Anime Characters With Anxiety
Anime Characters With Anxiety

10 Best Anime Characters With Social Anxiety

The dread of engaging with people or being harshly appraised by them is known as social anxiety. It has the potential to be very disabling, making it hard for those who suffer from it to lead happy lives. However, fear of public places is not just a real-world issue; there is also a plethora of anime devoted to the topic.

For instance, the novel March Comes In Like A Lion depicts the protagonist’s struggles with social anxiety with seriousness and compassion. Others, such as Welcome to the NHK and My Roommate Is A Cat, blend humour and empathy, while others, like as the recently released Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, take a solely humorous approach to the issue. The protagonist’s social anxiety can range from mild to severe, from easily treatable to incurable, depending on the plot. Whether social anxiety is the series’ main focus or just a secondary theme,

1. Tomoko Kuroki (WataMote)

Tomoko suffers from social anxiety and is so negative about life that she daydreams about riding a motorcycle, crashing, and ending up in the hospital.

Tomoko’s goal is to become more well-known, therefore she constantly thinks of new strategies to draw people in. She consistently experiences either failure or unfavourable criticism.

She has the potential to come across as warped to some. Tomoko is a young teen who enjoys learning new things, but who is reserved and self-conscious due to her reliance on virtual learning environments.

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2. Sora And Shiro (No Game No Life)

Shiro has social anxiety and is a genius at solving problems with logic, but she has trouble controlling her emotions and behaviour in social situations.

She is also portrayed as being rather rough and competitive when it comes to games, as well as having a tendency to show-off for any available cause, and she rarely shows any emotion.

Shiro also has a darker, sadistic side that she rarely shows. She shows this by having Plum lick her sweaty feet so that he can get his strength back. While Sora’s sister’s behaviour may not bother Plum, he is always shocked to see it.

3. Tatsuhiro Satou (Welcome to the NHK)

Satou is a klutzy and vacillating person. He is self-aware enough to know that he is a hikikomori, and self-aware enough to know how to break out of his solitary existence, but he concludes that the effort is not worth it.

Satou’s paranoia and mistrust are his most distinguishing features; he is certain that everyone and everything is out to get him due of his long history of isolating himself as a hikikomori.

As indicated by his near-suicide attempt, Satou suffers from social anxiety stemming from his persistent fear of reality and the outside world. He has come to believe that the world is cruel because of his inferiority complex and the isolation he experiences there.

4. Subaru Mikazuki (My Roommate Is A Cat)

By pure chance, Haru ends up in the care of a 23-year-old hermit who writes mysteries. Even if he withdraws at initially, they get closer to one another.

His point of view is featured in this narrative. Until his parents passed away, he was never comfortable in busy places.

After Haru came into his life, however, he began to overcome his social anxieties and work toward a deeper understanding of love and its many forms.

5. Mitsuya Majime (Fune wo Amu)

Before Araki transferred him to the Dictionary Editorial Department, Majime was a salesman for Genbu.

Bookish and awkward in social situations, he is trying to improve his communication skills.

He felt instantly in love with Kaguya when she visited her grandmother, but he struggled to express his feelings and turned to Nishioka for guidance.

6. Ren Mihashi (Big Windup!)

Mihashi is an anxious person with little confidence. It’s established that he’s been like this ever since he was a kid.

Mihashi may lack confidence in his pitching abilities, but he is a dogged competitor who stays on the mound even when he’s tired and can’t seem to get the ball where he wants it to go.

Mihashi believes he had to put in a lot of extra effort to improve his grades and enrol in Nishiura, where he has performed poorly. He may be clumsy, but he has demonstrated skill in the kitchen and is not afraid to direct Abe. A gullible foodie, he is easily duped.

Anime Characters With Anxiety
Anime Characters With Anxiety

7. Hitori Bocchi (Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu)

Bocchi is a shy, introverted man who has trouble interacting with others. A gentle soul who occasionally makes a hash of things. She has an abundance of tears, tense legs in times of anxiety, and faints from happiness and excitement.

She has trouble starting up a conversation with total strangers. However, Bocchi is eager to spend time with his pals.

She tries to conduct mundane tasks, like scripting her everyday conversations, in unorthodox ways, and then finds that they don’t work. She really like natto-flavored rice (finely crushed).

8. Kotoura (Kotoura-san)

Haruka frequently divulged information that other children would rather keep to themselves, leading to confusion among her peers.

She avoided making friends for fear of being abandoned by them, so she stayed on her own and developed a cold demeanour that caused her to withdraw emotionally and physically from the world.

Though she has become more sociable after making Yoshihisa Manabe a friend, she is still at risk of violence from bullies who target her for her psychic abilities.

9. Crona (Soul Eater)

The pessimistic Crona has a low opinion of herself.

Being raised by the Medusa Gorgon has left them extremely pessimistic, fearful, and obedient, traits that make them easy targets for Ragnarok’s abuse.

As a result of her social anxiety, Corona finds it difficult to “handle” different scenarios in which she must interact with new groups of people. This causes them to lose all contact with their natural surroundings.

10. Tamaki Amajiki (My Hero Academia)

Tamaki is reserved, withdrawn, and melancholic, which might be “intimidating” to his audience. He becomes nervous when he has to interact with new people.

When his anxiety gets the best of him, Tamaki often turns away and leans against a wall to avoid eye contact. When Tamaki experiences an unpleasant feeling or is ashamed, she always responds the same way.

Tamaki has difficulty interacting with others and has low confidence in his abilities. Evidently, he has been unable to handle the pressure to be perfect, and this has damaged his confidence.

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