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Anime Characters Wearing Hoodies
Anime Characters Wearing Hoodies

Top 10 Anime Characters With Hoodies (Male & Female)

Anime characters don’t necessarily wear clothes, posh armour, school uniforms, or martial arts garb. Sometimes they just want to kick back, relax, and put on some comfy clothes. It’s also possible that this sort of casual attire is the norm for the individual.

Anime Girls Wearing Hoodies

1. Annie Leonhart (Attack On Titan)

Military Police Brigade is where Annie Leonhart, a 104th Training Corps alum, used to serve. Despite rising to the fourth rank on the strength of her formidable swordsmanship and unarmed fighting prowess, she was notorious for being a loner and having trouble working with others.

Annie, although so young, has a rather robust build for a girl. In addition to the white hoodie that is part of her military uniform, she frequently wears hooded sweatshirts.

2. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

When it became clear that Hinata Hyuga was unfit to rule the Hyuga clan, she was removed from her position as heiress. Despite this, Hinata persisted, and it was through watching Naruto in particular that she found a role model she could follow. She planned to fortify herself and therefore alter her situation.

Hinata is a thin young lady with pale skin and featureless white eyes that are characteristic of the Hyuga race thanks to her Byakugan. In the first segment, she wears a cream hoodie with a fire logo on the upper arms. In contrast, in Part II she wears a lavender and cream hooded sweater with purple cuffs.

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3. Princess Hibana (Fire Force)

Princess Hibana is the captain of Company 5’s Special Fire Force and a member of the third generation of pyrokinetic. She’s a stunning young lady with brown skin, pink hair, and blue eyes with a pinkish tinge.

She’s wearing a white V-neck pencil dress with a hooded, outer jacket. At first glance, Princess Hibana appears to be a shrewd and nasty person with a twisted personality who takes pleasure in causing agony to the Infernals she has abducted for study.

She is a dedicated captain who is not hesitant to enforce strict memorization requirements on her subordinates.

4. Ai Ohto (Wonder Egg Priority)

Wonder Egg Priority centres on Ai Ohto. She doesn’t go to school since she’s been bullied so much for having heterochromia that she feels unsafe there.

Young Ai is of average height and slight build. Her eyes are all different colours due to a condition called heterochromia, which is her defining characteristic. Ai frequently wears volleyball shorts and bright yellow hoodies with a sunflower design on the front when she goes outside.

Ai is a shy and reclusive teenager who prefers to be on her alone. She has a high level of distrust for anyone who has hurt her friends and would go to great lengths to defend people she cares about.

5. Yuzu Kurosaki (Bleach)

Yuzu is the younger sister of Ichigo Kurosaki and the fraternal twin of Karin. The two sisters couldn’t be more different in looks.

She wears her blonde bangs on the right side of her forehead and her hair is short. In comparison to her sister, Karin, she appears more feminine and has darker eyes. She often wears a green hoodie and an apron when in the kitchen.

Yuzu has a more approachable and empathetic disposition than Karin. In most cases, woman is the one who takes care of household duties like food preparation and tidying up. She is also responsible for Ichigo’s frequent haircuts.

6. Gin Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Among the ranks of the Port Mafia is a man named Gin Akutagawa, who also happens to be a battalion captain. She has dark grey eyes and a mane of long, dark hair. She wears her hair in a tight, spiked bun, with a few strands of shoulder-length hair loose.

As for the rest of her outfit, Gin wears a grey V-neck T-shirt, black pants, and black sandals. A big black hoodie is thrown over her shirt.

Gin is a silent assassin who uses her silence and indifferent or solemn emotions to her advantage. She has her brother’s propensity to react violently when provoked.

Hoodie Anime Boys

1. Gunji (Togainu no Chi)

A member of Arbitro’s Execution Team, Gunji is a member of that team. It’s Kiriwar, his companion, who has a tendency to order Gunji around.

Gin is about 2 metres tall, with long blond hair and blue eyes. He’s wearing a bright red sweatshirt, the opening of which reveals a large portion of his heavily tattooed chest and back.

While he is not particularly brilliant, acts rashly and aggressively, and is incredibly vicious in his killings, Gunji yet maintains a childish innocence. He becomes bored quickly and his hobbies are limited to things like murdering, eating, and playing with toys.

Anime Characters Wearing Hoodies
Anime Characters Wearing Hoodies

2. Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series is Yuji Itadori. He is the grandson of Itadori patriarch Wasuke Itadori and the son of Jin Itadori.

Yuji is a young man of average height who, despite the fact that he appears underweight when wearing baggy clothes, actually has a lean and powerful body. In the first episode of the anime, he wore a white sweatshirt, black pants with high cuffs, and white sneakers. Even so, in the animated series, he dons a pair of denim jeans and a pair of flashy red sneakers.

Yuji is a reasonable person who looks out for the interests of not only his coworkers but of anyone he recognises as possessing agency. He is lively and social.

3. Naegi Makoto (Dandanronpa)

Class 78 at Hope’s Peak Academy is where you’ll find Naegi Makoto. Since two years of his youth have been wiped from his memory, he appears to be younger than his true age.

Shorter than most of his classmates. Makoto wears a black jacket, a green hooded sweatshirt, black jeans, and red sneakers with white soles. He’s kind, considerate, and forgiving, albeit a little naive. He’s kinder, gentler, and more realistic than his friends.

4. Anbu Black Ops (Naruto)

Assembled and dispatched by the chief of the Anbu village, the Black Ops are a team of highly skilled ninjas operating undercover. According to available information, the Anbu do not appear to have any formal ranks; instead, squad leadership and hierarchy appear to be based on merit and experience.

Buntaicho is the name of their squad commander. Most Anbu people wear a sweatshirt and a mask to conceal their identities.

Final Words:

We hope that this list of anime hoodie-wearing characters will help you see that these top-selling sweatshirts serve a purpose beyond just being fashionable. Wearing one of these colourful and uniquely designed pieces can help to highlight the beauty and individuality of its user.

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