Nisekoi Anime Ending: Who Does Ichigo End Up With in Nisekoi Anime?

In Nisekoi, we follow high school classmates Raku, Shuei, Gumi, and Chitoge as they go on various adventures. Nisekoi: False Love is the English dub of the anime, Nisekoi, which was produced by Viz Media and initially aired in Japan. It’s one of the best comedic shows to watch if you’re just getting into anime, and it has a huge fan base among romantic anime fans.

The manga’s source material served as inspiration for the anime, which has three seasons of entertaining episodes available. At first glance, the anime’s dazzling art style and sentimental atmosphere are likely to be all that viewers remember. Nisekoi is an enjoyable anime that has a deep tale buried beneath its lighthearted surface that makes watching all three seasons worthwhile.

The manga series, created by Naoshi Komi, was originally meant to be a standalone novel. But the success in Japan prompted Komi to expand the series to 20 books including 193 chapters in total. If you want to see the whole cast of people who complicate the plot even worse than it already is, you should read the manga instead of watching the anime version. With approximately 50 chapters covered in the first season, the anime moves quickly despite the fact that there are nearly 200 full-length chapters in the source material. Aside from Yui, all of the key characters made it into the anime.

With only 12 episodes, the second season of the anime only got up to the 100th chapter. The second season is equally as well-received by fans as the first, and it isn’t until the third that the storyline makes a dramatic shift. While the first two seasons move the plot forward at a snail’s pace, the third season picks up the pace considerably, and the occasional filler episode does not detract from the overall quality of the show. Who has Raku’s locket key is the burning topic on everyone’s mind right now. We’ll investigate Raku’s past today to see who’s responsible for unlocking his fate.

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Summary Of The Plot

The main character of Nisekoi is a high school senior named Ichijou Raku, who also happens to be the gang boss of his school. Watching “Sons of Anarchy” will give you a good idea of Raku’s way of life. Almost immediately into the anime, you’ll find out that Raku promised a girl he would marry her someday. This oath was one that Raku would never forget. In his possession is a locket that can only be opened by the girl herself, and she has the only key.

Like Raku, we all have lofty goals for our futures that turned out to be a bit unrealistic. Within the first few episodes of Nisekoi, we’re brought back to Earth as we watch Raku’s father make a deal with an opposing gang. After a peace agreement is reached between the two gangs, Raku is paired up with a girl from the opposing group.

Raku is determined to fulfil his promise from their childhood, but hilarious complications arise when other women all claim to have the key to Raku’s locket. Onodera Kosaki, a high school friend of Raku’s, complicates matters further when he begins to fall for Raku. Despite his widespread acclaim, Raku is perpetually torn between fulfilling his commitments to his loved ones, his family, and the woman he has come to realise is his genuine soul mate.

Chitoge is the daughter of the gang boss of the Beehives, and she is half American and half Japanese. Raku regularly refers to her female bodyguard as “Gorilla” when he sees her with her. Similarly to how Raku made a commitment to a childhood friend, Chitoge also has a unique key. However, she is unable to place the boy’s identity. While it may seem obvious to casual viewers of the anime that Chitoge is the key to Raku’s locket, we don’t learn this for certain until much later in the series.

Nisekoi Anime Ending
Nisekoi Anime Ending

Raku and Chitoge’s relationship starts off as an arranged one, but the two eventually find themselves falling in love with each other. Although it appears like Chitoge has feelings for Raku, Raku has his sights set on someone else. Raku’s feelings with Kosaki only intensify during the course of the series. Kosaki’s background isn’t as complicated as Chitoge’s, who hails from a family of gangsters. She is from a family of Japanese pastry chefs who are well-known for their delectable creations. As Raku pursues Kosaki’s affections and offers assistance in the bakery, he and Kosaki get close to one another.

The Ending: The Promise Girl

Kosaki is unmasked as the promise girl at the show’s conclusion. Most of us were incorrect about Chitoge Kirisaki when we rallied to his defence. Raku has recurring dreams about a girl with long hair, and when you look at all of the flashbacks in the series, Chitoge is the only one with long hair, therefore this is the most popular theory based on the name and the manga.

A lot of viewers were let down by the reveal because there were no flashbacks depicting Kosaki with longer hair. Many viewers were also perplexed by the fact that Yui, the only other young character with long hair, was not actually a part of the series. There’s no way to know for sure, but it seems likely that Raku embellished or misremembered key details of the promise girl’s account.

As an added bonus, Chitoge’s appearance, down to the red ribbon, was mirrored in the promise girl whenever she was teased throughout the concluding tune. Marika was a close runner-up for the role of promise girl due to the fact that she also displayed several telltale signals that she was the promise girl. However, the mangaka had us fooled into thinking what we saw on screen was real.

The authors intended to give us the impression that we were on the right track, but they surprised us with an unexpected twist in the end. Fans claim that Haru Onodera was never a serious candidate, and that the only ties connecting her to Raku are her appearance ten years ago and the book. The writers didn’t do anything to make us believe that Tsugumi was a candidate to be the promise girl, and it’s highly improbable that Raku and Tsugumi ever made a marriage pledge to one other.

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