Eleceed chapter 217
Eleceed chapter 217

Eleceed Chapter 217 Release Date In 2022!

Chapter 217 of Eleceed delves into the puzzle of how one Top Ten member managed to stay alive despite being in critical condition. Many of Kayden’s fellow students are still in the hospital, but their lives have been saved by his valiant last stand. Seo Jinwoo, however, has made a full recovery because he is unique. They had forgotten about the Villain Kang Sucheon, Inhyuk jokes to Kang in the hospital room at the beginning of this chapter.

Once Kang sees the extent of his wounds, Curtin rushes to his aid and sends him here. Gangseok teases Kang by asking if he is living with the boys in their dorm room. After learning that all the other rooms are occupied, Kang decides to bunk with the lads. About six hours ago, while Kang was lying in the streets bleeding, he heard the kids fighting.

He is confused and worried that his school has been attacked. On the verge of death, Curtin reveals, he came because he felt the presence of someone alive. Curtin recognizes Kang as the young man who was with Seo Jinwoo, and he knows that Kang Jinwoo will be displeased if he does not intervene. Kang is injured, so he drags him to a secure location and tends to his wound.

As a result of having to support everyone that Jinwoo likes, Curtin says that his life is full with annoyances. After seeing one of The Frame’s top ten players in the world go up against Kayden, Gangseok realizes the entire area is ruined. The boys are still making fun of Kang in the present, despite the fact that he is aware that he is still alive thanks to the spoiled brat Jinwoo.

Wooin strolled in and struck up a conversation with the young men. The boys admit they are waiting to feel well before getting back to their regular schedule. Everything is moving more quickly than Jinwooo expected. To everyone’s surprise, Wooden confesses that their intended stay is two months.

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Previously On Eleceed Chapter 216

Wood says that as a result of what happened, the World Awakening Academy will be shuttered for a period. Kang figures out that if the academy is closing, then everyone will go home. Wood acknowledges that the academy will be empty from now on. They tell Wooin that the Frame can launch another attack on the academy using The World’s Top Ten, therefore another incident is possible.

They anticipate that Frame will seek revenge for his loss and refuse to believe that he can accept defeat. After countermeasures are developed, however, the higher-ups plan to reopen the institution. Wooden cautions the guys to ignore their thoughts, but all anyone can do is concentrate on retrieving them before they leave the academy. After that, Duke and his pal take a stroll through town, with Duke’s pal still in disbelief that Seo Jinwoo is Kayden’s student.

He expects Kayden to be alone; the revelation that he has a follower comes as a shock to him. While his pal talks, Duke mulls over something in his head. Seo Jinwoo is strong because he is a pupil of Kayden, and Duke’s companion knows this. He was very pleased by Seo Jinwoo’s fight against the Frame before the Kaydens arrived. The companion of Duke also heard about Kayden’s abilities and came to the same conclusion.

Eleceed chapter 217
Eleceed chapter 217

When Duke’s friend walked in the blood, he was annoyed. Incredulous as to why there is blood, Duke’s pals speculate that the cleaner has failed to remove all traces of Frame. He observed The Frame’s damaged body scarcely moving, and knew that The Frame was near death. Assisting The Frame, Duke is asked to do so by The Frame. A buddy of Duke’s has questioned The Frame’s survival.

He berates The Frame and expresses surprise that a traitor would approach him for assistance. Nonetheless, Duke stabs his friend in the back, claiming that his friend, and not The Frame, is the traitor. Duke’s pal is perplexed as to why Duke would turn on him. The wound in Duke’s friend’s stomach is leaking blood, but his friend is still alive.

Eleceed Chapter 217 Release Date

On October 28, 2022, Eleceed Chapter 217 will be available. A man’s silhouette caught The Frame’s eye. Duke turns around to see who it is that is calling. There was a look of bewilderment on Seo Jinwo’s face as he questioned Duke’s motives for trying to eliminate his friend. New information and updates for Eleceed Chapter 217 can be found down below.

Read Eleceed Chapter 217 Online – Raw Details

Eleceed Chapter 217 is now available online on the official websites. Both Duke and the Frame are aware that Seo Jinwo will not let them complete the murder of his comrade. But they are aware that if they come into contact with Seo Jinwoo, Kayden will kill them on the spot. After Eleceed Chapter 217 is published, the mystery will be solved in the following chapter, titled Let’s meet.

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