Witch Anime
Witch Anime

Top10 Best Witch Anime of All Time

Witch Anime: Witches in anime can be either lovable characters or naughty ones. They can cast potent spells, wield formidable weapons, and know a wealth of information about niche topics. Some witches are good and can help the heroes, while others are evil and will do anything to win.

Their morality, however, is irrelevant. The strength of their character and the effectiveness of their witchcraft are what matter most. It’s hard to forget the anime witches that became cult classics and mascots for their respective franchises.

1. Izetta Is The Last Descendant of The Weisse Hexe Of Eylstadt (Izetta: The Last Witch)

The protagonist of Izetta: The Last Witch is the last living member of the Weisse Hexe of Eylsladt’s family. She hides who she really is at the start of the anime for her own safety. She also thinks it’s wrong to try to change someone’s destiny with her abilities.

Izetta is the epitome of a “nice witch,” and she has deep feelings for her childhood best friend, Ortfine Fredericka. They’re really close, and they both have magical abilities. They even share some skills, like the ability to manipulate inanimate objects and boost their own capabilities.

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2. Vanessa Enoteca Is The Drunken Frenzy Witch (Black Clover)

Black Clover’s Vanessa Enoteca was born in the Witches’ Forest. She is a Junior Magic Knight of the Third Class, assigned to the Black Bull Squad. However, she is also known as the “Drunken Frenzy Witch” due to her drinking problems.

Vanessa is easygoing and doesn’t take things too seriously. She’s not shy about approaching handsome men for chat and loves a good drink. In spite of the fact that Vanessa’s quirks can be annoying to those around her, she is a cunning fighter who can easily prevail over her adversaries when the going gets tough.

3. Natsuki Minamiya Is The Witch Of The Void (Strike The Blood)

English teacher by day, powerful mage by night: that’s Strike the Blood’s Natsuki. Due to her extraordinary magical abilities, she is known as the “Witch of the Void.” Aside from that, she is the warden of a prison for the most dangerous of the incarcerated supernatural criminals.

Seeing Natsuki in the flesh is an illusion because her body is imprisoned inside. In spite of his prominent position among the magi, Natsuki is infamous for his petty behavior. She doesn’t take herself or life too seriously, but she does care deeply about her friends.

4. Medusa Gorgon Is A Snake Witch (Soul Eater)

The Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater was a snake witch who was obsessed with her own black blood. She pretended to be a medical examiner in order to snoop around the Meister Academy and learn more about the kishin, a monster that emerges from the slaughter of innocent humans. Medusa sought to revive it despite its danger, but it has since been destroyed.

The name Medusa is a reference to the Greek mythological figure of the same name. She is a member of the famous Gorgon sisters, along with Arachne and Shaula, who are all witches.

5. Makoto Kowata Is Cheerful & Laidback (Flying Witch)

By the time a witch reaches the age of 15, she or he is expected to strike out on their own and devote themselves to the study of witchcraft. The protagonist of Flying Witch, Makoto Kowata, doesn’t have an easy time with the witchcraft. Though she has flaws, Makoto is always upbeat and calm.

Sometimes Makoto seems a bit daft, but she works just as hard as everybody else and doesn’t let her mistakes get her down. Makoto spends her time in Aomori, Japan, getting to know her new friends and classmates when she isn’t studying spells.

6. Ririka Moriya Is Cheerful & Outgoing (Nurse Angel Ririka SOS)

Nurse Angel’s Ririka Moriya Even if Ririka SOS is one of the lesser-known witches in anime, she has done admirable things and should be recognised for them. She is a young girl with big ambitions of becoming a nurse.

Witch Anime
Witch Anime

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When Ririka learns she can become the Nurse Angel with just a few words of a chant, she realises she no longer needs to wait. After her change, she adopts an air of solemn maturity. Ririka, though, maintains her perpetually upbeat, gregarious, and endearing demeanour.

7. Blair Is A Bakeneko (Soul Eater)

Blair from Soul Eater dresses the part of a witch, yet she isn’t one. Simply put, she’s a Monster Cat, or Bakeneko. She has the ability to change into a cat, a form in which her bewitching appearance is just as present.

Blair’s surprise generosity and willingness to help those in need are hallmarks of his character. Like many Cat Witches, she enjoys having fun and is always up for an adventure. In the show, Blair ends up becoming one of Maka Albarn’s closest buddies after proving to be an useful buddy during the season.

8. Chocolat Meilleure Wants To Become The Future Queen Of The Magical World (Sugar Sugar Rune)

From Sugar Sugar Rune, comes Chocolat Meilleure, who aspires to rule the Magical World as its Future Queen. However, she wishes to compete with her best friend, Vanilla Mieux, to see who will win fair and square. One way to accomplish this is for them to amass a collection of “hearts” from the lads who have fallen for them.

Despite most boys going for Vanilla, as they seem to prefer her cute and modest personality, Chocolat refuses to give up. Chocolat is attractive not only because of her looks, but also because of her compassionate, enthusiastic, and aggressive nature.

9. Echidna Is The Witch Of Greed (Re:Zero)

Echidna, the Witch of Greed, is a major foe in Re:Zero Beginning Life in Another World. Subaru’s talent piques her curiosity because she can learn a lot by seeing how he use it.

Echidna is more intelligent than a human, has a touch of cruel streak, and knows how to exploit her stunning good looks to strike dread in the hearts of everyone around her. Despite her villainous nature, Echidna is beloved by Re:audience. Zero’s

10. Robin Fights Witches With Witchcraft (Witch Hunter Robin)

Demon hunter To put it bluntly, Robin isn’t for wimps. In comparison to other anime series, this one is far more serious and occasionally downright unsettling. But it turns out to be a fascinating story that any fan of horror should check out at least once in their lifetime. Robin Sena, the protagonist, uses witchcraft to combat evil sorcerers.

Although she has done many great things, the powers have given Robin the demonic cunning of a witch. Robin can set fire to anything she wants thanks to her pyrokinetic magic. She also proves to be remarkably perceptive.

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