Bleach Disney Plus
Bleach Disney Plus

Will The New Bleach Series Be Available On Disney Plus?

After a 10-year hiatus, Bleach is back with a brand new story arc. The Thousand Year Blood War Arc will play a major role in Season 17 of the anime. Since its 2012 conclusion, fans all over the world have been frustrated by the lack of a satisfying conclusion to the show.

But in May, producers took everyone by surprise by announcing Big Three Anime Season 17. However, certain developments over the previous few months have made things somewhat more complicated than they otherwise would have been.

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Is Bleach Coming To Disney Plus?

In May of 2022, it was revealed that an additional season of the anime would be produced. According to the synopsis, it will pick up where the most recent Thousand Year Blood War Arc of Tite Kubo’s manga left off. The news sent the anime community into a frenzy all around the world. A much-anticipated sequel was going to be released.

And yet, there was more to come. Famous Bleach fan and reliable source James Hanson uploaded a new video on August 12th. Disney Plus “acquired the rights” to air the show, he said.

Since Disney Plus isn’t exactly known for its anime, this caused quite a commotion amongst the audience. To top it all off, it does not even have a substantial anime library.

Disney Plus and Crunchyroll reportedly went back and forth on their offer prices for the anime series. With the abundance of new Fall anime this year, Crunchyroll was already stretched thin. Disney Plus saw an opportunity and outbid its rival for exclusive streaming rights.

Is Bleach Coming To Disney Plus Good Or Bad?

Bringing a successful show to a streaming service like Disney Plus might be seen in two ways. The downsides of this progress are real, but the upsides are also worth considering.

The Disney Plus platform is massive. Its foray into anime may portend similar moves by other platforms in the future. Almost every streaming service is now actively seeking to make a big financial commitment to exclusive streaming rights.

A large number of people subscribe to Disney Plus. This means that a far wider audience will be exposed to the anime as a result. Disney Plus has purchased the whole Bleach series, so fans can now start watching from the beginning.

However, it is not without its drawbacks. Fans all throughout the world are worried that the platform’s rules violate the spirit of the anime. They are concerned that the show will become too “family-friendly,” so altering the plot and rendering the translation inaccurate.

Bleach Disney Plus
Bleach Disney Plus

The fact that services like Disney Plus don’t offer simultaneous broadcasts is also a huge downside. Because of this, the episodes won’t debut at the same time as the Japanese version. The waiting time for viewers to see any of it is quite long.

Things can go downhill for TYBW if Disney Plus decides to release the episodes in batches. If they are made, they will likely come out after the first 60 of the Japanese versions.

Final Words

Even if Disney Plus’s acquisition of Bleach could be beneficial, it also comes with some serious drawbacks. Keep in mind that Disney has not verified anything about this as of yet. How Disney will handle the release of TYBW is currently unknown.

The release date for the anime is set for October 10, 2022.

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