Avengers Anime
Avengers Anime

The Avengers Anime: Is There A Season 2 For Tokyo Avengers?

Avengers Anime: Nitroplus and Shochiku teamed up to create ‘Revenger’ (Japanese: ) after the success of their previous collaborations on ‘Fate/Zero,’ ‘Steins; Gate,’ and ‘Psycho-Pass.’ A couple of months ago, Nitroplus dropped the first teaser trailer for their upcoming original Revenger anime.

On October 22, 2022, the second trailer for ‘Revenger’ was officially published, giving us our first look at the show’s core cast. More so, Nitroplus issued a statement regarding the Revenger anime release date, anime plot, and cast! Take a look ahead to learn more about the story and its protagonists.

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Revenger Anime ReleaseĀ 

On December 10, 2022, you can watch “Revenger,” the newest anime from Nitroplus and Shochiku.

The story of the anime centres on the meeting of master assassin Usui Yuen (a Satsuma) and detective Kurima Raizo.

Raizo is also discovered to be a survivor of Satsuma’s assaults. The events unfolding will force Usui and Raizo to collaborate in order to expose the shadowy history of the assassin clan Satsuma.

Also, Raizo is revealed to have made it through Satsuma’s attacks unscathed. As events progress, Usui and Raizo will be compelled to work together to shed light on the murky past of the assassin clan Satsuma.

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Revenger Anime Cast

However, Nitroplus has announced that the majority of ‘Revenger’ would be available on streaming sites in January 2023, despite the fact that the December 10, 2022 anime premiere date is set in stone. Among them is Crunchyroll, which will be available for international streaming beginning in the month of January (except in Asia). Since “Psycho-Pass 3” was Nitroplus’s last major anime release in 2019, the release of “Revenger” is significant.

Avengers Anime
Avengers Anime

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Hisako Kanemoto will play Nio, Yuichiro Umehara will play Usui Yuen, Jun Kasama will play Raizo, Shunsuke Takeuchi will play Teppa, and Shouta Hayama will play Soji. The calibre of the actors is indicative of Revenger’s commercial prospects. Yuichiro Umehara, who became well-known because to his voice work in such series as “Black Clover” and “One-Punch Man,” is just one such actor. In addition to “Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War,” “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean,” and “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission,” Umehara has also made appearances.

Conversely, Yuichiro’s character Usui meets Jun Kasama’s Raizo. The roles Jun has played in the popular anime series “Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” and “Haikyu!! When the Revenger anime finally premieres, expect plenty of swordplay, top-notch action sequences, and surprising turns of events.

Revenger Anime Plot

A man named Takemichi Hanagaki learns that his one and only girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has been murdered by the evil Tokyo Manji Gang. Takkemichi is a bitter loser who has hit rock bottom in his life. He has a terrible apartment and his boss, who is six years younger than he is, treats him horribly at work.

And when his life was at its lowest point, he time travelled back to when he was a middle school student. Getting to the top of Japan’s most evil gang is the only way he has of saving Hinata and turning his life around.

Revenger Anime Trailer

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