What Does Awaiting Application Mean On Sassa?

In South Africa, the Social Relief Distress Fund (SRD) was heavily used during COVID-19. The government provided funding through this grant to people who required it in order to survive the pandemic. The Social Assistance Act, which was used to grant it (Act 13 of 2004). To be eligible for the funding, Sassa must submit an application.

The grant is given to people who could be broadly classified under the four categories-

  • South African citizens
  • Refugees
  • Asylum seekers within the country
  • People who hold special permits within the country

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You can take part if you fit into one of these main groups;

  • To qualify for social subsidies, you must be between the ages of 18 and 60.
  • Money clearly isn’t an issue for you.
  • Individuals who do not currently receive any sort of social grant are eligible to take part.
  • You are eligible to join Sassa if you are making UIF contributions or receiving UIF benefits.
  • You won’t be able to get any other kind of financial assistance.

The following categories of data must be entered into the application.

  • Your mobile phone details
  • Employment-related information
  • Bank related details
  • Personal information
  • Declaration and consent must be signed by you.

What Does Awaiting Application Mean On Sassa?

If you have started the Sassa grant application process, you will see the message “awaiting application” on the online application portal. The application is pending if you have started but not yet finished the application procedure. In that case, your computer will show the message “awaiting application.”

What Does Application Pending Mean?

If your Sassa application is still in the “pending” status after a month, it has not yet been processed by the relevant government institutions.

All of the pending verification procedures can be under review. Procedures such as;

  • Your own individual proof of identity,
  • Validation of personal information for banking and associated purposes.

There are a couple additional possible statuses for your application besides “pending.”

  • All applications that have passed our thorough verification process are considered complete or accepted.
  • Rejected status means the verification failed and you may need to reapply for it.
  • In the event that your grant is cancelled, you may need to reapply for it.
Awaiting Application Mean On Sassa
Awaiting Application Mean On Sassa

How Long Does Sassa Pending Take?

There is no justifiable delay in verifying your details. It shouldn’t take more than 7 days to get the go-ahead on your application. However, there may be complications if it is delayed, including;

  • The Department of Home Affairs name verification documents will be in their possession.
  • There will be a requirement to cross-reference your name with other identifying information.
  • Your employment and income status will also be validated.

Final Words

SASSA is one strategy of survival in times of significant financial difficulties like the ones that came up during COVID-19. Each of the family members within a family was granted R250 as grant money. In addition, if you are still struggling financially three months after receiving your grant, you will be able to renew it using the same process. As a result, you’ll be able to maximize your efforts in the pursuit of a career in your field

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