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Starfox Marvel Wiki
Starfox Marvel Wiki

Starfox (Eros) – Marvel Comics And More Details!

Table of Contents

Geschichte von Starfox

Frühe Jahre

Character Chart for Starfox (Eros) from the Marvel Wiki Eros (Starfox) is the youngest son of A’Lars and Sui-San, the two Eternals. His original name was Eron, but at the age of five, when his interest in the other sex became apparent, he has renamed, Eros. Unlike his brother Thanos, a power-hungry, misanthropic intrigant, Eros grew up to be a carefree, chivalrous champion of women.

Her mother, Sui-San, came dangerously close to death during Thanos’s initial massive attack on Titan, and only after that did Eros start to take life a little more seriously. Eros fought alongside Titan’s few remaining survivors in the subsequent battles against Thanos. When the Kree Captain Mar-Vell and the Avengers suffered their first major defeat at the hands of Thanos, Eros vowed to help them recover.

Eros, released from his duty, left the war-ravaged Titan in search of pleasure and relaxation in worlds populated by humans.

He was in a committed relationship with the prostitute Heater Delight, but he had many other lovers. Half a Heater and an Eros later, Eros managed to escape from more than one master of possession, including Dark Roger and Axel the Rescorla. Heater Eros refrained from rescuing her when she was Pro-Boscis the thief’s property because she didn’t want to ruin his face. Instead, she used deception to coerce Pip the Troll into saving her. cs er (Erde-616)

Tod von Mar-Vell

Eros was summoned by his father A’Lars and returned to Titan to trösten his friend Captain Mar-Vell, who had returned to the planet in his final days due to his terminal cancer. Mar-Vell promised his titanic companion Elysius, Eros, that he would look after him after his death. Eros stuck to his word for weeks until his friend Elysius, who recognised his restless nature, broke him of his promise.


After that, Eros consulted ISAAC, Titan’s main computer, to find out which planets would be best suited to his needs and personality. The computer boosted the planet’s energy levels. As part of his journey there, Eros paid a visit to the only people he knew, the Avengers, and asked to be accepted as a member of the team. The Avengers recruited him for their training programme, rechristening him Starfox because they considered “Eros” to be an inappropriate codename. Starfox remained devoted to the Avengers for a long period, helping them defeat threats including the Wizard, Terminus, and Maelstrom.


Starfox learned that Captain Marvel’s (Monica Rambeau) captor Nebula was allegedly the daughter of Thanos, making her the Mad Titan’s greatest enemy, after he successfully rescued her from the Skrull Empire. Starfox quit the Avengers in order to track down Nebula, who had escaped with the help of the nearly all-powerful Beyonders. Soon after, he joined forces with Firelord, the ex-Herold of Galactus whose homeworld of Xandar had been destroyed by Nebula, and the two of them spent months searching the universe for her.

starfox marvel wiki
starfox marvel wiki

Thanos eventually called Eros to his side after he had combined the Infinity Stones into the Infinity Handsword. Thanos summoned Nebula as well, finding amusement in the unusual family reunion. Eventually, a group of heroes from throughout the galaxy led by Adam Warlock, the original owner of the Soul Stone, defeated Thanos and claimed the Infinity Gauntlet for themselves. Eventually, Eros made up his mind to keep Nebula hidden away on Titan.

Zurück zu den Avengers

The god of love and lust decided to pick up where he left off and embark on a globe tour in pursuit of passion and excitement. On multiple occasions, including the Terminus Crisis, Operation Galactic Storm, the Nemesis Affair involving the Infinity Stones and the Ultraverse, and others, he returned to Earth to aid the Avengers. Not long ago, he joined with Photon and the Avengers against the Controller.

Morgans Raumfahrtabenteuer

Later, Eros was among the Avengers who were captured by Morgan Le Fay and magically transformed into her personal Watch, the Queen’s Vengeance. While serving in this alternate reality, he went by the moniker “Knave of Hearts” (Der Herzbube). Eros and Tigra got married after that, and they spent their time on the pleasure planet Deneb-7.

Once the two had settled in on Deneb-7 for a while, the boredom set in, and they set out in search of new adventures. Reserve Avengers like Tigra and Starfox responded to Quasar’s call for help investigating the destruction of a Rigellian outer postworld. Together with Tigra, he journeyed to the Outpost World, where he met Thor, Photon, and Moondragon and together they discovered the wounded Jack of Hearts, the only survivor. Together, they battled an infinitely powerful demon.

Die Celestial Aufgabe

After some time had passed, Eros returned to Titan and stayed there until Thanos’ plan to destroy the impending Celestial Messias was implemented. Eros led a conflict force composed of the most potent titanic Eternals into battle against Thanos’ conflict forces, drawing his brother into a personal conflict. However, Eros did not prove to be even-tempered when pitted against his brother; he was shot in the head knowingly and then arrested. At the conclusion of the conflict, Eros was released by the Avengers, and he returned to Titan with the remainder of his titanic fighting force.


Thanatos, a time-traveling version of Rick Jones from an alternate timeline, was intent on amassing a collection of powerful artefacts and came into conflict with Starfox later on. Thanatos stabbed Starfox in the neck with the Spear of Fate, causing an irreparable wound, and then threatened to kill him if he didn’t bring Rick Jones (who was now bound to Genis-Vell). Starfox was compelled to follow, but Rick and Genis ultimately defeated Thanatos and reversed his actions. After Genis was driven insane by the power of his cosmic awareness, Starfox, Elysius, Mentor, and the other Titans banded together to fight back, and they were ultimately successful in restoring Genis’ sanity.

Falsche Vorwürfe der sexuellen Nötigung

Starfox was taken into custody on sexual battery charges after he was accused of using his powers to seduce a married woman who was otherwise very happy. Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, represented him in court. The law firm she hired, Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, was given the task of defending Mentor’s son against the allegations. During the investigation, Ms. Walters suspected that Starfox had used his powers on her during their time together in the Avengers, leading to a brief sexual encounter.

At this point in time, Starfox had already been banned from the courtroom after it was discovered that he had been using his special abilities to influence the witnesses. Starfox cut off Jennifer Walters’s interrogation when she confronted her suspect via closed video connection. In an attempt to stop Starfox from escaping to another planet, Walters stomped wrathfully out of the courtroom, transformed into She-Hulk, and erwischte the fleeing creature. She cheated Starfox out of a wild Tracht Prügel so he couldn’t defend himself, then smacked him around unconsciously and glued his mouth shut to make sure he couldn’t use his powers to escape punishment. But by teleporting Starfox to Titan, Mentor was able to effect his son’s release.

Finally, in an effort to clear his son’s name, Mentor initiated an internal, titanic process. She-Hulk was summoned as a state’s attorney by the Living Tribunal, which was concerned about the fairness of the proceedings. Jennifer Walters allowed herself to be drawn into a Starfox and self-centered mental sondage in an effort to get to the bottom of things.

She learned that Starfox hadn’t used his powers to persuade her to have sexual relations with him, but that he was indirectly to blame for her sudden feelings of attraction to John Jameson and their subsequent marriage. Due to Starfox’s recklessness with her life, a wrathful She-Hulk wetted again, bringing the legal proceedings to a halt.

Thanos soon appeared for negotiation, explaining that his brother Starfox had inspired his fear of death when they were children. Meanwhile, Starfox was trying to coax a younger Thanos into accepting the death of an animal that he had killed involuntary with his immense power. If this happened, Eros would be held fully responsible in accordance with titanic law for all of the genocide against humanity that Thanos perpetrated afterward.

It was later revealed that this false memory was implanted by Thanos into Starfox’s mind and spread by a Thanos clone sent to him by the real Thanos. The implanted memory from Thanos is what caused Starfox to momentarily lose his mind and use his power in this way for the first time. In order to prevent the deaths of any more people, Starfox agreed to have Moondragon turn down her power entirely.

Wut auf Ultron

Starfox was later spotted on Titan, having regained his abilities. He was shown flirting with several other women, and he then explained that he would not use his considerable charms to try to woo them away from their current partners. Titan was quickly attacked by Ultron, who used a robot virus to assimilate the whole population (including Mentor) before transforming the moon into the planets of Ultron. Starfox teleported to Earth, where he met the modern Avengers team (now led by the new Captain America) and formed an alliance with them to liberate his home planet. He was instrumental in the Avengers’ triumph by using his powers against the half-organic Ultron to bring about the robot’s emotional breakdown and thus ensure the heroes’ victory.

Sterbender Zustand

Thane, Starfox’s uncle, recruited him and Nebula to kill Thanos, who is dying slowly of an illness no one knows about. After stealing a phoenix egg from Terrax and giving it to the Dompteur so he might use it against Thanos, he killed Nebula Thane to prevent Thanos from hatching the egg, but all that happened was the egg shattered and the phoenix power within it allied with Thanos. Though Thane’s destruction of Thanos as Phoenix’s ruler was visible to all, the Mad Titan was actually banished to Titan.

However, Thane began to spiral out of control as the Death used him to spread death and destruction over the cosmos. Thane’s actions unnerved Nebula to the point where she and the Champion of the Universe travelled to Titan to beg Thanos for help in saving the universe from Thane. Thanos agreed and led them to the God Quarry, a location on the far reaches of the universe where he believed he could acquire the power he needed to defeat his son.

Thanos and Eros, having abandoned Champion and Nebula on Nebula’s ship, ventured into the black abyss that led to the Goetia’s extinction, where they were confronted by the Hexenzirkel, a trio of Hexen who had sustained themselves on the souls of the dead Gods during the extinction. Thanos, the Hexenzirkel explained, would need to pass a test in order to become the God Emperor after the Breaking of the Godstone. If he failed the exam, he would be trapped in the Göttersteinbruch forever.

Thanos refused not be deterred and entered the Gates of the Gods, where he was eventually captured. Thanos passed the test and got what he needed in the end. After destroying Eros with an energy attack, he went in search of Thane, and eventually located him when he attacked the Champion and Nebula on a nearby uncharted world. The battle between Thane and Thanos led them back to the Stone Break of the Gods. After the Hexenzirkel Thane gave up the Phoenix’s power, Thanos threw him into the Stone Bridge of the Gods to be imprisoned forever. Thanos abandoned the Stonebreak of the Gods and returned Eros, Nebula, and the Champion after he had successfully slain Death while attempting to bring him back.

Kräfte und Fähigkeiten


Halbkosmische Kraft – Ewige Physiologie: From his extraterrestrial physiology, Starfox has a number of humanlike abilities. Everyone in the Eternal race has the power to channel cosmic energies for various uses. This power resides in her cells and can be channelled to improve specific aspects of her body, mind, and energy manipulation. Even while all Eternals have some of these abilities, honing them to their full potential takes centuries of dedicated practise.

Starfox is the offspring of the eternals A’Lars and Sui-San. A’Lars is a space-obsessed Earth-eternal, while Sui-San is a titan from another dimension. This causes Starfox to be a cross between an Earth Eternal and a Titan Eternal, making him a being of cosmic power that rivals that of the most exceptional Eternals.

Half-cosmically driven titanic Eternals have the potential to manipulate cosmological energies in a variety of ways, but Starfox has never made the effort to learn how to control them, despite the fact that he appears to have picked up the necessary skills without formal training. Therefore, Starfox does not yet have advanced control of this energy, but she might be able to with practise.

Erlernter Intellekt: Starfox is exceptionally bright and has been educated at a high level. In this case, Starfox has proven to be a prodigy. Starfox’s skill as a kind of Psychokinese is evident in his ability to carry out the routine tasks of an Eternal, as well as some less common ones (such as stimulating lust glands and manipulating gravitons to create art). And at a faster rate of flight than the rest of the Ewigs, etc.) without ever having trained, sometimes even exceeding the norm, while most Eternals would have to put in centuries of practise before they could compete. It was also revealed that Starfox is, to a certain extent, a sociopath.


Kampffähigkeiten: Starfox has some experience with close quarters combat and can speak 500 different alien languages to a limited degree.

Wissenschaftliches Wissen: Since Starfox is an Eternal Titan who was born into a technologically advanced society, he has a wide range of knowledge in scientific fields. This includes engineering and computer science; he was observed fixing spaceships and operating cutting-edge computers without a hitch.


Starfox shies away from exerting his full potential in favour of harmless amusements. Her psionic and energy-manipulating abilities are only a fraction of what she would be capable of after centuries of practise. This, combined with his general lack of close quarters combat abilities and experience, meant that he was frequently the Gnade of smarter or stronger opponents, and unable to put up much of a fight. He can also attract the fear of those who know he is using his powers on them and the fear of those who find out he has done so in the past. When She-Hulk realised he’d been using his powers to try to woo her, he got a nasty thump on the rump.


In the future, Starfox will have acquired some kind of futuristic armband that will enable him to fully utilise his latent teleportation abilities. Because of this device, Starfox is able to hone his teleportation skills—abilities he normally lacks due to a lack of training—and teleport to practically any location in the universe and even go across time.


Similarities exist between his pseudonym and the fictional anthropomorphic character Fox McCloud from the Nintendo video game series Star Fox.

Eros and his brother Thanos have a yearly gift exchange during which they call a truce and meet without weapons.

Starfox/Eros will also make an appearance in the MCU as Thanos’s brother.

With his psionic abilities, Starfox can levitate and fly through the air at high speeds by manipulating Graviton fields around himself and catapulting himself forward at incredible velocities. It has been noted that he is capable of speeds of up to 800 miles per hour (about 1.287 kilometres per hour), making him one of the fastest of his species…

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