6 Best Racing Manga With Anime Adaptation

Racing Manga: Readers who are passionate about manga can choose from a wide variety of genres to satisfy their curiosity and expand their horizons. As many diverse types of readers as there are types of series, there are also many different types of series. There are a lot of shows out there for car enthusiasts who want to see modified cars racing down mountain curves, through tight corners, or down tight straightaways.

One of the most popular types of manga, racing stories feature high-stakes competition between two or more drivers, each willing to risk everything in the pursuit of glory. A lot of racing manga fall short of capturing the whole spectrum of feelings evoked by revving engines and street races. Fortunately, there are a number of shows out there that do a fantastic job of depicting racing as it really is. The best racing manga that haven’t been adapted into anime are listed below.

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1. Countach

Sorayama is a former racer who has fallen on hard times after a tragic event in his family. This guy loses his job, gets dumped by his girlfriend, and sinks into a deep depression all in the span of one day. He is taken aback when his younger self writes him a letter praising his achievements and commenting on how awesome it must be to drive around in a Countach Lamborghini.

Sorayama hasn’t done any of the great things mentioned in the letter, and he doesn’t even own a Countach. Sorayama finds a renewed zeal to pursue his ambitions and realise the potential he always knew he had. Sorayama returns to the racing circuit and, in the process of rediscovering who he is, gradually begins to leave everything behind on the tracks.

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2. Zero Angel

The racing story Zero Angel tells is unlike any other. Aika Misaki is a stunning young idol by day and races karts for a company that sponsors her. She has a respectable following and is generally upbeat and positive. After dark, however, Aika drives around Yokohama in her Subaru WRX STI and leaves the rest of the drivers in the dust.

Due to her perfect record and unparalleled skill on her home track, Aika has become a legend among street racing fans. Among Kia Asamiya’s many works are Silent Mobius and contributions to the canons of Star Wars and Batman.

3. Toppuu GP

Toppuu GP is a gateway drug into the dangerous and exciting world of Moto GP motorcycle racing, where riders risk life and limb on two wheels. Toppuu Uno is a young Moto GP racer with a lofty goal: to win every race and become the world champion.

Along his travels, Toppuu will learn that he is not the only skilled racer and that speed alone is not enough to win. Toppuu GP, written by Kosuke Fujishima (Gungrave, Tales of Phantasia), features flawless artwork. There have already been over seventy chapters of this series, and it just keeps getting better.

4. Dricam

The protagonist of Drimcam is a young Drift genius named Rin Todoroki. After making a name for herself as a safe and skilled driver in high school, Rin is ready to kick back and enjoy her first semester at college. However, when members of a nearby car club learn about her background, they implore her to join the group.

Racing Manga
Racing Manga

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The members of the Auto-club are in danger of losing everything, and they need Rin’s help immediately, but she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. As a currently-running manga, Dricam has already surpassed a hundred chapters.

5. MF Ghost

Author Shuichi Shigeno, best known for his Initial D series about street race drifter Takumi Fujiwara, also created the classic racing manga MF Ghost. A number of characters from the Initial D franchise appear in the spin-off series MF Ghost.

In MF Ghost, we tag along with young racer Kanata as he makes his way into the MFG racing scene, an organisation that has emerged due to the rise of self-driving cars and the subsequent abandonment of internal combustion engine vehicles. Kanata is a talented racer, but he also has an ulterior motive of finding his missing father. As word of Kanata’s prowess on the road spreads, he eventually meets some of the legends from Initial D.

6. Over Rev

Ryoko Shino had a promising career as a track runner until an accident derailed her plans to enter the professional ranks. Ryoko’s life had been going nowhere when suddenly she saw two automobiles speeding by. The fact that one of the drivers was a lady not too much older than herself sparked an interest in racing for Ryoko.

Ryoko loses all of her money and decides to try drifting for the first time without any prior experience. Ryoko, taken aback by the thrill, decides to take drifting seriously in order to reclaim the adrenaline rush she’s been missing. As Ryoko braves the dangerous world of street racing, she meets new people and even some opponents.

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