Terrell Owens and Neighbor Dispute… Criminal Involvement (Updated 2022)

In the early hours of the morning, around 9:55 PT — According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, officers arrived at the scene of the argument at around 10:30 PM on Wednesday, but did not make any arrests.
According to police, “the parties were separated and the issue was settled.”

It was so bad that police had to intervene when Terrell Owens was involved in an argument with a woman in his neighbourhood on Wednesday night that she screamed, “You’re a Black man approaching a white woman!” when they arrived.

Some of the event was filmed on Owens’ social media live stream — following an apparent argument between him and one of his neighbours over the way he had been driving around his area in his pickup truck..

As soon as the police arrived, Owens began documenting the situation.

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A witness saw T.O. speeding and nearly colliding with the woman’s automobile before stepping out of his car to frighten her, according to the woman. Claims that Owens abused his position as a driver were strongly refuted by Owens, who claimed that he was only exiting his vehicle because woman was yelling obscenities at him.

You don’t tell me that I almost struck you because I didn’t,” Owens can be heard saying in the footage.

Then why did you have to get out of your f***ing car?” she asked.

continued Owens “The way you spoke to me wasn’t necessary, either! Karen!”

Terrell Owensheated

What happened next was an angry response from the woman, “You’re a black man approaching a white woman!”

A few moments later, the woman broke down in tears. As a result, Owens said that she had embellished her story for the cop on the scene.

An attempt was made by the police officer to de-escalate the situation by separating the two parties, but the outcome is unknown. Before the police left, Owens signed off.

‘KAREN IS REAL!!!!’ wrote the ex-Dallas Cowboys player, 48, in the video’s title.

“Wow!! NORMAL NIGHT FOR A BLACK MALE IN THE UNITED STATES, “He went on from there. “I’d want to say I’m shocked, but I’m sure you all are. Karen on bikes, tears, baseless charges, and her name are all hashtags that have been trending.”

We’ve contacted Owens and the police in an effort to learn more about the event, but have received no response.

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