Who Would Win In A Guy Vs Kakashi Fight?

Guy vs. Kakashi: Throughout the Naruto anime, two Jonin were so proficient in the battle that not even the Akatsuki dared to underestimate them as a threat. In the end, both achieved some of the highest levels of success a ninja could hope for in the Naruto universe. We are referring to Guy and Kakashi, two opponents who are also close friends.

Who Would Win In A Guy Vs. Kakashi Fight?

Since both of these characters got buffs and buffs and nerfs after the Naruto series ended, it’s impossible to say who would win this fight. At their strongest, both are on par with one another. When Guy used his Eight Gates, he came close to defeating Madara. Still, when Kakashi used Obito’s Sharingan, he manifested a full-body Susanoo that helped him overcome Naruto’s deadliest adversary, Kaguya. Thus, the outcome of this battle is entirely open.

Physical Power

Might Guy, a taijutsu master, is well-known for possessing a superhumanly robust body that can withstand the strain of pushing itself to its physical boundaries in any combat. When things heat up, he’s recognized for being able to think on his feet and use his fists and feet to devastating effect. Itachi Uchiha urged the rest of the Akatsuki not to underrate his punching power.

Given his famed Hatake ancestry, Kakashi was always a ninja genius. Naturally, with his abilities, he was a formidable combatant, one who could utilize his ninja training to move quickly and effectively. Other characters regarding raw firepower outclass him, but his combat efficiency is unparalleled.

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Guy was never recognized as a ninja master because he never studied ninjutsu. But unlike Rock Lee, who lacks objective proficiency in ninjutsu, he knows how to wield it. While the anime’s events were unfolding, she demonstrated his ability to employ a simple summoning technique to call out a tortoise with whom he had a business arrangement. He can utilize ninjutsu but prefers to train in Taijutsu instead.

Kakashi has always been a ninja mastermind, what with his creation of the Lightning Blade and his use of the Sharingan (which he acquired from Obito) to unleash its full potential. He has a Sharingan, but he can’t make the most of it since he isn’t an Uchiha. However, with the aid of Obito’s soul, he eventually honed his Sharingan into a Mangekyo, which allowed him to create a fully formed Susanoo during the decisive battle with Kaguya. Kakashi is the greater ninja because he used his Sharingan to quickly copy techniques and build his own.


Might Guy has spent his entire life perfecting the technique of Taijutsu, the Japanese martial art that emphasizes using the hands and feet in combat. He is a master of close-quarters action, where his superior speed, power, and technique allow him to defeat his opponents easily. In reality, he can activate the Eight Gates, which can take his body to its absolute limits. After unlocking the Eight Gates, Guy used his Taijutsu to give Madara, who was armed with the Ten Tails, a run for his money.

Even if Kakashi wasn’t the finest at Taijutsu, he certainly wasn’t the worst. Once upon a time, when he was still an Anbu, he would use his agility and skill to sneak up on his enemies and surprise them with devastating blows. After that, though, he developed a basic style that was competitive with Guy’s when the taijutsu specialist wasn’t employing his Eight Gates. This means that Kakashi’s taijutsu skills are still on par with those of the most skilled practitioners.

Kakashi can match Guy’s Taijutsu in his base form, but once Guy opens the Eight Gates, he becomes virtually unbeatable; even Madara, a very proud and powerful fighter, declared Guy to be the strongest taijutsu fighter in existence.

Guy vs. Kakashi
Guy vs. Kakashi

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Guy isn’t exactly known for his brilliance, but he has enough of it to take stock of the battlefield and devise methods that work. He was never regarded as an exceptionally bright ninja, but years of training and combat experience have sharpened his mental faculties. Thereforalthoughhat he was never the most competent ninja, and he knows a thing or two about employing efficient techniques.

There’s a good reason Kakashi is heralded as a genius: few ninjas have matched his wits. In terms of general knowledge and specific skills, Kakashi is surpassed by very few ninjas. Kakashi is a master tactician who can use his considerable talents to triumph in any conflict, regardless of the odds. Because of this, he has been able to level the playing field against opponents who are traditionally considered to be on a higher power level than he is.


Guy opened the Sixth Gate in the show and defeated a formidable Akatsuki named Kisame. Therefore his achievements were respectable. Therefore, his Taijutsu alone was sufficient to overcome an Akatsuki member that no other character has been able to defeat up to this point. In addition, during their combat in the Fourth Ninja Great War, Guy nearly killed Madara with a series of brutal blowThethe Ten-Tails were helping Madara recover from his wounds. Thus, Guy would have been able to overpower Madara with his Eight Gates if Madara hadn’t been given superpowers by the Ten-Tails.

 Kakashi had developed to the point where he could compete with Hidan, Kakuzu, and Deidara, three of the Akatsuki’s middle-rank members. It’s no secret that Obito’s former teammate Kakashi defeated him in battle when he abandoned the Ten-Tails and met him in the world of the Kamui. Then, in the ultimate fight, Kakashi was able to unleash the full strength of the Sharingan for the last time, thanks to Obito’s spirit, helping to seal Kaguya’s eyes along with Naruto and Sasuke.

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