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The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7
The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7 Release Date And Time

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7: The official websites have Chapter 228 of Volcanic Age available for reading. Even after Cheo combines the Thousand Kilogram Hammer Method with the Ten Thousand Ton Sword, the enormous dragon cobra remains unharmed. After a fierce struggle, Cheon finally manages to defeat his opponent by exploiting a previously undetected vulnerability. Let’s get together once Chapter 228 of Volcanic Age is out.

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  • British Time: 2:00 PM GMT
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The story of The Eminence in Shadow is intensifying with each new episode thanks to the addition of new characters. Also, the sneak peek at the next episode looks hilarious. The Bushin Festival Tournament is being put on by the Midgar Academy of Dark Arts. Cid is often depicted sandbagging the events, making him appear unremarkable despite his obvious superiority. In the next episode, we’ll also meet Cid’s fencing rival, Rose Oriana.

Table of Contents

Last Time On The Eminence In Shadow

The fictitious Shadow Garden commits its first crimes. Iris, meantime, hands the cult artefact off to Sherry since she thinks she’s the most intelligent of the researchers. Cid is taken to a department store, where he learns that Gamma has established a global department store chain in support of Shadow Garden.

Even though Gamma is now one of the world’s wealthiest people, Cid is still under the impression that he is just playing a part. In the future, Cid encounters Alexia while she fights off assassins. Cid lends a hand as she disposes of them, and one of the killers is given to Nu to interrogate. Alexia tells Cid that Shadow Garden is not the real murderer, and Gaunt Knight, the murderers’ boss, verifies the relic’s location. While the rest of us know better, Iris is convinced their enemy is Shadow Garden.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7
The Eminence In Shadow Episode 7

Skell’s fiancĂ© punishes her, while Po is arrested for stalking. Sherry is the recipient of Cid’s generosity after he decides to share the remaining chocolates with someone else. Sherry’s dad thinks Cid is confessing his love to his daughter in the gift, so he presses his daughter for an immediate response.

A Short Recap Of The Previous Episode

Iris insisted on meeting with Sherry Barnett because, in her opinion, she was the only person in the Kingdom of Midgar who could decode the relic from the Cult of Diablos. Meanwhile, Cid and his companions were making their way to a trendy new shop that had become an overnight success in the Kingdom thanks to the introduction of an exotic new treat called chocolates.

The shop was actually a massive shopping centre. Cid was taken by a mysterious young woman to the penthouse suite where Gamma and her cohorts were waiting. The latter’s extensive business network and one billion Zeni in revenue wowed the former.

A new member of the Shadow Garden, dubbed Nu, was recently presented to Cid by Gamma. While investigating a group of attackers, Cid came upon Alexia fighting a few people who claimed to be from the Shadow Garden. The former intervened and rescued the latter, while the latter tasked Nu with questioning the fugitive impostor.

In a conversation with Alexia, Iris revealed that the Shadow Garden and the Cult of Diablos are both dangers to the Kingdom of Midgar in her eyes. Cid didn’t want the chocolates he bought, so he gave them to Sherry Barnett, who was sitting next to him.

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