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Soccer Anime
Soccer Anime

7 Soccer Animes To Celebrate The World Cup

Soccer Anime: World Cup 2018 is officially underway in Russia, and fans all around the world have been holding their breath ever since an underdog team managed to pull off an unexpected victory. A major early example is Mexico’s victory over Germany, which was a first for Europe in terms of losing the opening game while defending the trophy. Japan’s historic victory over Colombia was another first for the national team. This was the first World Cup game in which an Asian squad defeated a South American team.

The unpredictable nature of soccer matches makes them fascinating to watch in both live action and animation. Want to give soccer a try? Here are seven great programmes to watch!

The Knight In The Area

Kakeru and Suguru, two brothers, are the protagonists in this tale of the underdog. As a soccer player, Suguru excels at the highest level. He leads his school’s team as captain and was recently selected to play for Japan’s U-15 national team (for players under the age of 15). Though Suguru gets all the attention, it’s actually his younger brother Kakeru who develops into a more interesting character throughout the course of the show.

Kakeru is introduced at the beginning of the series as someone who suffers under Suguru’s shadow and feels guilty about an injury he caused to a teammate. When Kakeru realises that he can’t improve his right-footed soccer talents, he accepts the role of team manager. When his secret crush Nana reappears, though, Kakeru is forced to face his anxiety about using his dominant foot. likewise, now we can see people searching for Soccer Anime

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Clean Freak! Aoyama kun

Another top-tier soccer player is featured in this show, but the focus is on the dynamics among the players rather than on the pressure of competition. Aoyama is the ace who has centred his game and social relations on his need to maintain a spotless appearance. Aoyama kun has a compassionate side despite his comical quirks. For at least some of its episodes, the show makes an effort to normalise his germaphobia and give it more depth than just a quirky character trait.


Most sports anime focus on a character’s meteoric climb to fame when they realise they have a hidden talent. DAYS subverts that expectation by casting the utterly ordinary Tsukushi in the role of hero. There is no hidden soccer talent in Tsukushi. He possesses respectable stamina and remarkable persistence, qualities he acquired in the face of relentless bullying before he joined the soccer team. Tsukushi exemplifies how even a lack of natural talent can be overcome by a player’s commitment to and enthusiasm for the game. likewise, now we can see people searching for Soccer Anime

Captain Tsubasa

The gold standard! Modern soccer fans and players still look up to Captain Tsubasa. Professional Japanese soccer players, for instance, have been featured in a number of videos where they attempt to replicate the series’ signature kicks. In honour of the 2014 World Cup, Hong Kong put up enormous statues of the characters. Fans of soccer all across the world have continued to develop a soft spot for the series, and it would be great if we could legally stream this year’s remake shortly. Despite being picked up by Viz, the show is currently inaccessible in North America.

Soccer Anime
Soccer Anime

Inazuma Eleven

Both soccer and Inazuma Eleven exist. Yo-kai Watch is one of the most successful anime franchises in recent memory. Talented goal keeper Mamoru End (Mark Evans in the dub) is followed by Level 5 as he tries to lead his high school soccer team to a championship before the team is disbanded. Taking cues from the video game, the Inazuma Eleven anime gives its protagonists and antagonists superhuman ability, setting it apart from other anime. For those who want a bit science fiction with their soccer, the opposing teams eventually evolve from a talented human population to a race of extraterrestrial invaders.

Giant Killing

It’s the manager’s fault if the team continues to lose, but he or she is the only one who has a real chance of turning things around. Takeshi Tatsumi has soccer knowledge; he was at the top of his game in Japan before making the move to England. East Tokyo United’s players aren’t exactly jumping for joy to have him as their new manager after he violated his Japanese fan base. Giant Killing is about bouncing back from failure (and a less-than-stellar reputation) to achieve success.

Dragon League

Sorry about that. As much as I tried to resist, I just couldn’t. Take a look at this snap photo. An anime series with 39 episodes devoted to fantasy soccer. As advertised, a child knight joins a soccer squad with DINOSAURS to take on a lion guy and his similarly outlandish team of soccer heroes. Dino fantasy soccer was a bizarre ride, but at least two episodes were localised for English speakers. likewise, now we can see people searching for Soccer Anime

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