Tuzak Episode 8 Release Date: What Happened So Far In Tujak?

Tuzak Episode 8: The eighth episode of Tuzak will soon air, and viewers of the hit Turkish series are eager to learn more about what to expect in the next instalment. The plot of Tuzak will be revealed before we get to Episode 8 and where to watch it online. In the novel Tuzak, the three protagonists, Umut, Mahir, and Umay, all feel that they’ve lost their childhood and are out for revenge.

In a world where it is difficult to tell good from bad, real from fake, the three brothers will discover that they are less linked than they previously imagined. The three brothers Güneş, Guven, and Mete come together to combat a common foe because they value their father’s approval and a comfortable lifestyle more highly than their brother Dach does.

This is the primary source of conflict in “Tuzak,” and Umut’s main source of stress. Güneş, who he comes to realise is his genuine love as others get to know her, is his distraction as he exacts vengeance on the family he despises. Gunes, who incorrectly labels Umut as the dishonest Nar, will place his trust in him. She’s really interested in how her life will turn out, both for her and her family.

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What Happened In Tuzak So Far?

Umut’s jaw drops when he learns his father has received blood money, but he quickly recovers as Mahir reveals yet another bombshell. Mahir has to deal with remorse because he feels like he betrayed Umut and derailed the project. Umay gradually gives up and begins self-harming as a result of her worry over Güven’s exposure and the children’s situation.

Umay’s head keeps telling her to break up with Güven, but her heart won’t budge. In this case, Demir’s worries were the primary factor. Halil, a former federal prosecutor who supported him in covering up the killings, is present at this key encounter. The file has since been unlocked for Demir. Ceren’s feelings for Umut grow at the same rate as her reservations about him.

They both agree to keep playing chess in order to avoid falling behind. Despite Ali’s efforts to get away, Gülce continues to follow him about. Demir is trying to release Ali from security while laying up an incredibly lethal trap for him in Umut.
Ceren overthrows her father to prevent his sudden departure, which would be disastrous for the company.

He tells his brothers about it and they decide to join him. Güven and Ceren will rekindle their brotherly bond on this momentous occasion. But as usual, Mete tells her father about all of Ceren’s schemes. Demir makes it seem like he likes Ceren and doesn’t know anything about him.

In Umut’s search for a way to release Ali from Demir’s grip, Ceren presents a key chance that will arouse her suspicion. Simultaneously, Umut and Gülce are continuing their discussions on the D. Gümüşay situation and Umut’s background. Gülce’s feelings and her ability to think clearly collide because of her obsession with Umut. Umut tries to think out a method to reconnect with Gülce.

When Is The Tuzak Episode 8 Release Date?

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 is the premiere date for episode 8 of Tuzak. The eighth episode of Tuzak will air in Turkey on TV8 at 2:00 a.m. EST.

What Happened In Tuzak Episode 7 Recap?

Umut (Akın Akınözü) tells Ceren (Bensu Soral) all the evil that Demir Gümüşay (Talat Bulut) has done to his family and the Selami incident. Ceren wonders who she can trust and who will be by her side after the events she has lived through one after another. There is her father on one side and a man she falls in love with day by day on the other… Ceren’s decision; It is very important both for the faster functioning of the plan and for the emotional bond between them and Umut.

After learning this information, Mahir (Emir Benderliolu) and Umay (Eylül Su Sapan) are unsure if Ceren will report it to the police. They are also terrified of the prospect of Umut’s arrest. When considering the range of outcomes, they make the decision to assess the plan’s current trajectory.

Tuzak Episode 8 Cast

  • Akın Akınözü as Umut
  • Bensu Soral. as Ceren.
  • Talat Bulut. as Demir Gümüşay.
  • Rıza Kocaoğlu. as Güven.
  • Yağız Can Konyalı as Mete.

Akın Akınözü:

Süreyya Akn Aknözü (born September 22, 1990) is a Turkish actor best known for his role as Miran Aslanbey in the Hercai TV series. A son of actress zlem Aknözü, he has become a successful actor himself.

On September 22, 1990, in Ankara, Turkey, actress zlem Aknözü and restaurant owner Tamer Aknözü welcomed their only child, Akn Aknözü. His grandpa on his mother’s side, Süreyya Arn, was an early host on TRT (Turkish Radio and Television). When it comes to Turkish documentaries, his great-uncle Süha Arn is practically a household name. After graduating from Ankara TED High School, Aknözü moved to Berkeley, California to study mathematics for almost six years before opting to pursue a career in acting instead.

Bensu Soral

In 1991, Turkish actress Bensu Soral was born.

While in Bursa, she attended negöl Anatolian High School. She has not finished her graphic design degree at Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Their sister Hande Soral, herself an actress, was instrumental in getting her career off the ground. During the Yol Ayrm TV series, she made her first TV appearance.

She appeared in the TV series Tatl Küçük Yalanclar in 2015 alongside ükrü zyldz, Dilan içek Deniz, Büşra Develi, Alperen Duymaz, Beste Kökdemir, Burak Deniz, and Melisa enolsun. She co-starred with aatay Ulusoy as Melek in the 2016 film çerde.

Tuzak Episode 8
Tuzak Episode 8

Image Source: simkl

Her first film role was in 2018’s Organize şler 2: Sazan Sarmal opposite Kvanç Tatltu, Ezgi Mola, and Ylmaz Erdoan. With the likes of brahim elikkol, Selma Ergeç, Shahab Hosseini, Parsa Pirouzfar, Hande Erçel, and Boran Kuzum, she will star in the upcoming Iranian-Turkish film Mest-i Aşk.

Rıza Kocaoğlu

Rza Kocaolu is a famous Turkish actress who was born on March 19th, 1979. He was born and reared in zmir, but his fame stems primarily from his portrayal of Ali on the show Kuzey Güney.

His mother’s family is of Turkish ancestry; they came to America from Thessaloniki, Ottoman Empire (nowadays in Greece). His father’s side of the family has Turkish and Armenian roots, with ancestors hailing from Kars and Yerevan, respectively.

Gozde Kocaolu, his sister, is also an actor. He entered the film industry in 2001 after graduating from Dokuz Eylül University’s theatrical programme. Thirty actors, including Rza Kocaolu, were arrested on January 25 by Istanbul’s narcotics police as part of an investigation into alleged drug trafficking.

Where To Watch Tuzak Episode 8 Online?

To date, Turkish viewers may see Episode 8 of Tuzak on TV8, while international viewers can rent episodes from Amazon a day after they air in Turkey.

Tuzak Episode 8 Trailer

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