Las Vegas Raiders
Las Vegas Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders Three Pleasant Surprises Occurred In 2022 Training Camp!

If you’re a Raiders fan, you probably can’t wait to see Derek Carr and his new weapon Davante Adams enter the field. Raider Nation, you’ll get to witness that, but first there’s training camp.

The Las Vegas Raiders are preparing for the first scrimmage game of the 2022 NFL season; a postseason matchup versus the Jacksonville Jaguars in Canton.

There have been many changes made during the course of the camp. Injured reserve linebacker Micah Kiser and edge rusher Kyler Fackrell have both been placed on the Injured Reserves list, but there have also been intriguing developments. When it comes to the Raiders’ training camp for the upcoming season, there were some pleasant surprises.

Raiders’ 2022 Training Camp Surprises

1. Tyron Johnson

Throughout training camp, the Raiders’ coaching staff has been impressed by Tyron Johnson. T-Billy, as he’s known, actually overtook Demarcus Robinson in the first depth chart issued on Tuesday.

At his Pro Day, Johnson ran a 4.36 40-yard dash, which was a personal best. More than just his speed has been on display during training camp for the Raiders’ receiver. With his quickness, footwork, route running, and ability to catch a ball, T-Billy is a terrific prospect. Earlier this week, head coach Josh McDaniels addressed Johnson’s situation.

#Raiders starting lineup on offense vs Jaguars shows whose job is safe and whose is not via @theraiderswire

— Levi Damien (@LeviDamien) August 5, 2022

“I’m really proud of him. He’s prepared every day and he knows what his assignments are. He has been able to really connect with the quarterbacks and different things. He works hard in practice. He takes care of his body. He’s now becoming that guy that is dependable from day-to-day and that’s a big word for us”

T-new Billy’s coaching staff in Las Vegas should excite Raider Nation as well.

2. Anthony Averett

The Raiders’ secondary has a swagger that can’t be overlooked thanks to Averett.

As long as he has been able to practise, the 27-year-old has brought all he has to the table. Davante Adams and Averett have been matched up frequently during training camp, and Averett has made Adams work for every catch.

It’s no surprise that the first-year Raider has welcomed the opportunity to face Davante Adams.

Las Vegas Raiders

“I kind of try to get his little secrets and see what’s the things he looks at from me, as far as releases and things like that. I’m learning a lot from him.”

With Averett in the mix, it’s understandable why Adams would have to put in more effort to grab the ball. It was a great start to the 2021 football season, with Averett’s opponent passer rating ranking top in the league with a 41.7 rating allowed for quarterbacks.

Averett was regarded as the 10th-best cornerback in the NFL by Pro Football Focus when he was playing press.

3. Darien Butler

There has been no bigger surprise than unrestricted free agent Darien Butler thus far in training camp.

First interception of all training camps in the league for Butler, who has had a great summer. The Arizona State linebacker even ran with the first-team defence last week.

The rookie linebacker pounced on the opportunity and woke everyone up with a big hit on running back Brittain Brown to start the game.

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Josh McDaniels and the Oakland Raiders revealed their first depth chart, and it shows that Butler will replace Micah Kiser in the inside linebacker rotation. If he can hold on to this position, the 22-year-old will have plenty of playing time in 2022.

Butler was a jack of all trades in college, and he’s remained one throughout summer camp. Butler With his first interception of training camp, the ASU linebacker showed why he was rated the best in the Pac-12 for coverage in ’21.

And Raider Nation should be delighted with the arrival of Butler.

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