Prediksi One Piece Chapter 1064’s Unofficial Release Date [Update]

Beginning with the cover story of Chapter 1064 of One Piece, we learn that Van Augur and Aokiji have kidnapped Pudding on behalf of the Blackbeard Pirates. When One Piece chapter 1064 opens, Blackbeard is still stomping on Doc Q and Stronger’s backs, right where we left off with Law against Blackbeard.

As Law screams orders to his crew, including Hakugan, Shachi, and Penguin, he warns Law that there is no way out. Blackbeard is knocked to the ground when Law utilizes the Awakened Devil Fruit powers from the Fruit of Knowledge to attack Stronger with an Amputate.

As he curses Law, Blackbeard unleashes a Quake Crash, ostensibly saving himself and his companions from drowning. Doc Q gets stronger as he mourns, and the Heart Pirates watch in awe as he unleashes a basket of apple bombs on his foes. When Shachi swallows one of the bombs, it regurgitates the blast and sends it back into the atmosphere.

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He then explains to Blackbeard that he and his crew were wrong to underestimate the Heart Pirates’ seagoing prowess. All they had to do to win, according to Shachi, is sink the Blackbeard Pirates’ ship because they came from the “hard cold waters of the North Blue.”

The events of Chapter 1064 of One Piece show Bepo helping Jean Bart fight Van Augur by alerting them to Augur’s whereabouts, which Bepo seems to be able to determine through his superior hearing. Law uses a K-Room to protect himself from Augur’s gunshots, and we watch Jean Bart receiving the hit while Augur curses her.

Then, Law uses a Shock Wille to assault Blackbeard, severely weakening him. Before utilizing his Warp-Warp Fruit to save the Yonko, Van Augur laments that he went in “half-c**ked.” To Augur’s suggestion that they head back to the ship, Blackbeard responds that they will see the mission through to its conclusion.

Then Blackbeard confronts Law, who comments on how awful of a deal it is for Blackbeard to lug around so many anchors before asking if all of his subordinates had Devil Fruit powers. Blackbeard retorts that the fruits are named devil fruits for a reason and that the fruits’ one flaw is more than compensated for by the benefits they provide.

While everything is going on, some of the Blackbeard Pirates’ lower-ranking crew members discuss the Heart Pirates’ idea of attacking from below, saying that it’s almost sunk them. One of Blackbeard’s lackeys, though, is confident that the tables will soon turn.

After being taken by the Blackbeard Pirates and finally opening her third eye, Charlotte Pudding vows that her mother would make the pirates eat their words “if she’s still alive.” Following the events of the Wano arc, it appears that not even Pudding, Big Mom’s daughter, knows if her mother is still alive.

Prediksi One Piece 1064
Prediksi One Piece 1064

As her lackeys surround her, they remind her that the crew is busy fighting Big Mom’s killer and that new eras can only begin when old legends are shattered. The focus of One Piece chapter 1064 returns to Law and Blackbeard’s battle over the Devil Fruits. As Blackbeard readies a Black Vortex, Law’s expression changes dramatically.

Next, the action of Chapter 1064 of One Piece shifts to what seems to be Marine headquarters, where a soldier informs Akainu that Blackbeard and Law have “established contact” on Winner Island. Akainu bemoans that he must “wait again” and then curses the aggravating nature of his position as Fleet Admiral.

She then gives a long and detailed description of Egghead Island, which she dubs “the Island of the Future” and which is basically divided in half. Atop the island’s clouds lies the fabrication stratum, while up on the ground is the research stratum. The latter is home to the city’s manufacturers and research assistants, and Lilith says it’s also where Luffy is wreaking havoc right now.

After arriving at their location, Zoro and Brook decide to remain aboard the ship because, in their opinion, Lilith cannot be trusted. The remainder of the party, meantime, is in awe by the Research Stratum’s location atop a cloud formation that resembles a tropical island. In order to duplicate the physical characteristics of a Sky Island, Lilith adds, they must be able to manipulate the island’s atmosphere.

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