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Anime Characters Born in April
Anime Characters Born in April

10 Anime Characters With April Birthdays

April birthdays in anime are a rare point of discussion. Though it’s unlikely that more people would celebrate their favorite anime character’s birthday, it’s a great chance to show appreciation for that person’s fandom.

But whether or not advertisers make use of fictional characters’ birthdays is a different topic entirely. People can relate to fictional characters if they share certain traits with them.

1) Mayuzumi Takumu

Mayumi Takumu’s April birthday is a bit of a mystery. He’s a sidekick in the Accel World series of manga and anime.

Takumu, a boy of thirteen, was born in the world of the future. He’s an expert burst linker with a wealth of information regarding the game Accel World.

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2) Haruyuki Arita

Similarly, Haru celebrates his or her birthday in April. Accel World is a secret video game where the main character, Haru, finds comfort.

He’s a shy kid who wants to prove himself as the finest burst linker online. He is being mentored toward his goal of the 100th floor by the dark king, Kuroyukihime.

3) Sado Yatsutora

It’s fitting that Sado was born in April because he embodies the characteristics of his birth month. As a Bleach character, he faces an uphill battle against the ghosts and yokai that have invaded his country.

Sado, a full bringer, possesses a rare ability: he can influence the spirits of inanimate objects with ease. Ichigo’s best friend and an essential squad member.

4) Akira Todo

Akira is another April baby who doesn’t come from a mystical country or have any exceptional abilities. As a member of the elite class shown in the anime Special A, however, she benefits from extraordinary intelligence.

She’s a sweetheart who’s always there for her pals when things become rough. But when she wants to be, she can be rather vicious. Hikari often feels smothered by her mother’s overzealous protection.

5) Yuri Meichi

Yuri Meichi, who we first meet as a little child in April, had already narrowly avoided death from many assassination attempts. The protagonist never directly faces her, although she is the series’ primary nemesis. They got her from the anime series Akuma no Riddle.

Whether or not she holds an official position within Haru’s clan is never made clear. However, it appears that they share Yuri’s healing and regenerative skills.

6) Maki Nishikino

Maki, a Love Live! character is the epitome of the tsundere archetype. She is harsh on herself and has difficulty being truthful, yet she means well.

She is selected for the school idol group, but she doesn’t want to appear too enthusiastic about it. She cares deeply about others around her and makes concerted efforts to help them succeed.

Anime Characters Born in April
Anime Characters Born in April

7) Watanabe You

Watanabe, Love Live! Sunshine’s main character, comes out as friendly and carefree. On the other hand, she harbours some deep-seated jealousy against Roma and Chika because of the latter’s close relationship with the former. It’s surprising that her birthday is in April, given that it’s the bleakest, wettest month of the year.

After learning about her former high school’s engagement in the school, her interest in the issue was piqued, and she eventually became a member of the school’s idol group. In a dire situation, she hopes her gang can persevere through any obstacles they encounter.

8) Satsuki Hyodo

Satsuki shares April as a birth month. She has a little but significant role in Kaichou wa Maid-Sama and the amount of Aoi. She doesn’t look a day over twenty, despite her advanced years. She views the world through rose-colored glasses and is a sucker for a good love story.

Misaki reports to her as the manager of Maid Latte. She is quite accepting of Misaki and her endeavors, and she herself has a chill demeanor.

9) Takumi Usui

Takumi, the protagonist of Kaichou Maid sama, is in love with Misaki, who shares his April birthday. He’s really skilled, and he loves to work Misaki up just enough to hitch a ride with her.

Despite his snake-like appearance, he is actually a balanced man with lofty goals. Nothing can ever take away his satisfaction with his achievements.

10) Midorikawa Rettasu

Rettasu is the protagonist of Tokyo Mew Mew and one of the few female protagonists in the show. She works at Cafe Mew Mew but suffers from extreme shyness.

She has control over the ocean since she is one with the finless porpoise. Her weapon, Lettustanets, can fire rapid bursts of hydro at her foes.

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