Top 10 Anime Characters With Headphones

1. Saori Himemiya

The story of Sorata Kanda, a student at Suiko who was expelled from the usual dorm because he was caring for a stray cat, unfolds in the anime adaptation Sakura-sou No Pet Na Kanojo, which is based on a light novel series authored by Hajime Kamoshida. The plot of the anime centers on Sorata, a young man who is saddled with the responsibility of caring for Mashiro Shiina, a great artist who is unable to support herself.

2. Priscilla Twilight

The protagonist of Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou, also known as Day Break Illusion, is a young woman named Akari Taiyou who is learning to read tarot cards and discovers that her mother has passed on the power of The Sun card to her. The plot of the anime centers on Akari and her quest to rid the world of Daemonia, or possessed humans.

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3. Super Sonico

Super Sonico is the protagonist of SoniAni: Super Sonico the Animation. Super Sonico is a college student, a professional model, and an employee at her grandmother’s restaurant.

It’s no surprise that Super Sonico, the anime heroine with the headphones, always has them on her; she’s a member of the band First Astronomical Velocity.

4. Chihaya Ayase

Like many other popular works of Japanese literature, Chihayafuru follows the protagonist as she navigates the trials and tribulations of being a high school student.

However, Chihaya Ayase’s main character’s headphones are not there to represent anything relating to sound. Unlike the preceding characters, whose cute headphones for girls are genuinely symbolic of the protagonists’ love for music. In the end, Chihaya’s heart belongs to the Japanese card game of karuta.

5. Koito Minase

The Phantom of the Musaigen The story follows a group of friends as they travel across the world and fight ghosts that they learn, thanks to a virus, have been living with them all along.

One of the members, Koito Minase, can use her voice to drive away the ghosts. Her fiery offensive skills have earned her the description. Therefore, the pink headphones for girls she wears seem to be a metaphor for her superpower.

6. Izuko Gaen

As in the first season, the protagonists of the second season of the Monogatari Series are a group of friends who fight evil and try to preserve the world. Koyomi Araragi, a student herself, is the protagonist of the anime.

Izuko Gaen, on the other hand, is a young lady whose love of hip-hop is reflected in her fashion choices. The headphones she is wearing may seem to fit in with the hip-hop aesthetic, but they are actually a statement of her “techie-ness.” This is emphasized by the fact that the anime girl wearing the headphones is also carrying about not one, but five mobile devices.

7. Takane Enomoto

Mekakucity Actors follows the story of a man named Shintarou Kisaragi who becomes so engaged in his computer and the Internet that he doesn’t leave his room in years. However, Shintarou is compelled to leave his safe haven and enters a hostage situation. The young individuals with eye-related abilities, the Mekakushi Dan, come to his aid.

Takane Enomoto, or Ene, is always up for an adventure, and he often tags along with Shintarou. She’s not afraid to flaunt her inner nerd with the help of the girly headphones she’s wearing. Yes, she really is Shintarou’s cybergirl.

Anime Characters With Headphones
Anime Characters With Headphones

8. Shione Togawa

The protagonist of Sora No Method, Nonoka Komiya, is a girl named Noel’s buddy who leaves Lake Kiriya City to go on an adventure. This time, though, a weird saucer was seen hovering over the city where she had spent so much of her life.

The strict and photography-obsessed Shione Togawa used to be Nonoka’s best friend, but now she hates her for leaving the city. Shione appears to use her headphones solely for isolating herself from her surroundings.

9. Seira

The titular One Piece follows the exploits of 17-year-old pirate Monkey D. Luffy as he sails the length of the Grand Line in search of the ultimate prize. The protagonist isn’t your normal pirate, and his friends are just as eccentric as he is.

Seira, a mermaid in One Piece, is a stunning character known for her bikini body and pearl necklace. Her attire is finished off with a pair of shell headphones. Seira, a dancer at the Mermaid Cafe, is rumored to have a deep connection to music, as represented by the girly headphones.

10. Cocco

Gon Freecss, the protagonist of Hunter X Hunter, is a 12-year-old boy with a dream: to become the greatest hunter in the world, just like his absentee father. Along the way, Gon meets Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, and the four of them start on a perilous adventure to discover what it means to be a hunter.

Cocco serves as a commentator at the anime Heaven’s Arena. Cocco’s adorable headphones aren’t just for show; they come with a microphone that she uses to record audio commentary during battles.

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