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Silent Witness Season 24
Silent Witness Season 24

‘Silent Witness’ Season 24 — Watch on Iplayer, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and All You Need to Know

David Caves, who played Jack Hodgson in the last series, is back, but there are major changes following the departure of two beloved characters.

Richard Lintern (as Dr. Thomas Chamberlain) and Liz Carr’s Clarissa Mullery (as Clarissa Mullery) have both left the hugely popular and long-running series.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about the new season?

Silent Witness Season 24 Release Date

Silent Witness Season 24 began on Monday, September 6 at 9 pm, with the second episode following on Tuesday, September 7 at 9 pm. The whole series has now aired and is available.

Silent Witness Cast

Both Emilia Fox and David Caves, who played Nikki and Jack, have returned in their respective roles. The Gentleman, Chimerica, Strangers’ Jason Wong has been cast as pathologist Adam Yuen in the upcoming thriller Silent Witness. As a “confident, bright and keen pathologist who’s constantly striving to be the best,” he instantly irritates Nikki and Jack.

Jason makes his first appearance in the third episode. Jason says of his character, “I do rub them up the wrong way because of his over-eagerness, wanting to please and do well!”

What’s the Plot for the New Series?

We already know that Nikki and Jack will have problems after Adam arrives. Nikki and Jack appear to be developing feelings for each other. “When ghosts from the past emerge, the two are forced increasingly close to one another,” the BBC teases. ” Is this a sign that they’re going to get married?

Nikki and Jack visit a high-security prison in the first episode of the new series. Nikki’s disturbing memories come back to haunt her as the pair investigates the suspicious death of an inmate. One of her cellmates was a student who had been involved in a mass shooting that she witnessed 10 years earlier. Nikki believes that the same student is responsible for the murders once again. Nevertheless, does she have the facts straight?

Silent Witness Season 24
Silent Witness Season 24

Emilia tells us the following about the premiere episode: “When Nikki and Jack investigate a suspicious prison death, they re-connect with a character named Scott Weston, who appeared in a memorable Silent Witness episode called Shadows, many years ago. Jack has to get her back on track and help her see the bigger picture when everything becomes too personal.”

Is There a Silent Witness Season 24 Trailer?

Yes. After all, “someone needs to speak to the dead,” says Nikki in a talk she’s giving. Adam appears for the first time, and it’s clear that he and Nikki don’t get along. Plus, Nikki and Jack appear to be developing a close relationship!

What Happens in Episode 1?

During the premiere episode of Silent Witness Season 24, Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox) faced an old threat when she was led to believe that local prison inmate Jay’s death was the work of school shooter Scott Weston (Elliott Tittensor). Since Scott was the shooter in Season 13’s horrific shooting rampage at a university, this is a difficult case for Dr. Alexander. Scott’s girlfriend Paisley (played by Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch), who is determined to get his case reviewed while Scott’s mother believes that her son should serve his full prison sentence, complicates Nikki’s efforts.

With her partner Jack Hodgson concerned that Dr. Alexander isn’t following the evidence and that she’s simply looking to blame Scott after a turbulent past case, which resulted in him being imprisoned, there is tension between the two. What’s more, is Scott responsible for the death of the inmate, or is there another explanation? We won’t find out until the second episode!

What Happens in Episode 2?

Finally, Scott’s involvement with Jay’s death was revealed in Episode 2, and he wasn’t involved at all. In the end, Nikki and Jack concluded that the man had died as the result of an allergic reaction, clearing Scott’s name.

His mother Dionne’s cream, which contained an active ingredient of bee venom, turned out to be the exact cause of his allergic reaction (Cecilia Noble). He would be released from prison if he went to the hospital for treatment, and she would be able to visit him if he did. However, her plan backfired, and he died as a result, which she had not intended. It’s time to see what’s in store for Episode 3 now that that story has been wrapped up…

What Happens in Episode 3?

He begins by filming the female swimming instructor at the swimming pool with his phone, which he then removes.

The hooded assailant appears to have killed her in her own home later on. New pathologists Dr. Alex Yuen (Jason Wong) and DI Meredith Hughes (Caroline Sheen) join the team, which consists of Dr. Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Jack Hodgson (David Caves), and new pathologist Dr. Alex Yuen (Jason Wong).

When the team discovers that Laura Jennings was pregnant at the time of her death and had previously been abused, they are shocked. She was never able to get her abuser to court.

In the meantime, Jack receives a surprise visit from a woman who reveals some previously unknown family secrets.

Laura’s ex-boyfriend, an ex-detective, and a man she went to school with and supposedly recently dated are two of the main suspects in the gruesome murder mystery.

This dark twist in the case comes as members of the team uncover an unimaginable secret.

What Happens in Episode 4?

In this second of a two-part story, the assassin of Laura Jennings (Lolly Jones) is finally found. Spoilers follow!

Nikki and the rest of the team believe that the two bodies found under the decking of Tim Garrick’s abandoned home are those of Joanna and Tim Garrick.

However, they find out that the bodies aren’t what they thought they were. A nursing home worker named Simon was filming a man named Tim at a swimming pool instead of Laura; this man turned out to be Simon’s target.


Laura became suspicious of Tim’s identity after recognizing him at the pool where she taught swimming lessons because they had gone to school together.

Because of the closeness, he formed with an elderly woman at the nursing home who claimed that her son Michael and his wife Sally had relocated to Australia, Simon set out to track them down.

When Simon discovered Dylan and Toby, two of Molly’s grandchildren, at the pool with the enigmatic Tim Garrick, things quickly took a dark turn.

The team soon discovered that the Trasks had taken an adoption course with the Garricks. Despite this, the Garricks were turned down because of Joanna’s grief following her previous unsuccessful IVF attempt and their concerns about her medical background. Coercive control was also a factor in Tim’s rejection.

Shocking evidence came to light after money from the Garricks’ house sale was transferred to a Michael Trask bank account, which revealed a sinister revelation: the Garricks had murdered and then kidnapped the children of Michael Trask.

Laura was assassinated as a result of her discovery of Tim’s true identity.

What Happens in Episode 5?

Dr. Arnie Rahul (Sagar Arya) was found murdered just before he was scheduled to perform surgery on a patient named Wilfred Okoye in the first of a two-part episode, Reputations. To find out who was behind the assassination attempt on Dr. Rahul, Drs. Nikki Alexander, Jack Hodgson, and Adam Yeun were enlisted.

Adam was acting strangely throughout the episode and even met with the hospital director at her house to discuss Dr. Rahul, which was a conflict of interest. When one of his patients died, he even agreed to perform a post-mortem on the body without informing his colleagues. Dr. Alexander agreed to let him do the postmortem after he told her he wanted to, despite her initial refusal.

When Nikki and Jack arrived at Adam’s daughter’s christening, they were surprised to learn that her godmother was the hospital director, a fact Adam had withheld from the team. When Adam did the postmortem he told the truth that the patient’s death was caused by a surgical error, which enraged the hospital director, who threatened him.

Dr. Rahul was scheduled to perform surgery on Wilfred Okoye, whose DNA evidence had been revealed by Jack. But since he was under general anesthesia, the team couldn’t figure out what had happened. Adam then walked out of the room, threatening to resign and revealing the hospital director had tried to blackmail him using incorrect information on his CV. Is he going to return?

What Happens in Episode 6?

Adam admitted to Nikki that he lied on his CV to cover up a gap in his employment because he had been in therapy for accidentally killing someone and that he had lied to cover it up with a scholarship.


His attempt to perform an emergency procedure on a person injured in a traffic accident had been unsuccessful, admitting that it took him months to recover from his error. In the wake of Adam’s heartfelt admission, Dr. Rahul’s disappearance became a top priority for him. Professor Alan Cowley (Nicholas Farrell), a stem-cell researcher, was the only person who could have uncovered the truth.

For a time, it appeared as if Braithwaite had poisoned Rahul’s patient Wilfred Okoye and then died of a heart attack as a result of stress, but Adam was unconvinced and began investigating Professor Cowley’s background.

Cowley had been framed for Braithwaite’s murder and later murdered her in her own home, as it was soon revealed. When Adam confronted the professor about his findings and informed Jack and Nikki, Cowley in his car struck him down, wanting to ensure that Adam would not live to tell the tale of what he had discovered.

What Happens in Episode 7?

Boxer Kieran Johnson’s body crashes onto a stolen car being driven by an unknown couple in the first scene of Brother’s Keeper: Part 1. As Dr. Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson conclude, he was not killed by the fall because he had injuries that would have occurred before the fall, such as a fingernail missing. Dr. Simone Tyler, a mysterious newcomer, is brought in to help with the case in this episode.

After speaking with boxing pioneer Michelle Lafferty, Jack discovers that Kieran had a troubled past, and his suspicions only grow further when Kieran’s brother Noah appears to be unconcerned by his brother’s death. – Kieran’s wife, Teresa, was having an affair with Noah, and £20,000 had been transferred from Kieran’s account to Teresa’s just after his death, according to the investigation. Although Kieran’s wife and brother appear suspicious, it’s not the only ones.

Boxer Ben’s brother had been in contact with boxing promoter Glen Scowcroft, according to information found on a memory stick inside one of Kieran’s daughter’s teddy bears. The same promoter was paying Kieran £5,000 regularly in cash and threatening him. While Kieran claims that Glen dropped him as a client, Glen claims that the video on Kieran’s USB was faked. Lee and Ben Coogan now suspect Kieran’s death, according to this information.

We get a glimpse of Ben and Lee’s shady boxing underground near the end of the episode. In the aftermath of one of Ben’s legitimate boxing matches outside of the underground world, Lee is found beaten up. A car crushes Ben against a wall as he flees the scene, and he will soon be dead as well. There are signs that the underground ring is to blame for Kieran’s death, but what are they?

Throughout the series, Jack Hodgson’s brother Ryan was released from prison and placed on probation. Although Jack has been trying to help Ryan get on the right track, he has been sneaking out, breaking probation terms, and even keeping a gun in Jack’s house, where he has been staying, even though he is on probation. The next day, Ryan beats his father Connor and steals his money and credit cards.

What Happens in Episode 8?

The investigation into Kieran’s death continued in the second episode of Brother’s Keeper. There was no doubt that an underground boxing ring was responsible, but additional evidence was needed. As a result of some evidence found by Dr. Simone Tyler, Jack and the investigating officer DI Lisa Brodie were able to track down Samuel Covitch, who had been found at the scene of the attack on Lee and Ben Coogan and had been implicated in the underground boxing ring. More than that, he was responsible for Kieran’s death.

“Ben was faster than Kieran but Kieran was stronger,” Michelle Lafferty said when confronted about Ben and Kieran. But Kieran resisted her pleas for him to give up the fight, and she admitted to doing so. Michelle eventually admitted to the murder of Kieran after he threatened to reveal the truth about her drugging him and setting Ben up by putting plaster in his wraps. She confessed to the murder. After professing her regrets and apologizing, she set herself on fire in the boxing ring.

After tracking down his brother Ryan, who had attacked their father and fled with his money, Jack had to deal with his issues. Additionally, Cara could be Jack’s daughter and not Ryan’s, causing even more friction between the two of them.’ Simone has noticed that Nikki and Jack have a lot of chemistry, and things appear to be heating up between them as well. So, could the two coworkers in Silent Witness finally develop feelings for one another?

What Happens in Episode 9?

Dramatic events took place on both a professional and personal level during the first episode of the two-part finale, Matters of Death! Nikki’s students discovered something amiss with the body of a care home resident that had been initially attributed to natural causes. They didn’t even have time to figure out what had happened before they were confronted with the threat of flooding for the care home’s residents and staff, as well as newcomers Jack and Simone.

When Simone receives a text from the murderer saying they believe they will kill again and that there is nothing they can do while trapped inside the building, tensions rise even further. A nasty fall at home has left Jack’s father in the hospital, while his house is slowly filling up from the bath. Is he going to be OK?

Fans are upset that Jack went on a blind date with Nikki and woke up with her the next day, despite the apparent sparks between the two of them. Were they even more shocked to learn about the liaison between Nikki and a student? Is this the final chapter in the love story between Jack and Nikki?

What Happens in Episode 10?

When Jack and Simone were trapped inside the care home during the final episode of the series finale, the storm raged on, causing chaos and flooding. Spoilers follow!

Detective Galloway asks Nikki if she knows of Janice Pitram, a care home worker who was convicted of aiding and abetting her boyfriend in killing his elderly parents in Scotland and is now on the run. She renamed herself, Amrita Naidu, once she was released from prison and is now employed at the same care home where Robbo was murdered.

Senior Derek is in excruciating pain, and his wife Beattie is having trouble breathing because her oxygen tank is running low on power. Jack braves the storm to go back to the lodge to get some extra batteries and Derek’s medication, but he comes up empty-handed.

Derek begs Jack to euthanize Amrita with morphine, but Jack refuses, saying that he doesn’t want to see him suffer.

Caravan Amrita was swept away by the floods as care home manager Mary helped Simone look for her, while Jack went outside to search for her. Nikki’s voicemail breaks up the first kiss between Jack and Nikki the next morning while they’re both searching for Amrita.

I’m a mess. The news that Jack’s father, Connor (Richard Durden), had been taken to the hospital in the middle of the storm after he fell over and hit his head was just the beginning of the bad news that greeted him upon his return home. Jack wept as he hugged his father, apologizing for not being there when Connor talked about the incident.

Amrita’s body is found a short time later in a flooded field after Derek’s body is discovered in the same manner as Robbo’s. When they investigate how she died, they discover that she died of carbon monoxide poisoning and that her body had been planted there.

As time went on, it became clear that Derek’s murderer was none other than Jack, who had been alone with Derek just moments before his death and had been seen handling the green box containing the morphine injections inside.

In the meantime, Jack was working on solving the case on his own and soon discovered that Beattie (Sian Phillips) had killed both Robbo and Derek to end their pain. They’ll soon learn what happened to Amrita, who was accidentally killed by Mary while being hidden in the “smoky” loft, and they’ll be furious. Mary disposed of her remains in a flooded field after discovering her death.

After all, was said and done, Nikki and Jack shared a tender and heartfelt moment.

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