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Who is Hikigaya girlfriend
Who is Hikigaya girlfriend

Who is Hikigaya Girlfriend and More Details!

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru features Yukino Yukinoshita as the deuteragonist. She is the first-ever president of the Service Club at Sobu High School, where she is a student in 2J. Prior to Hachiman Hikigaya’s joining, she was the group’s lone participant.

Yukino has a lot of fans. Despite Hachiman’s inability to identify classmates, he immediately recognized Yukino at their introduction in the Service Club.

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 Yukino Yukinoshita Appearance

Yukino is a stunning young woman who stands at a normal height and has a trim build. She is tall, with a flat ahoge on top of her head, fair skin, and long black hair that falls beyond her waist. Two crimson ribbons, one at each shoulder, adorn her hair. Her huge, piercing blue eyes are her most defining physical trait.

Yukino is typically seen wearing her school uniform consisting of a black blazer, white shirt, red ribbon tie, and plaid skirt. With her attire, she pairs black knee-high stockings with white stripes and a blue scarf for the colder months. The blue-light filtering glasses were a gift from Hachiman, and she occasionally puts them on when she’s working on a computer.

 Yukino Yukinoshita Personality

Yukino is arrogant, gifted, and exceptionally intelligent; nonetheless, she may be insensitive to others’ feelings and quick to point out their flaws. Hachiman Hikigaya calls her “twisted nobility” since she thinks the “extraordinary” should aid the “ordinary.” She’s given the moniker “Ice Queen” because of how icy and hostile she is at the start of the story, but as her character develops, she grows truly warmer and nicer.

Some people may find her to be incredibly arrogant. Despite this, she tries to put herself in other people’s shoes and is surprisingly caring and empathetic for all the wrong reasons; she also has a deeper grasp of the emotional side of things than Hachiman. Hachiman thinks she’s the best there is because of how talented and charming she is.

Yukino takes it very personally when others comment on the fact that her chest is noticeably smaller than those of other female characters. She makes a concerted effort to present a refined and dignified image; for example, after Hachiman announced the tagline for the cultural festival, she covered her mouth to hide her laughter.

Yukino is a very competitive individual who will go to great lengths to win both formal and informal competitions. There are other instances of this throughout the series, including when she accepted Shizuka Hiratsuka’s challenge despite admitting that she was frightened of losing. The desire to prove herself superior to her sister motivates her to try new things and push herself to her limits.

 Yukino Yukinoshita Plot

In addition, on the first day of school, it was Yukino’s car that hit Hachiman Hikigaya, forcing him to rescue Yui Yuigahama’s dog. Haruno Yukinoshita said that Yukino was seated in the backseat during the collision, but Yukino never addressed it.

It has been said that Yukino is just as well-liked at Sobu High as Hayato Hayama and Yumiko Miura.

Yukino’s mother disapproves of her father’s apartment purchase, but he went ahead and made the purchase nonetheless.

Who is Hikigaya girlfriend
Who is Hikigaya girlfriend

Yukino began sharing her home-baked goods, store-bought snacks, and tea with her fellow club members. Yukino’s decision to pursue a degree in international liberal arts shows that she no longer intends to live in the shadow of her older sister.

With Hachiman and Yui out shopping for birthday presents for Yukino, Haruno devised a plan to bring Yukino to the family’s new year feast. Yukino went along with her mother’s plan only after some hesitation. Someone who saw this spread the story that Yukino was dating Hayato, who was attending the family feast with her and Haruno.

She tries to give Hachiman her homemade cookies in Episode 11 of Season 2 (adapted from Volume 11), but she’s too timid and knows that Yui has emotions for Hachiman, so she fails.

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