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Anime Characters With Green Jackets
Anime Characters With Green Jackets

10 Best Anime Characters With Green Jacket

In the world of anime, a person’s clothing choices might be one of the most fascinating or at least illuminating details about them. Whether in a work of fiction or the real world, a person’s choice of clothing can reveal a great deal about them, from their sense of self and socioeconomic status to their heritage and membership in subcultures like punk and goth.

Similarly, anime characters might be seen wearing anything from a formal ball gown to a military uniform. The color of the clothing may also be noteworthy; some characters are known for frequently donning particular hues, like green. In anime, green clothing is always the height of style.

1. Izuku Midoriya Favors Green On His Costume (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya, the main character of the anime and manga series My Hero Academia, gets his “green” appellation, “modori,” from his unkempt green hair and his hero outfit. U.A. High required all students to create their own costumes, and Izuku’s first attempt was a bright green replica of All Might that made him stand out like a sore thumb.

Later, Izuku perfected a costume that was both more functional and distinctive; he retained a lot of the green accents, of course. He uses red, silver, black, and a light beige to complement the dominant green and provide some visual interest.

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2. Tanjiro Kamado’s Coat Features Plenty Of Green (Demon Slayer)

As early as the pilot episode of Demon Slayer, green was a staple in the wardrobe of another popular shonen protagonist: the benevolent Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro, like Izuku, uses a variety of other colours to offset the predominant green in his attire.

The green and black checkered pattern on Tanjiro’s coat is stylish, and he accessorizes it with a blue scarf. Like Zenitsu, who wears a yellow and orange coat over his uniform, he just began wearing his standard-issue demon slayer uniform underneath that coat.

3. Naofumi Iwatani Is The Mean, Green Shield Hero (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

The isekai hero of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Naofumi Iwatani, has been wearing green ever since he arrived in Melromarc, a fantastical world. After arriving in a green hoodie, he bought native clothing and armor that included a lot of green, with white and brown accents.

Almost exclusively, Naofumi wears clothes in that color scheme; he rarely deviates from it. To complement his predominantly green attire, Naofumi frequently summons green shields in battle; nevertheless, his Wrath Shield is ablaze with fiery red and orange flames.

4. Loid Forger Favors Green Suits (Spy X Family)

The superspy from Spy x Family, formerly known as Twilight but now known as Loid Forger, is considered a trendsetter in menswear in both his home country of Westalis and the hostile country of Ostania. He always looks sharp and has several suits in a variety of colors at his disposal.

In keeping with his reputation as a respectable “citizen” of Berlin, Loid typically dons a pale green suit, dark shoes, a white undershirt, and a red tie. On occasion, he’ll even wear a hat to round off the ensemble.

5. Aoi Tsubaki Has Green Robes (Kakuriyo: Bed & And Breakfast For Spirits)

Aoi Tsubaki, the protagonist of the successful josei series Kakuriyo, is a trendy young woman who wears lovely green robes when preparing meals for her ayakashi friends and customers in the realm of Kakuriyo. She doesn’t represent the height of the classic Japanese style, but she does have a good sense of style.

Isekai heroine Aoi Tsubaki is sent to the world of Kakuriyo, home to the ayakashi, or humanoid spirits. Aoi recognizes that she is the underdog in this situation, but that won’t stop her from donning her brilliant green robes, rolling up her sleeves, and preparing delectable meals for her patrons.

6. Rock Lee Is A Green Beast (Naruto)

Rock Lee, a taijutsu expert, resembles his tutor Might Guy in many respects, including their shared love of funny bowl cuts, similar fighting styles, and even similar clothing. Rarely seen in anything other than his trademark green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, and standard-issue Leaf Village ninja sandals, Rock Lee is a staple of Naruto’s cast of supporting characters.

Anime Characters With Green Jackets
Anime Characters With Green Jackets

There’s a solid reason why Rock Lee and Might Guy are known as the “green beasts” of the Leaf Village. Rock Lee and his partner, the green ninja, wear bright but functional clothes during taijutsu battles, and enemies like Gaara and Kimimaro Kaguya quickly come to appreciate or dread the green ninja’s abilities.

7. Roronoa Zoro Has A Cool Green Outfit (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro, the former pirate hunter turned high seas pirate, doesn’t always wear the same thing, and he’s not just recognized for wearing green. Even yet, during the time jump in One Piece, he acquired a quite fetching set of green robes that went quite well with his emerald mane.

Zoro’s first appearance showed less green than later appearances, although it was still visible. He accessorized the monotony of his dark slacks, white shirt, and black bandana with a large, green linen belt. Additionally, Zoro’s outfit stood out against Luffy’s predominantly blue and red ensemble.

8. Ritsu Sohma Favors Green Robes (Fruits Basket)

Tohru and Yuki wear school uniforms in the shojo anime series Fruits Basket, while Kagura dresses in pretty clothing and Kureno wears button-up shirts and fashionable pants. Ritsu, who typically dresses in a kimono, is one of the show’s more vibrant characters.

Ritsu, his mother’s main source of frustration, is a timid dandere with an effeminate face who has a tendency to panic and apologize at the slightest misstep. At least he dresses the part, though, in bright green robes that complement his amiable pink and yellow face.

9. Noriaki Kakyoin Is Just So Green (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Noriaki Kakyoin, a Stand user in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, has a very distinct color scheme, beginning with his school uniform, which is a deep forest green. The only other colors on him are the red of his hair and the gold of his uniform’s buttons.

Then there’s Hierophant Green, also known as Kakyoin’s Stand. The easiest way to deal with the green humanoid Stand known as Hierophant Green is with its signature Emerald Splash assault. This tactic shines most at medium range.

10. Gon Freecss Has A Green Jacket & Shorts (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon Freecss, the upstart shonen hero from Hunter x Hunter is well-known not only for his pointed green hair and fishing rod, but also for his boundless zeal and resolve to carry on in the footsteps of his absent father. His green hair is complemented by a matching green blazer and shorts.

As opposed to his best friend Killua Zoldyck, who wears mostly blue and white, and Kurapika Kurta, who wears red, blue, and white, Gon’s attire is predominantly black. If God is going to fight powerful adversaries like Hisoka and Meruem, he’ll need all three of them, who are all young Nen masters.

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