Top 10 Best Fat Chubby Anime Characters

In the same way that real people come in a wide range of sizes, so do anime characters.

I’m particularly interested in those that tend toward a circular shape right now.

OK, but seriously, it’s great to have some heavier characters included, as my fat friends also need to be represented. These people have a lot of depth as anime characters and are typically humorous, upbeat, and interesting.

1. Itaru Hashida

The master hacker himself. He is one of the founding members of the Future Gadget Lab and goes by the name Daru.

And let’s be honest: after best girl Kurisu Daru, Itaru’s the one carrying the most water. In both senses of the phrase.

Even though Daru seems unmotivated and slow, once he makes up his mind to achieve something, there’s no stopping him. No amount of time will pass before this man has completed his mission.

He also gives us a fair sense of who he is as an adult and a father, and he is quite remarkable.

He’s kind and considerate, but he also has the sense to strike our crazed scientist when he crosses the line. Absolutely, without a doubt, he ranks among the all-time greats of chubby anime heroes.

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2. Takeo Gouda

Takeo might barely even qualify as overweight, assuming that. However, I am counting on the fact that he is an absolute unit.

I can think of a few anime that will make you as joyful as My Love Story.

You can’t help but be on Takeo’s side because he’s such a kind and innocent protagonist. Honestly, I want that man’s prosperity more than my own.

He’s so stupid that he’s featured heavily in the show’s joke reel.

Takeo is a dedicated friend who would put the happiness of his pals before his own in any situation. Everyone should make it their goal to be even a tenth as good as Takeo. Whoa, what a hombre.

3. Fat Gum

The term “fat” appears as part of the man’s given name. How much better could it be?

Fat Gum exemplifies the ideal police officer because of his fairness and his ability to lead.

Sun Eater, Red Riot, and Fat Gum are the perfect party trio.

You might be underwhelmed by his oddity at first. But I just know Rappa will set me straight.

It’s an intriguing turn of events, making him the best sword and shield ever. No one would look at the ultimate sword the same way.

4. Marshall D. Teach

Blackbeard, a towering pirate with a big belly, broken teeth, and a veil of darkness at his side is currently an incredible powerhouse in the One Piece world.

Like Luff, he is a fervent believer in fate. And he’s the only one alive who can have both devil fruits right now.

Depending on the circumstances, he can act either stupid or brilliant, courageous or cowardly.

There’s no doubt that he’ll prove to be a formidable final boss for our heroes, what with his ever-expanding crew and bounty.

5. Choji Akimichi

If being overweight is a family trait, then Choji is the patriarch. The “OG” in this case refers to the “Original Gourmet.”

Choji, armed with his ever-present bag of chips and his chakra, became an unstoppable wrecking ball (sans naked woman).

Don’t ever make the mistake of calling him overweight. If you don’t get out of their way, the Ino-Shiko-Cho will come after you.

When it comes to Shikamaru, he is the most devoted buddy someone could have. And he is an excellent shinobi, willing to lay down his life for his loved ones even if he doesn’t always look the part.

6. Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki

Ichiya, the undisputed commander of the Trimens and the Blue Pegasus guild, is a true man among men.

This plump womanizer is obviously just there for comic relief, which is why I’m not surprised by his lack of height. He’s great, but gosh, I love him.

The “parfum” warrior is always a good time. It’s hard not to think of him as Yuga Aoyama’s estranged father, what with his wacky manner, bedazzling presence, and fear when it comes to actual fighting.

Erza was his sweetheart, thus he must have some redeeming traits we don’t recognize.

Chubby Anime Characters
Chubby Anime Characters

7. Tamako Inada

Silver Spoon is a high school comedy in the traditional sense, except that its themes centre on farming and rural life.

And our main character rapidly finds out that everyone else is far superior to him.

Tamako, the chubby dairy queen, and accountant par excellence is one of the cast’s most endearing members. Tamako, who plans to take over the family farm, studies agricultural practices, business administration, and finance in preparation for this day.

To put it mildly, Tamako is on the larger side of average size. It’s worth noting, though, that she clearly has the option to slim down, but chooses not to because doing so would be too much effort.

I take it she seeks mastery of all facets of existence. However, I think that option is pretty body positive. Put your focus on making money, rather than worrying about what others may think.

8. Ozeki Shinya

Having characters that are overweight be the norm rather than a gag is a welcome change, and it is one that Hinomaru Sumo finally achieves.

The sumo team captain, Ozeki Shinya, is my favorite of the characters. There are a few things about him that appeal to me.

To begin with, it’s weird that so many of the other prominent characters are so ripped. Second, he’s the most approachable of the bunch.

The dude has an unhealthy obsession with sumo.

Although he isn’t the strongest, he makes up for it with his endurance and cunning. There are no super abilities or shields against the plot—just your wits.

9. Reiji Andou

You’re a stronger person than I am if you can look at Andou without cringing or giggling uncontrollably.

This enormous monster has an absurdly small face and excessively long ears.

He’s a huge masochist, too, because not being punished is the worst possible punishment in his mind. Even more so if Meiko is the one wielding the cane.

One day, this will be utilized to control Andou, the walking mountain. You can take that with a grain of salt, but he also shares a voice actor with Jonathan Joestar.

10. Kohta Hirano

At first impression, Kohta appears to be the stereotypical “fat guy.”

Aside from being the target of schoolyard taunts and frustration at not being able to rely on speed or hand-to-hand combat, he is also fixated on something.

But Kohta is obsessed with firearms rather than the more common food. His passion for firearms is undeniable.

And that seems to solve all his issues; no one can intimidate a man with a pistol; he can release his pent-up aggression by killing zombies; and, since his weapon is long-ranged, he doesn’t have to worry about his stamina.

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