Survivor 43 Finale Recap: How To Stream Survivor 43 Online

Survivor 43 Finale Recap: Each participant is given a word scramble as a hint to a hidden advantage; however, they cannot begin their hunt until they have deciphered the clue. Karla figures it out first, but she has to slow down because her ankle is wounded. As soon as Owen figures it out, he’ll be next in line, but Karla’s already spotted the benefit. Karla’s many wounds and acute awareness of her own threat in the game make this advantage timely. She will have an advantage in the upcoming immunity test, as revealed in the letter.

The players must overcome a number of obstacles, acquire puzzle pieces, and finally decipher a word problem in order to win the immunity/reward challenge. Karla is able to use her advantage to collect fewer puzzle pieces, and she has already placed a third of them on the last platform. But in the end, it’s Owen who figures out the solution first and secures himself immunity. Owen is rewarded for staying safe at tribal with a protein-rich meal to sustain him in the remaining days, and he invites Cassidy to share it with him.

They argue over whether Owen and Cassidy should try to eliminate Karla or Jesse. By the end of dinner, Owen seems to have joined Cassidy in her quest to destroy Karla, a former ally. As soon as they return to camp, Karla tells Jesse she wants to vote for Cassidy, but in reality, she only wants to get to him, not aware that he still has an idol. She tries to convince Owen, Cassidy, and Gabler to vote for Jesse. Cassidy, however, is unhappy with Karla’s game-playing treatment of their relationship and informs Jesse that the spotlight is now on him.

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Karla brings up Jesse’s elevated threat level during tribal council. In retaliation, he produces an immunity idol and declares that he is completely protected. Since her original plan failed, Karla is now attempting to sway the vote by casting doubt on either Gabler or Cassidy.

All five players break off into hushed whispers as she draws Jesse aside to discuss tactics. Jesse plays his idol on himself just in time to keep himself and Owen out of danger as the votes are counted. Karla casts a void vote for Jesse, and the remaining players cast a majority vote to eliminate her.

The last four contestants face off in an immunity challenge the following day. They need a long fork to move bowls across a tricky maze and then stack them one on top of the other. The game is won by the first player to accumulate 15 points. This is Cassidy’s third individual immunity victory, and she has no chance of losing.

Survivor 43 Finale Recap
Survivor 43 Finale Recap

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Cassidy must now decide which two players she will set on fire in order to join her in the championship game. She considers Jesse the most dangerous person there is, so she plans to pit him against whoever can give him the toughest competition in the fire-making contest. Owen and Gabler, meantime, are eager to face off against Jesse in the hopes of enhancing their own reputations by virtue of a victory.

Each contestant presents their case to the jury and responds to questions from the panel in the final tribal. The members of the jury then cast their votes for the candidate they believe should be the winner. Again this season, Jeff Probst does an on-the-spot vote count, same like the prior two. James Jones supports Cassidy, Karla supports Gabler, and the remaining votes are concealed. Gabler receives the remaining votes and wins Season 43.

How To Stream Survivor 43 Online

While CBS will air the live broadcast of “Survivor,” there are also free web streams accessible for viewers who would rather not pay for cable. New users can try FuboTV for free. New customers can use DirecTV Stream risk-free with a 7-day trial. New users can try Paramount+ for free for 7 days.

After your free trial finishes, FuboTV and DirecTV Stream will begin charging you $69.99 per month unless you cancel. Following the free trial, Paramount+ provides both ad-supported ($4.99/month) and ad-free ($9.99/month) subscription options. A discounted annual subscription is also available (12 months for the price of 10).

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