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Blind Anime Characters
Blind Anime Characters

10 Popular Blind Characters In Anime!

The disease known as blindness affects the eyes and causes a loss of vision. Anime now features a number of blind protagonists and antagonists. Do you want to know who they are? I’ll be talking about some of the most well-known blind anime characters in this article, so let’s get right to it so you don’t miss anything!

1. Sword Maiden – Goblin Slayer

Sword Maiden is the pioneering blind female anime heroine. There are few more memorable characters from this cartoon than this lovely and hot female protagonist. Given that she was responsible for defeating the evil king, it was a shame that the character had lost his eyesight as a result of the ordeal he had endured at the hands of the goblins. In addition, the protagonist looks up to Goblin Slayer as an absolute hero.

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2. Komugi – Hunter x Hunter

Komugi is the next person in the cast. This persona is a female. Other than that, he hasn’t had a functional vision for quite some time. But he did have some tremendous benefits.

A girl’s exceptional Shogi skills are the explanation. Her skills in the game are quite remarkable. The real queen of the ants is Museum; she is powerful and shrewd and has never been defeated by Komugi in a game of Shogi.

3. N’doul – Jojo Bizzare Adventure

N’doul, a blind celebrity who is a follower of Dio, is next on our list. Despite his blindness, he presented a difficult obstacle for Jotaro’s group to overcome.

Also, this person came dangerously close to killing Avdol and blinding Kakyoin for good.

4. Gyomei Himejima – Demon Slayer

There’s also the blind anime boy Gyommei. One of the series’ most formidable protagonists, he is a Kimetsu no Yaiba. However, despite his lack of sight, he is still a formidable opponent.

The Manga depicts the situation before they joined The Demon Slayer Corps. Even with just his bare hands, he can utterly destroy demons.

5. Sara – Samurai Champloo

Sara is one of the most influential figures in the cartoon, despite her disability. He can now locate and strike at his attackers thanks to her skill with the spear and his ability to sense it.

Not only is he proficient with spears, but he is also a master of many musical instruments. In addition to being able to defeat Jin Mugen and Jin Mugen, the animation also allows us to see how the musician plays.

6. Kaname Tōsen – Bleach

To continue, we have Tousen, a Shinigami who served as a 9th division officer for Gotei 13. He may have been visually impaired, but that didn’t stop him from fighting for fairness.

Blind Anime Character
Blind Anime Character

And this persona is as sturdy as they come. He had the power to hurt Kenpachi Zaraki, but he chose to obey Aizen and not Soul Society.

7. Uonuma Usui – Rurouni Kenshin

The male protagonist, Usui, wears an eyepatch to indicate his blindness. The man stood out from the crowd, what with the shield and spear he was carrying.

Since being recruited by Shishio, this persona has become one of Juppongatana’s most influential members. It has been said that he can kill fifty police officers in under two hours.

8. Issho Fujitora – One Piece

After that, we have Fujitora. One Piece has three admirals, and the blind man is the third. Despite his blindness, he possessed superhuman strength. It’s not just the fruit’s raw strength that makes Zoro so dangerous; it’s also his remarkable mastery of haki. Zoro needs to retrain in order to face Fujitora, in truth.

9. Okada Nizou – Gintama

Okada, the blind protagonist, is another main character. When he speaks, the anime’s antagonists listen. But Gintoki defeated him before, and it didn’t stop him from succeeding.

The samurai’s vision loss dates back to his early years. A serious disease struck him, and this was the result.

10. Nunnally vi Britannia – Code Geass

Nunnally, the little anime girl who has been crying during this whole thing, is the last character. She’s the little sis of Lelouch. She came from a line of nobility, but her young daughter lost her sight and mobility after witnessing her mother’s death. He didn’t feel bad about what had happened to his family, so he kept helping out his brother.

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