pivotal supporting character in the popular shonen manga Bleach. She was once the squad 2 commander, but she gave up her position to defend her friend Kisuke Urahara against bogus charges of murder.

Although Yoruichi has been forced into exile, she is far from giving up the struggle. Yoruichi faced the Espadas and the Sternritter after assisting Ichigo’s troops in breaking into the Seireitei during the Soul Society storyline.

2. Sir Nighteye Saw The Future, Born January 2nd (My Hero Academia)

Sir Nighteye used to be All Might’s sidekick, but the two heroes fell out of favour after Sir Nighteye pushed All Might to retire. Subsequently, Sir Nighteye established his own agency with the aid of Bubble Girl and the formidable Mirio Togata/Lemillion.

Sir Nighteye and Izuku eventually reunited, and Sir Nighteye used his future sight Quirk to aid the group defeat Shie Hassaikai. Sadly, Sir Nighteye met his end in combat. Truly a hero, he passed away with his loved ones at his side.

3. Makeru Yadano Is Highly Competitive, Born January 3rd (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Shoko Komi, the introverted protagonist of the charming slice-of-life high school manga Komi Can’t Communicate, has set herself the goal of making 100 friends this school year. She’s made a few new acquaintances, beginning with Hitohito Tadano, and they range from average to outlandish.

Makeru Yadano, a classmate of Komi’s, has proclaimed a rivalry with her. She competes against Komi in any activity imaginable, but notably at summer festival games and other athletic competitions. But Komi doesn’t think much of the challenger. To be honest, she has just a rudimentary grasp of the situation.

4. Nene Kinokuni Makes Soba Noodles, Born January 6th (Food Wars!)

Defecation on the table! In the shonen action anime Shokugeki no Soma, the students at the prestigious Totsuki Culinary Academy compete in various cooking events in place of traditional magical and martial arts training. One member of the Council of Ten is the strict Nene Kinokuni, who is among the school’s ten brightest and best students.

Nene has been an exceptional soba noodle cook since she was a young girl, and she has known fellow Council members and talented chef Isshiki Satoshi since they were young children. The culinary competition between Nene and Soma was a close one, but Nene ultimately lost. She did, however, mend fences with Isshiki.

5. Emporio Ivankov Helped Luffy Escape Impel Down, Born January 8th (One Piece)

One of Luffy’s most interesting and memorable pals is the devil fruit user Emporio Ivankov, who looks like a particular character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ivankov’s first appearance was as the boss of the covert New Kama Land in the underwater prison of Impel Down.

With the use of his Horm-Horm Fruit, or “hormone,” Ivankov is able to switch between his normal male form and a slimmer female form at will. A skilled melee combatant, he once fought warden Magellan, but lost.

6. Haku Can Use Ice Mirrors, Born January 9th (Naruto)

Among the first Naruto characters to employ a kekkei Genkai strategy, Haku was a pioneer in the field. Kakashi Hatake, in his first battle against Zabuza Momochi, was the first to use the Sharingan eye. Haku was a devoted Zabuza comrade who battled both Naruto and Sasuke on Tazuna’s half-built bridge.

Anime Characters Born In January
Anime Characters Born In January

Haku used his kekkei Genkai to ensnare his opponent in a maze of ice mirrors, where he could then spear them to death with needles again and over again. Haku was defeated by Naruto’s Biju might, yet he fought alongside Zabuza in the Fourth Shinobi War because of the Edo Tensei.

7. Shoto Todorki Uses Fire & Ice, Born January 11th (My Hero Academia)

It turns out that Sir Nighteye isn’t the only My Hero Academia mainstay who shares the cold month of January with us. Shoto Todoroki is another example of a user who seems to have been born with all they need. The Hellflame Quirk from his father and the ice Quirk from his mother gave him a perfectly balanced Quirk.

Shoto was a jaded kuudere at first, but he eventually won over his classmates in 1-A and proved to be a trustworthy partner in the fight against evil. Even with his estranged father, Endeavor, he is slowly but gradually making amends.

8. Baron Zeppeli Taught Jonathan Hamon, Born January 19th (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

During the Phantom Blood arc, when Jonathan Joestar and his vampire foster brother Dio Brando fought it out in the burning Joestar home, Jonathan came dangerously close to losing his life. Thankfully, Baron Zeppeli showed up there and volunteered to teach Jonathan Hamon, a sun-based power.

Zeppeli, a strange figure who claims to have studied Hamon in Asia several decades ago, is now prepared to train Jonathan while he searches for Dio. Despite Zeppeli’s death at the hands of Dio and his henchmen, Jonathan was able to defeat them by channeling the strength Zeppeli had taught him.

9. Shino Aburame Controls Beetles, Born January 23rd (Naruto)

Another member of the “Konoha 11” and official member of Team 8, Shino Aburame shares a January birthday with Naruto. In battle, Shino is unflappable because he is a serious and reserved ninja who lets his deeds speak for themselves. During the Chunin Exam arc, he likewise had little trouble beating Zabu Abumi.

It upset Shino a little that he couldn’t take part in the mission to retrieve Sasuke. In Shippuden, he attempted to capture Tobi/Obito with his insects but was unsuccessful. Even later, he joined the faculty of the Leaf Village school.

10. Yoshikage Kira Terrorized Morioh Town, Born January 30th (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Yoshikage Kira is an assassin and Stand user who can destroy his foes with the explosive power of Killer Queen. He is motivated to kill all throughout Morioh Town by a passion for women’s hands. He’s been doing this for a long time.

As Diamond is Unbreakable progressed, Josuke Higashikata and his friends eventually encountered Yoshikage and engaged him in battle on multiple occasions until finally cornering him in the film’s climactic scene. After Yoshikage passed away, his soul could rest well knowing that poetic justice had been served.

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