Top 10 Cat Boys Characters In Anime

There’s probably a wide range of possible Cat boy personalities and appearances. Some are full-fledged humans who choose the feline lifestyle, while one is a cat guy who acts completely human. There are also people who can change their appearance to that of a cat, those who enjoy Cosplaying as them, and people who are simply obsessed with cats. Collectively, they display a personality that is equal parts feline and human.

1. Tsukiyomi, Ikuto & Yoru From Shugo Chara!

In Shugo Chara!, we follow the enchanted journey of Hinamori, an Amu who longs to be accepted for who she truly is. As a result of her wish, three protectorate figures came into being to assist her. She finally joins the student council (which also has its own Chara) as the joker who can use the Humpty Lock to purge the X-Eggs and the X-Characters. In time, she crosses paths with Ester Company members Ikuto and Chara Yoru. They’re looking for the Embryo that grants wishes, but removing an egg from a heart will ruin the desires it holds.

Due to the fact that they are often treated as a unit, it is convenient to have them both in one place. Yoru personifies Ikuto’s aspiration to live like a stray cat, after all. With the help of his Chara, Yoru, Ikuto can shift into a cat boy. Yoru is Ikuto’s alternate identity, although they are very different people. The only similarity is that they both like making fun of the people in their immediate vicinity. There is more of an air of intrigue around Ikuto. He rarely speaks and seems unconcerned about most things.

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2. Souma, Kyou From Fruits Basket

Aside from moving in with Souma, Yuki, his uncle Shigure, and cousin Kyou, Honda, Tohru’s life continues as normal—until she realises that she is now living with them. Especially after she figures out the smash’s secret, her days must have been filled with excitement. Members of the Souma family, Kyou in particular, are doomed to take on the shape of their zodiac animal spirit when they are ill, upset, or touched by someone of the opposite sex. Tohru’s job now is to learn their individual stories and free them from the curse.

As was previously established, Kyou’s case is unique since he is haunted by the ghost of the cat who, due to the rat’s deceit, was not chosen as one of the zodiac signs. Kyou’s defensiveness drives his aggressive and fiery nature. Despite this, he only allows the individuals closest to him to see the softer side of him. To fit in with his cat-like persona, he enjoys the taste of milk and fish, is easily startled, enjoys being at lofty areas, and despises being confined. His speed and agility are also noteworthy. He is a cat, and Yuki, a rat, is his mortal adversary; this hatred consumes him.

3. Aoyagi, Ritsuka From Loveless

At the end of his first day of school in Aoyagi, Ritsuka meets a mysterious man named Agatsuma, Soubi, who says he is a close friend of his older brother, Seimei. Ritsuka learned about spell battles from Soubi, where a sacrifice and an opponent sharing the same name are required. The sacrifice is the master of the pair and the one who receives the blows, while the warrior is the one who actually does the fighting and is the subservient one. Armed with his newfound fighting prowess, Ritsuka, accompanied by Soubi, sets out to discover the truth about Seimei’s death and what caused his amnesia on the Septimal Moon.

All inhabitants of the Loveless are born with feline characteristics like pointy ears and a bushy tail, a sign of good fortune and a promise of innocence. Sexual interaction is the only method to eliminate these cat behaviors. Aoyagi, Ritsuka makes the cut because he can still transform into a cat boy. Ritsuka, often known as “loveless,” is a 12-year-old child who is surprisingly mature and wise for his age. Despite this, when it comes to romantic relationships, our little cat boy is timid and innocent. Even though he has a reputation for being blunt and unfeeling, the show benefits from his multifaceted personality and the bravery with which he faces adversity.

4. Loki “Leo” From Fairy Tail

Leo is an ethereal being who fights with the regulus of magic. He is the leader of the 12 golden celestial keys and goes by the moniker “the Lion.” His backstory begins when he was serving a heavenly spirit wizard by the name of Lilica, Karen. Aries’s old master was abusive, so he made sure to stay on Earth, preventing Karen from calling upon any other celestial beings. Leo said he’ll return and unlock the gate, but only if Karen breaks her agreement with him and Aries, which she did not want to do. A number of weeks passed before Loki learned that Karen had perished during her trip. He blamed himself for her death and changed his name to Loki before becoming a member of the Fairy Tail organization.

It’s no secret that Loki is a typical playboy who always tries to pick up women. But he’s dependable and caring toward his pals when he needs to be. Loki is completely devoted to his current Heartfilia master, Lucy, and will pursue sexual relations with her at any given chance. His lion mane and orange hair give away his heavenly identity, and his lion ears perch atop his head.

5. Schrödinger From Hellsing Ultimate

A certain werecat character, despite the grim tone of Hellsing Ultimate, sticks around thanks to his endearingly youthful appearance and upbeat demeanor. Yes, Major Schrödinger reports directly to Schrödinger of Hellsing, who is a member of the Millennium Organization. Doc made him to serve as a spy, courier, and, in a way, a pet to the Major, who has become very fond of him.

Named and referred to in reference to Schrödinger’s cat, he possesses the unique ability to simultaneously occupy any given location and to exist nowhere at all. Although this makes him one of the few truly all-powerful characters in Hellsing (the others being Alucard and Ichigo), it is also somewhat convoluted. What’s not to appreciate about Schrödinger, even though he’s on the bad guy’s side? Schrödinger has all the endearing qualities of a beloved series character, including being cute, charming, and amusing.

6. Cheshire Cat From Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts, like our previous pick, alludes to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Fifteen-year-old Oz was hurled into the Abyss. He realizes he needs to make a deal with a lady called Alice to get out of the hellish abyss, but he signs on the dotted line without realizing that doing so will just send him further down the rabbit hole.

Catboy Anime
Catboy Anime

Is it just me, or do you perceive any parallels between the Cheshire cat and Airay, Boris from Heart no Kuni no Alice? They go together like Cheshire cat and Carroll, because they are both based on the same character. While they share certain similarities, Pandora’s Cheshire has a far more sinister character. He was Alice’s beloved pet cat before the series began, and he once possessed a bell that contained the truth from 100 years ago. Cheshire comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they all have a certain feline quality about them. He can be loving and gentle when he trusts his master’s good intentions, but he will not hesitate to shed blood to remove anything that endangers that happiness.

7. Airay, Boris From Heart No Kuni No Alice

Heart no Kuni no Alice is a highly strange and perplexing universe based on the Otome game of the same name, which in turn was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Any adaptation of Alice in Wonderland is certain to be offbeat, and this program is no exception. The gist of the story is largely unchanged from the original. And yet, Quin Rose makes it its own by developing a vibrant, original setting and cast of people. Alice is the name of our protagonist, who was startled to discover that she was no longer in the world she had grown up in. As her quest to return to her own world begins, she encounters a variety of personalities that will provide her with clues as to why she is in Wonderland.

Boris Airay, a character based on the Cheshire cat, is one of the people Alice meets. Like the original, he is quite the naughty figure that enjoys solving riddles. That he enjoys designing and fabricating weapons is one of the things that sets him apart as a fascinating protagonist. He can create any kind of weapon, from swords and firearms to axes and bombs. He has the casual attitude of a cat and will investigate everything that catches his eye.

8. Aion & Rom From Show By Rock

Exhibit A: Rock Show!! Features a large cast of kemonomimi as it tells the tale of a reticent young lady named Cyan Hijirikawa who becomes engrossed in her favorite rhythm game. A city named Midi City exists in the game, and its residents are ruled by the beat of the music. Shingan Crimsonz has the same aspirations that Cyan did when he joined the Plasmagica: to become the best band in the city.

Two “cat lads” perform with Shingan Crimson. The band consists of two members, Aion (the lion guitarist) and Rom (the leopard drummer). Why not put both of them in our eighth spot if they are in the same band and are from the same feline family? The character of Aion is one who enjoys striking a variety of stances. He has a very high opinion of himself and thrives on praise. Rom, on the other hand, is the group’s leader and most convincing member. He may not be the formal leader of the team, but he definitely acts like one. Rom is the one who generally brings the rest of the band back together when they wander from the path when they all know how to communicate with each other through their fists.

9. Rokumon From Kyoukai No Rinne (Circle of Reincarnation)

As far back as she can remember, Mamiya Sakura has been able to see ghosts because she was spirited away when she was a youngster. Now a senior in high school, she discovers the shocking truth about her friend Rokudo, Rinne. He is a crossbreed between a human and a Shinigami, and he helps lost souls find their way back to life.

The black cat Rokumon made a pact to help and assist Rinne. Rinne’s grandma Tomoko was his original boss and the person responsible for his dismissal. Thanks to his indefatigable effort and persuasiveness, Rokumon finally signs a contract with his new master, but at the cost of having to pay his own way. He is the ideal companion for Rinne, being both loyal and affectionate. He demonstrates three guises that can help both Rinne and himself.

10. Tsuburaya, Norio From Love Pistols

There are two species of human beings. Kakuen, also known as ape-man, are the most common species, making up over 70% of the total population. The ancestry of these things to monkeys is shown in their very name. Neither they nor anybody else can influence whether or not their souls are manifest. Madararui, also known as zoo-men, make up the remaining 30% of the population and have shape-shifting abilities as well as the capacity to view the physical manifestations of other people’s souls. Our protagonist Norio, who has been the object of harassment, must have been surprised to find that he now constitutes a third of that number.

Before a mishap reawakened his Madararui side, Norio thought of himself as a regular guy. He is classified as a nekomata because he is a cross between an ape man and a zoo guy. His spirit takes the form of a brown cat with a white bib and tummy. Norio’s charm and attraction lie in the fact that he lets his emotions get the best of him.

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