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Anime Characters That Start With T
Anime Characters That Start With T

10 Anime Characters That Start With T

Anime characters appear in all shapes and sizes. They also appear under a variety of names. Some anime characters have first and last names, some have nicknames, and some have… well, they are always known as something. In that aspect, it is important to remember all of these names and that is why we have decided to bring you this list. This list is going to contain a list of anime characters that start with the letter T. They will be sorted alphabetically by the names they are known best, whether it is their first name, last name, or their nickname.

1. Tachikawa, Mimi (Digimon Adventure)

Mimi Tachikawa doesn’t exist outside of the world of Digimon. A member of the DigiDestined squad, she makes a return appearance in Digimon Adventure 02 after having first appeared in the original game. Palmon is her digimon mate. She gives the image of being flirtatious, quirky, and superficial because she constantly complains about being hungry, hot, or thirsty. She’s Izzy Izumi’s classmate and the prettiest girl in school.

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2. Takaishi, Takeru (Digimon Adventure)

This is “T.K.” Takeru. To clarify, Takaishi is an animated character from the Digimon Adventure franchise. He plays a significant role in the first two seasons. The Symbol of Hope rests in his hands, and his Digimon partner is Patamon. T.K., who is only 8, is the youngest DigiDestined from the first season;

T.K. is a young DigiDestined, but he is fiercely autonomous and does not want his brother Matt to shield him from the perils of the digital world. Plus, T.K. shows Tai a lot of love and even asks him if he wants to be his big brother in one episode, which makes Matt envious.

In the second season, he would also falls in love with Kari, Tai’s younger sister. T.K. cares deeply about Patamon outside of his interactions with the DigiDestined and will be devastated by his loss when Patamon becomes a Digi-Egg following the decisive battle with Devimon.

3. Takenouchi, Sora (Digimon Adventure)

Her emblem is Love, and her Digimon partner is Biyomon. In the original, Sora is just 10 years old. She’s Tai Kamiya’s BFF, and she’s a soccer player, too! She’s a tomboy, but because Tai’s so innocent, she has to look out for herself. When it comes to DigiDestined, Sora is calm, collected one. Her strict mother wanted Sora to give up football in favor of studying floral art, so their differences arose. Thankfully, Biyomon is successful in mending the rift between Sora and his mom. Sora rarely sees his father because he works long hours.

4. Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

A young woman who has been given tremendous telekinetic powers to use against her enemies, despite her occasional ungratefulness toward her classmates. She is actually 28 years old, despite seeming like a child due to her talents, which are supposed to have slowed her growth. His abilities are so strong that he could easily wipe out a city, deflect shells, trigger natural calamities, or even cause meteors to fall from the sky.

Silverfang claims that she possesses various supernatural powers, including the ability to build force fields to shield herself (silver fang). She has a nasty temper and has the bothersome tendency of swearing at anyone she is talking to for a yes or a no. She despises having expectations placed upon her and will do whatever she pleases within the hero community, including rejecting assignments and criticizing heroes at her whim.

5. Tendō, Satori (Haikyuu!!)

Tend is loud and upbeat if a touch is satirical. He takes great pleasure in making fun of his colleagues as well as his opponents. Once the game begins, however, he transforms into a terrifying opponent who takes pleasure in watching his opponents’ expressions of loss.

He has a lot of faith in his blocking abilities, which he calls “guess blocking,” because his intuition is so reliable. But as the game goes on, he realizes that not all of his assumptions are correct and that Hinata is just as adept at seeing through them.

Others may find you scary or unusual if you practice Tend. He experienced bullying and exclusion from teams because of this when he was younger. He gained self-assurance after assuming the role of middle blocker and now seems to embrace that image.

6. Ten’ō Haruka / Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon)

Haruka Ten’, often known as Sailor Uranus, is a powerful figure in the Sailor Moon media canon. Both the third narrative arc of the original manga (titled “Infinity”) and the Sailor Moon S season of the 1990s anime version serve as the debuts for this character. Sailor Uranus is a member of the Sailor Senshi of the External Solar System, who has been tasked with defending the Moon Kingdom and Silver Millennium from ancient times.

7. Thorn Princess / Yor Forger (SpY×FAMILY)

In spite of Yor’s apparent kind nature, he comes across as shy and reserved when he’s at home with his coworkers. Having to look after her younger brother from an early age has given Yor a maternal instinct, and this is evident when she is around Anya.

However, she has also displayed macabre ideas; this is likely owing to the years she spent working as a hit woman, as she was triggered by an eating knife and a painting of a guy in a guillotine, and she also used severed limbs to solve an issue.

Anime Characters That Start With T
Anime Characters That Start With T

8. Thoumeaux, Gremmy (Bleach)

Sternritter V is Gremmy Thoumeaux. He looks like a young child from the way his hair is light. The boy always wears his hooded raincoat down, as is customary for the white Vandenreich outfit. Everything he thinks up can become a reality via his power of him. This talent of Gremmy’s makes him the most feared Sternritter, even by his own people. This could appear like an unstoppable force, yet if Gremmy loses focus on his target, the effect rapidly fades. And if Gremmy isn’t careful, he can literally kill himself with his own thoughts.

9. Tien Shinhan (Dragon Ball)

Ten Shin Han has three eyes and is a tall, bald man. He was an assassin who had studied under Master Shen, the Crane Hermit. Ten Shin Han was tasked by his lord with eliminating all of Muten Roshi’s students, and he complied. At the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, he was introduced to Son Goku.

His harsh victory over Yamcha in this Tournament included breaking Yamcha’s leg. He battled Son Goku in the grand finals. When it came down to the wire, Tenshinhan emerged victorious. Tenshinhan stops being a murderer after that, turns on his master, and sides with the good guys. Tenshinhan and Chaozu get along famously. They never separate and share the same fighting styles.

10. Tobirama Senju (Naruto)

Senju Tobirama served as the second Hokage of the Ninja. He’s the First Hokage’s younger brother, and he’s the one responsible for establishing Konoha as a settlement. His ability allowed him to perform water magic (suite) despite the lack of a readily available water source.

He was an extremely powerful ninja, with unrivaled taijutsu and complete command of the Suiton chakra (water element). During the Battle of Konoha, Orochimaru called upon him and forced him to fight in his duel against Sarutobi. Aquatic Jutsu, like the water barrier and the watery dragon, is his specialty; he employs these against Sarutobi.

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