8 Best Anime Characters Born In June

People’s appreciation for anime as a storytelling medium continues to grow, and it helps that there are so many shows to pick from. Anime has been adapted from every imaginable genre, making it accessible to virtually anybody; yet, a series’ success depends on telling a compelling tale with well-developed characters.

Fans of anime are drawn to the characters because of their unique histories and personalities, the very elements that make them human. Most anime characters have birthdays because creators like to give them as much depth as possible. There are a number of notable anime characters whose birthdays fall in June, which is acknowledged by a number of shows that do birthday celebrations.

1. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon debuted in the ’90s and introduced a whole new generation of young women to the joys of anime. The protagonist, Usagi Tsukino, was born on June 30th. She was born in the Moon Kingdom but was reincarnated on Earth to become the Sailor Guardians’ leader, Sailor Moon.

Usagi is recognizable for her long blonde hair and her signature armored leotard suit when she enters the battle. She dislikes conflict, but when it arises, she resorts to her moon-based healing, loving, and cleansing abilities.

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2. Juuzou Suzuya (Tokyo Ghoul)

In the fantastic anime series Tokyo Ghoul, the main characters are a humanoid race known as Ghouls. These creatures have the ability to regenerate and a predatory organ known as a Kagune. Human Special Class Ghoul Investigator Juuzou Suzuya is widely regarded as the series’ most formidable foe at this point.

His youth was difficult because he was held by a powerful Ghoul, and as a result, he has no capacity for emotion. He’s a skilled fighter that can take on the most dreaded Ghouls thanks to the way he’s modified his physique (through stitches). The eighth of June is the date of his birth.

3. Elizabeth Liones (Seven Deadly Sins)

The audience was introduced to Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins thinking she was a human princess, but as the series went they realized that she is actually a member of the Goddess Clan. She fell in love with Meliodas, the son of the Demon King, despite the fact that her clan was at war with the Demon Clan.

Due to her actions, she was cursed with eternal rebirth. After each reincarnation, she would be a person with no recollection of her previous life, and after she regained her memory, she would perish again. She is the most powerful Goddess next to the Supreme Deity, and her 107th incarnation was born on June 18th.

4. Sarutobi Ayame (Gintama)

Even if Sarutobi Ayame doesn’t use Gintama’s mighty sword, she’s still a formidable warrior. She’s in love with the series’ main character and moonlights as an assassin when she’s not working at the Kunoichi Café.

Her father started training her to be a ninja when she was very young, so her skill with the kunai shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that she was born on June 2nd. Sarutobi’s poor eyesight is no match for her training, which has allowed her to develop pinpoint accuracy.

5. Miroku (Inuyasha)

Miroku is a notorious womanizer in Inuyasha, but he is also a selfless pacifist who would lay down his life to save others in need. His life began on June 2nd, and he had to deal with a physically ticking clock from the start.

There was a curse placed on his right hand by a powerful half-demon named Naraku, and it was passed down the generations. The Wind Tunnel is a palm curse that creates a black hole in the palm of the user. Miroku would have been consumed by Naraku if he hadn’t been vanquished.

Anime Characters Born In June
Anime Characters Born In June

6. Rob Lucci (One Piece)

After pushing Luffy to his limits, it’s easy to see why many viewers of One Piece regard Rob Lucci to be a top-tier antagonist. After consuming a Devil Fruit of the Zoan variety, Lucci was granted the ability to change into a leopard and gain a reputation as the deadliest killer in CP9’s history.

His birthday is June 2, and he joined CP9 when he was only six. Though Lucci has a reputation for being cold, he takes insults very personally. The World Nobles and his sense of justice are sacred to him, and he will do anything, including murder, to protect them.

7. Hisoka Marrow (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka is a formidable Hunter who has appeared in almost every arc of Hunter × Hunter, leading many to call him the series’ strongest antagonist. On June 6th of his birth year, he joined the Phantom Troupe, a notorious band of outlaws.

Hisoka’s goal in life is to take on as many formidable opponents as possible, and he has no qualms about murdering in the process. He is a formidable tactician thanks to his superhuman strength and intelligence. Through the use of his Bungee Gum talent, he is able to transform his aura into very resilient, flexible, and sticky elastic, thereby altering the texture and look of flat surfaces.

8. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel, the main character of the legendary anime Cowboy Bebop, is also among the top bounty hunters in the history of the medium. Spike, who was born on June 26 and was a member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate before he fell in love and faked his own death, decided to leave that lifestyle behind.

In spite of his reputation for laziness and cynicism, he is a highly competent professional in his field. His eyesight is superb, and he is an accomplished practitioner of Jeet Kune Do. When it comes to firearms and explosives, Spike is equally knowledgeable.

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