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Volcanic Age Chapter 228
Volcanic Age Chapter 228

Volcanic Age Chapter 228 Release Date, Cast In 2022

Volcanic Age Chapter 228: Chapter 228 of Volcanic Age begins after Cheon had faced the enormous black cobra again. After talking to Gan, Cheon learns that the Southern Seas Dragon Clan never kidnapped him. An explanation for the impending collapse of the Nine Dragon Pillar was provided, and the elder of the Southern Dragon Seas Clan shed light on the enigma surrounding the structure.

When Lady Ran and the warriors of the Hainan Sect face up against Yongmi, they quickly learn that he is one tough OG. When a large black cobra slithered out of the water, Yongmi was taken aback. However, Cheon is brave and confronts the reality that he had an encounter with the massive black cobra ten years ago. The massive black cobra is aware of Cheon’s presence.

He figures out that the man before him and he met ten years ago, but they never made up. The arrival of the giant cobra diverted the attention of Yongmi, Lady Ran, and the other warriors. The God of the Seas has emerged from a long slumber, as revealed by the Southern Seas Dragon Clan.

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Someone else makes a remark about how the Dragon God has arrived. Since they had never heard of him before, the Hainan Sect warriors were taken aback by news of the arrival of the God of the Seas. They may have angered the ocean and awakened the Dragon God of the Seas, prompting fear and trepidation among the locals.

When asked if the creature was a dragon, a nearby blacksmith replied that they should check it out because it looked like a giant black cobra. As the Hainan Sect soldiers start to freak out, the blacksmith knows she has to do something to keep them from abandoning the fight.

Cheon charges at the enormous black cobra, dagger in hand. The big black snake, he realises, may strike at any time. Cheon has come to the conclusion that the dispute between the Nine Dragon Pillars is related to the Divine Fruit of the Water Spirit’s Divine Tree.

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There’s something off about the appearance of the enormous black snake, Cheon thinks. He is perplexed by the fact that the man who should be close to Seom Seo is instead in the undersea cave of the Southern Sea. The enormous black cobra spread its fangs and prepared to engulf Cheon. Since the war has begun, Cheon has decided to quit thinking.

He recalls his previous conversations with Dragon King and the others, in which he emphasised the importance of his previous instructions. Cheon tells that the man who was hiding at the bottom of the ocean is responsible for the destruction of the Nine Dragon Pillars, which was caused by the wrath of the sea or dragon. The Dragon King sees Cheon’s point of view, but is taken aback by the fact that the true form of the perpetrator is an Immogi.

Yongli learns that the conflict between the Hainan Sect and the Southern Seasa Dragon Clan is rooted in the fact that they have been living among the world’s scariest monsters without realising it. Since Cheo is capable of dealing with the enormous black cobra, he recommends that everyone else flee by boat. Cheon’s followers are confused as to why they should flee without him, but he assures them that he will vanquish the massive black snake.

Volcanic Age Chapter 228
Volcanic Age Chapter 228

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As soon as he jumped out of the boat, he was face to face with the massive black cobra. Considering that it is almost afternoon, and the bones will be dinner leftovers, the enormous black cobra wonders if this human wants to be made into a lunch meal. Taking the initiative, according to Cheon, is the key to success.

A gigantic black cobra is no match for the Great Opening of the Purple Dwan he employs. While Cheon engages the foe, the other warriors narrowly escape. To Cheon’s amazement, not even the big black cobra’s head was scratched by his finest strike.

Volcanic Age Chapter 228 Release Date

On November 22nd, 2022, Volcanic Age: Chapter 228 will be made available. Cheon fought off the onslaught from the massive black cobra by cutting off the snake’s tail. However, Cheon is pushed back by the strong winds and understands he is in a perilous area. The big black cobra nearly kills him, but he builds a shield that allows him to fly away. Here are the most recent updates for Volcanic Age Chapter 228.

Read Volcanic Age Chapter 228 Online – Raw Details

The official websites have Chapter 228 of Volcanic Age available for reading. Even after Cheo combines the Thousand Kilogram Hammer Method with the Ten Thousand Ton Sword, the enormous dragon cobra remains unharmed. After a fierce struggle, Cheon finally manages to defeat his opponent by exploiting a previously undetected vulnerability. Let’s get together once Chapter 228 of Volcanic Age is out.

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