One Piece 1044
One Piece 1044

One Piece 1044: What Could Be the Possible Plot Line for This?

Chapter 1044 of the Japanese manga series One Piece has been postponed, but it will soon be available to readers. Once Chapter 1043 was released, Shonen Jump delayed the rest of the Japanese manga for a week.

On March 27, 2022, the release of Chapter 1044 of One Piece is planned. Manga Plus has announced that the release of One Piece Chapter 1044 will occur on March 27 at midnight JST.

Two or three days before its publication, the raw scans would become available. Given that it precedes the release of raw scans, fans might expect the first spoilers to appear around March 25. It will be released at various times in different countries so that viewers all over the world can see it when it best suits their schedules.

What could be the possible plotline for One Piece Chapter 1044?

After taking a blow from Kaidou, Luffy collapses to the floor incoherently. Despite Kaidou’s claims that Luffy has passed away, he appears to be well. Zunisha tells Momo that he is hearing a voice that he hasn’t heard in 800 years, thus it’s safe to assume that Luffy will wake up as Joy Boy. The return of Joy Boy has occurred.

More information about the mysterious individual from 800 years ago will be revealed in flashbacks in One Piece 1044 and subsequent chapters. Eight hundred years ago, there was a person named Joy Boy who was presumably more powerful.

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If Luffy accidentally activates the devil fruit’s resurrection, then it would be another treat for fans. In One Piece Episode 1044, Luffy’s devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi might be activated by his subconscious. That’s why the Gorosei hid the devil fruit’s true name all along: to protect their reputation.

The user of Gomu Gomu no Mi retains the ability to stretch, bend, bounce, inflate, and twist his or her body like rubber even when the person is rendered powerless.

One Piece 1044
One Piece 1044

While everyone is worried about Luffy, one idea suggests that Ashura’s spirit may be contained in Zoro’s skitetsu. Zoro, Mihawk’s sword is the next suspect in the Hakuba possession theory because he shares Hakuba’s eyes. Mihawk, Zoro’s teacher for two years, likely inflicted the scar on him to either conceal or subdue Ashura.

Consequently, Luffy and Zoro could perhaps return to life in the future. According to this view, Kaidou (and not Zunisha) was the one to first mention Joy Boy outside of the poneglyphs.

Having Luffy return to his senses as a Joy Boy would grant Kaido’s dream. Kaidou believes the Joy Boy ought to have the same set of three Ancient Weapons as Luffy. When it is determined that Luffy is a Joy Boy, Kaidou and Big Mom will chase after him to steal the Ancient Weapon.

One hypothesis suggests that Kaidou is also among those who can tune in to and perceive the Voice of All Things. Luffy, Roger, Oden, and Momonosuke aren’t the only ones with this power; he’s in good company. Another option is for the former captain, Rocks D. Xebec, or simply Rock, to provide information on Joy Boy with Kaidou.

The events of One Piece Chapter 1044 and subsequent chapters will prove or disprove all of the speculations. On or around March 27, 2022, we anticipate the publishing of One Piece Chapter 1044. Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus all provide apps and websites where you may read the manga chapters for free. To keep up with the newest chapters of your favourite Japanese manga, be sure to subscribe to Devdiscourse.

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