Gold Rush Season 12
Gold Rush Season 12

Gold Rush Season 12 Release Date Status: Cast, Trailer, And Locations – What We Know So Far!

The gold rush in California in the 1840s attracted individuals from all over the world. You could assume that all the gold in the world has been mined, but there are still a lot of people who have the excavator mentality and are still looking for it.

The popular reality television series “Gold Rush” follows some of today’s modern-day gold diggers. They have more than simply a pickaxe and a tin plate in the 21st century. Several well-known filmmakers are willing to risk their careers to make a name for themselves in seemingly hopeless situations.

With all of the drama that comes with the battle for money, people can’t get enough of it. Only so much gold can be mined, and as long as it’s there, these teams will keep searching for it. Season 12 has not yet been given the go-ahead, but given how well-liked the show is, you can guarantee that it will be announced at some point shortly. What do we know about “Gold Rush” Season 12 thus far?

What’s the Release Date for Gold Rush Season 12?

If you look at previous seasons, the debut of most of them took place in the fall. COVID-19 epidemic did not affect the filming of Season 11 because both miners and film teams were permitted to enter Canada. As a result, the show was able to release on schedule, on October 23, 2020, as planned. Season 12 has been no exception.

Many concerts have been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, but with gold prices hitting all-time highs, the “Gold Rush” miners couldn’t be stopped. As long as Hecla Mining Company considered miners to be important workers, even harsher lockdowns wouldn’t have had a significant impact on the “Gold Rush” miners. Although the film crew is a different matter, “Gold Rush” Season 12 premiered on time on September 24th, which is good news.

Gold Rush Season 12
Gold Rush Season 12

Who’s in the Cast of Gold Rush Season 12?

Some of the most important miners from the past are getting set to return to work. Among the original cast members are Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, and Chris Doumitt; Tony Beets and Rick Ness joined in the second season. Schnabel and Beets, in particular, have appeared frequently on the show over the past several seasons, and it looks like they’ll have prominent roles in Season 12.

Ness’s future journey appears to have some company. According to a status update she made on Facebook on January 27th, Ness’ girlfriend Leese M. Arie plans to visit him in Canada this summer. However, after a few more episodes of the current season have aired, we should know more about how Ness plans to use her.

What’s the Location for Gold Rush Season 12?

Arie’s Facebook post also provides us a fair sense of where the various miners will be traveling at this time. While many hashtags appear in her post, the most significant are undoubted “#goodbyewisconsin” and “#hellocanada.” For the most part, the crews have traveled north to the Great White North in pursuit of riches, with Season 11 bringing them to the Yukon Territory.

Currently, it’s not apparent where the teams could dig in Canada, which is a large country. Hopefully, once the miners begin their new employment, all of this information will come to light. Since they were forced to leave Alaska owing to environmental concerns, the ensemble has found success in Canada. The country has a lot of gold to mine, so don’t fix anything that isn’t broken.

The “Gold Rush” craze isn’t going away anytime soon, though. Despite this, Discovery says in a press release that “Gold Rush” will be the most-watched unscripted series for men in 2020, outpacing all other shows on broadcast networks combined. It’s apparent that this series is still producing profits, even though other series may be worthless.

Gold Rush Season 12 Trailer

Until the official Season, 12 trailers are released, you can watch these two trailers and the past 11 seasons of this series on a given platform for your entertainment.


However, IMDb’s overall rating of 7.3 out of 10 for the entire series is a decent one.

The new season of the show is still some time away, so while you’re waiting, take a look at other articles on to pass the time.

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