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Crisis Core –Final Fantasy Vii– Reunion
Crisis Core –Final Fantasy Vii– Reunion

One Piece Manga Chapter 168: Release Date, Recap In 2022

One Piece Manga Chapter 168: The shocking events of One-Punch Man chapter 168 led up to a satisfying conclusion of the Saitama vs. Cosmic Garou saga, which brought the series back to its roots as a comedic action manga. Saitama’s strength increased dramatically in chapter 167 of the manga, which was a thrilling development that led to his destruction of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons that was roughly the size of Earth.

While the events of Chapter 167 were frightening, those of Chapter 168 were truly mind-boggling and unprecedented in this series. Incredible action and hilarious comedy were equally represented in this chapter, a trait that is characteristic of the One-Punch Man series as a whole. The most impressive thing this chapter reveals to readers is that Saitama’s strength is not only unlimited, but also has unimaginable potential.

Saitama Before Chapter 168

Saitama’s strength was evident early on in the series. For as long as there have been manga and anime, readers have been attempting to size up the B-Class hero by his exploits. However, the hero’s power is hard to assess because of his weak attitude. One of the most intense fights in the One-Punch Man anime took place near the end of the first season, when Boros faced off against Saitama. The climactic moment of the fight alluded to Saitama’s power. The alien, who had the power to terrify entire galaxies, used every ounce of his strength against Saitama, but the hero still prevailed.

Because of this, and other factors, viewers started wondering, “How Strong Is Saitama?” Saitama’s potential strength was hinted at in the opening battles of the Monster Association Arc. The death of Genos was the final catalyst that propelled the hero to reveal his true potential. Saitama’s strength has been demonstrated to be at least planetary level and possibly universal over the course of the past few chapters, with the introduction of the Killer moves in his Serious Series.

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Saitama’s Incredible Feats In Chapter 168

Saitama and Garou’s fight continued at the beginning of Chapter 168. As the chapter opened, Garou unleashed portal-powered fists, which Saitama easily avoided before countering with his own ferocious strikes. Garou’s plan to fully replicate Saitama was disclosed before chapter 168. Sure enough, Garou got what he wanted, but it was too much for him. Garou tried to counter Saitama’s blows, but the B-Class hero seemed unfazed. Saitama’s power increased with each blow he delivered, making it challenging for Garou to keep up. The intrepid bald hero’s increased strength was primarily driven by his feelings. The chapter claims that Saitama’s full potential has never been seen because he has never met an opponent strong enough to bring it out of him.

In a further development of the space war between Saitama and Garou, the latter’s strikes tore Saitama’s clothing from him. A stunning and unexpected outcome resulted from this occurrence. Saitama sneezed presumably because he was unclothed. What followed, however, was not a sneeze but rather a planet-crushing whirlwind that, in a matter of moments, obliterated half of Jupiter. With a single sneeze, Saitama was able to wipe out half of Jupiter, a planet that is incredibly large in the solar system. The fans can see Saitama’s amazing strength from this one act alone. What might have happened if the hero had tried to fight Jupiter using only his physical power is anyone’s guess.

One Piece Manga Chapter 168
One Piece Manga Chapter 168

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After seeing this terrifying scene, Garou sought to flee from Saitama, thinking that the B-Class hero is unstoppable. Garou transferred Saitama to the Sun and himself to Earth in a hastily conceived plan. Shockingly, the hero suddenly materialised behind Garou a few seconds later. In just a few seconds, Saitama managed to cover the 93 million mile (or thereabouts) distance between Earth and Sun by farting. He was also unharmed by the scorching heat of the sun. The caped crusader is so insanely powerful that he can perform these astonishing and amusing feats.

One Punch Man Chapter 167 Recap

Once the heroes have fallen, Garou approaches them one by one. He starts with Waganma and Child Emperor, who have both collapsed with bloody noses and, as Zombieman points out, bald heads. Bang keeps an eye on Garou, feeling uneasy about his former student. As he had predicted, he tells the S-Class that Garou is under control and that “something” must set him free. The shadowy side of Konoha was cornered.

The plan of Nara Shikahisa will be foiled. Hopefully, Lin Bei will see sense. An pointless ant fight. Tsunade opened the door and embraced Tsunade. Lin Bei bowed his head happily. Months had passed since I’d touched the piano. His piano playing hasn’t gotten worse; on the contrary, he’s almost at the level of a piano. Tsunade was embarrassed, so she sipped some Lin Bei behind his back.

One-Punch Man Had To Nerf Saitama

The chapter’s awesome events couldn’t overshadow the fact that Saitama had to be weakened in order to keep the story going and allow for the return of familiar faces. In his return to Earth, Garou learned that his decisions had directly resulted in the death of Tareo, the youngster who had befriended him. After coming to terms with his actions, Garou decided to show Saitama how God’s powers function by teaching him his ultimate move. God’s decision to reclaim his authority after hearing Garou’s decision meant that Garou had only a second to act.

In any case, the resonance between Saitama’s spirit and Garou’s was sufficient to open a wormhole in time and transport him to the point in history where he witnessed Garou enter cosmic mode. Then, Saitama punched the Garou from the future, resulting in a “Reversal of Causality” that altered the future past so that Genos and Tareo survived. Before the story finished, Saitama had reconnected with his old self and had forgotten all that had happened. Although Saitama has returned to his typical state of mind in which he does not need to use his strength, the events of Chapter 168 demonstrate that his strength is limitless.

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