There Are 86 Main Anime Characters.

Read on to learn more about the 86 Anime Characters, 86 Anime Plot, and more from the acclaimed 2021 anime series based on the science fiction novel Asato Asato, which was written and directed by Toshimasa Ishii.

86 Anime Characters

Many people enjoyed the novel by Asato Asato so much that the filmmakers decided to turn it into a film. At the 2016 ceremony for the 23rd Dengeki Work Prize, the novel was declared the winner. Popularity resulted in an anime adaptation, which debuted on April 10, 2021. The story of this science fiction series centers on Lena and Sheini, although there are other important players. On September 4, a teaser trailer for Season 2 was published, and ever since then, anticipation for the next season has been over the roof. In its first episode, which aired on October 9, the show picked up directly where the previous one left off.

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86 Anime Plot

The Republic of San Magnolia and the Giadian Empire are at odds in this tale. To retaliate against the empire, the citizens of the republic organized anonymous units led by a handler. People thought the robots were at war with each other, but the 86th sector was really in charge. Lena and Sheini, the story’s protagonists, are soldiers who are about to learn the grim truths behind the conflict.

86 Anime Character Names

Here is the list of all the characters in the anime series.

  1. Alice Araich
  2. Anju Emma
  3. Brent Bernholdt
  4. Chise Authen
  5. Daiya Irma
  6. Dustin Jaeger
  7. Eijyu Nunat
  8. Ernst Zimmerman
  9. Erwin Marcel
  10. Esther
  11. Eugene Rantz
  12. Fido
  13. Frederica Rosenfort
  14. Grethe Wenzel
  15. Guren Akino
  16. Hariz Senya
  17. Haruto Keats
  18. Hemelunade Rezé
  19. Henrietta von Penrose
  20. Io Dodanthe
  21. Ishmael Ahab
  22. Isuka
  23. Josef von Penrose
  24. Jérôme Karlstahl
  25. Kaie Taniya
  26. Kariya Rohga
  27. Kiriya Nouzen
  28. Kujo Nico
  29. Kurena Kukumila
  30. Kuroto Hinie
  31. Lecca Lin
  32. Lerche
  33. Lev Aldrecht
  34. Lev Aldrecht
  35. Louie Kino
  36. Margareta Milizé
  37. Mashu Nanaki
  38. Mikuri Cairo
  39. Mina Shiroka
  40. Myna Yatomika
  41. Nina Rantz
  42. Ochi Anton
  43. Olivia Aegis
  44. Raiden Shuga
  45. Reki Michihi
  46. Richard Altner
  47. Rito Oriya
  48. Saiki Tateha
  49. Shana
  50. Shiden Iida
  51. Shinei Nouzen
  52. Shourei Nouzen
  53. Shuri Gilith
  54. Siri Shion
  55. Teresa
  56. Theoto Rikka
  57. Tohzan Sasha
  58. Touka Keisha
  59. Touma Sauvy
  60. TP
  61. Viktor Idinarohk
  62. Vladilena Milizé
  63. Václav Milizé
  64. Willem Ehrenfried
  65. Yuuto Crow
  66. Zelene Birkenbaum
  67. Zashya
86 Anime Characters
86 Anime Characters

86 Anime Main Characters

The series’ main characters are

1. Shinei Nouzen

He is in charge of the Spearhead Squadron and serves as the Eighty-Sixth Strike Package’s de facto operations commander. Within the ranks of the Eighty-Six, he is revered as the Reaper (, Shinigami?) of the Eastern Front. Because of his extraordinary hearing, he was marked as a top priority target and given the codename Báleygr (, Breigu?).

2. Vladilena Milizé

Both Vladilena MILIZÉT, a military commander, and Shinei NOUZEN, the head of the 86-squad, are involved here. Together, they’ll investigate what’s really driving the conflict between the Republic and the Empire.


1. What Are The Characters In The Anime?

Here is a list of some of the characters in the anime series.

  1. Shinei NOUZEN
  2. Vladilena MILIZÉ
  3. Anju EMMA
  4. Henrietta PENROSE

2. Who Are The Main Characters In The Series?

The main characters in the series are

  1. Shinei NOUZEN
  2. Vladilena MILIZÉ

3. Who Is The Director of This Anime Series?

The story was well-written and directed by Toshimasa Ishii.

4. When Did The First Season Release?

It was released on April 10th, 2021

5. Is There A Season 2 In 86?

Yes, season 2 was released on October 9th.

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