Spy X Family Part 2
Spy X Family Part 2

How Many Episodes Are There in Spy X Family Part 2?

Tatsuya Endo’s action comedy Spy x Family aired in April 2022 and became an instant hit around the world thanks to the efforts of Wit Studio and Cloverworks. At the time of its airing, Spy x Family was widely regarded as the season’s most popular anime, and a sequel is currently in production.

When Is Spy x Family: Part 2 Coming Out?

The return of Spy x Family has been set for October 1st, 2022. Look at the advertisement for it up above.

Spy x Family was transformed into a two-court format due to this development. This indicates that the season was cut in half and broadcast in two parts. The first season, which you watched a few months ago, was the pilot for the second season, which will premiere in October.

There are technically two seasons of Spy x Family, but they are essentially one long story. The fact that there are only a few months between them is crucial. For comparison, the second half of the third season of Attack on Titan didn’t come out for another half a year.

The break between episodes allowed us to reflect on the first half of the anime and set the stage for what’s to come in the second.

What Is Spy x Family: Part 2 About? (Spoiler Warning)

Only the Doggy Crisis Arc, which spans Chapters 18–23 of the manga, has been announced for Spy x Family Part 2. In this section, the Forgers attempt to thwart a terrorist bombing.

As you may recall from Season 1, once Anya received her Stella Star, she expressed interest in adopting a dog as a companion. The new Forger family pet will make its debut in the next plot. You can see a preview of all this up top.

Aside from that, it’s anyone’s guess which plots will survive to be featured in the sequel.

Spy X Family Part 2

Many viewers hope that the Campbellton Tennis Arc will also be brought to life in the sequel. The plot revolves around the operatives Twilight and Nightfall and their mission to steal the painting from the Zacharis Dossier.

They have information from a reliable source that the picture contains a potential war starter. Because the Zacharis Dossier is a prize in a tennis tournament, the two agents have agreed to compete in the event.

The Great Cruise Adventure is another popular storyline that many readers want to see included. In this version of events, Yor is tasked with serving as a bodyguard rather than an assassin.

As part of her mission, she must keep a woman and her son safe from a team of deadly assassins. Yor has to accomplish her job without revealing her true identity to Loid, which is complicated by the fact that Loid and Anya are both on the vacation.

Spy x Family 2 may or may not incorporate certain storylines at this time. But don’t worry; Spy x Family 2 will still have all the lovable quirks you remember from the first installment, plus even more thrilling adventures.

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