One Punch Man’ Chapter 138 Release Date (Update)

Once again, Yusuke Murata has updated fans on the status of One Punch Man Chapter 138. It appears that viewers will finally find out what happens next in the series after a long wait.

After more than two weeks, Chapter 137 has arrived. After Murata’s latest update, all eyes are on One Punch Man Chapter 138.

Through a translated tweet, he expressed regret for keeping followers waiting and asked that they please hold tight for a bit. Later, he promised to inform readers “when the update was nigh.”

It appears that we will be seeing the release of One Punch Man Chapter 138 sometime next week. There are rumours that it will be released on January 11th.

Just what is going to occur, then? Blast has been added to the plot at long last. His arrival may be new, but he is not unfamiliar with the world of heroes and villains.

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Reports say he knows Tatsumaki from when the latter saved his life a decade ago. According to Devdiscourse, the next chapter could re-establish Blast’s many extraordinary abilities.

Saitama, who has been in the background for a while, is set to return to center stage in this new chapter. There’s talk that Saitama and Blast are actually the same person or at least very closely related.

If they do show up, their true identity will likely be revealed in One Punch Man Chapter 138. Moreover, the cover art for the upcoming chapter was leaked earlier, with Pig God demonstrating his skills by devouring a monster-like thing.

The S-Class hero Pig-God has the incredible ability to devour nearly any substance. By eating his adversaries, he can defeat any threat. Inquiringly, “It’s time for the final course,” the cover copy asks readers if they are still hungry.

'One Punch Man' Chapter 138
‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 138

Does this signal the conclusion of the current story arc in the manga? Fans of ONE’s webcomic might have a clue as to what’s going to happen next, Mice News Ph pointed out.

Compared to the redone manga, the webcomic is believed to be two arcs ahead of schedule. It is possible that One Punch Man Chapter 138 will just give readers a brief view of Saitama, the defeat of Psykos, and Blast in an effort to avoid spoiling any significant events.

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